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Photos: 8.4.17

I’m back! I’ve been lazing about this last month, though I have taken some photos, read a┬álot of books, and also done some writing. I’ve also been working hard. I’ve been going through old pictures, redoing some of them and … Continue reading

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Revisiting the Past

Revisiting the past is┬ásomething a photographer can do pretty much anytime. Pictures are memories, and I have a lot of them. I was going through some of my photos, recalling the circumstances and smiling. One of my oldest pictures. It … Continue reading

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Goodbye, MN!

I’m down to the final few days before leaving for my new home in Florida. Everything is packed except for the stuff I need until I depart. It rained yesterday. It rained today. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, and except … Continue reading

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March Madness Continues

While painting in the new apartment has been completed, nothing else has. I know work is scheduled, and this weekend, floors and hopefully kitchen cabinets will be tackled and completed. That would leave the bathroom, which is probably the worst … Continue reading

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Spring is Trying to, uh, Spring

The sun has warmed considerably in the last few weeks. When it’s out, you can stand in the golden glow and feel warmth. March is like that. However… more snow is on the way because it is March, after all. … Continue reading

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