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More Before/After Photos

I’ve been using all my graphic programs lately (PS, Aurora18, Luminar), testing what they can and can’t do. Every photo is different, so you can’t use the same settings over and over. That might be annoying to some, but I … Continue reading

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Friday Photos: The Great Winter Flood of 2016

It’s been raining a lot in Florida the last few weeks, and this is supposed to be the dry season. By the time this post shows up, we will have gotten still more rain. Although the flooding is not good, … Continue reading

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Florida Winter Color

I distinctly remember how blah is it up north this time of year. Everything is shades of black and white. There is nothing very interesting to rest one’s eyes on in winter unless you stare into the sun, and we … Continue reading

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Wolf Bound Update and Reflections on Winter

I finished the book a couple days ago and sent it on to my lovely betas. This week, I’ll be making corrections and additions, and then it will go to AJ for a final read-through. He always reads my manuscripts … Continue reading

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Winter Photos

These are the first pics of winter I’ve taken in a couple of weeks. This season bores me; no color, and y’all know how much I love color. I took this first one this morning. I had just gotten up … Continue reading

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