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Why Oh Why?

People still wonder how Trump got elected in 2016. I have some ideas about that. Some rich but not too bright fuck from New York City decided he wanted to further establish and strength his brand, and he thought running … Continue reading

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Mercury is in retrograde. Can’t you tell?

I’ve had one of those weeks, where every day I expect to get things done and feel good about my life. That isn’t happening. Every day has handed me problems of one sort or another and then I remembered reading … Continue reading

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Recent Photos and an Observation

I’ve been thinking about Ruth Bader Ginsburg a lot lately. She was an amazing woman and a liberal. She served long and well, but I admit to wanting to give her a slap upside the head that she didn’t step … Continue reading

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I want, and I don’t know how to stop wanting!

That line was used in the TV miniseries The Thorn Birds, and it sums up humanity. It certainly sums up my life. I wanted to visit Great Britain and Europe and Greece and never had the money; I wanted to … Continue reading

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The Blahs

I have ’em. This last week has been depressing for various reasons, and I’m ready for a change. For instance, right now someone is creating a horrible noise with a damn leaf blower one street over. I despise that racket. … Continue reading

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