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G+ Rant

Someone posted this meme on G+: I did not laugh. I did not even crack a smile. I find this shit abhorrent and demeaning to women. The conversation between me and the poster:  Advertisements

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What Fuckery is This?

Nancy calls her dentist. “Hi. I’m sick today, and I may be sick tomorrow, so I’m cancelling my appointment at three tomorrow afternoon. You know, in case I can’t make it.” Nancy canceled because she didn’t want to chance incurring … Continue reading

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Get ready! I’m talking about it again.

What am I blogging about today? Editing. I get a daily email with offers of free Kindle books at Amazon. I’ve taken advantage of this many times. Who doesn’t like free books? Unfortunately–and this must be said–books put out by … Continue reading

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I’m quoting David Bowie in the title, in case you aren’t familiar with the song. Because changes are going to be made in regard to my writing/publishing. What prompted this? I published No Man’s Land Saturday morning. When I got up … Continue reading

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My Bank of America Rant and A Special Portrait of Suki

For some odd reason, I woke up thinking about what Bank of America did to me fifteen years ago when I lived in Florida the first time. I opened the standard checking and savings accounts, and found out in short … Continue reading

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