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May 25: Lizards and Squirrels

Photography centers around lighting. I’m always shooting subjects in different, even extreme lighting. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. The lower the light, the higher the ISO, and that means more grain/noise. No photographer wants noisy photos. Topaz DeNoise … Continue reading

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Jan 13: Squirrels and ‘Gators

Squirrels are convenient photo subjects. There are a lot of them around. Strip the hair off their tails, and they’d be rats, but they’re somehow endearing and definitely cute. It’s probably the big eyes. Humans love creatures with big eyes.

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Photos: 6.9.17

R finished the renovation work on the second house he bought, and it’s now rented. I was able to spend one last hour there before the tenants moved in. Surprisingly, it’s a hotbed for good photos. A gray squirrel was … Continue reading

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