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Hugs for Hump Day

This has been a bizarre week, and I can’t wait for the weekend. One of the tenants in the low-rent building attacked me verbally yesterday evening. Long story short, it’s quite possible he will be asked to leave.  In the … Continue reading

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Superman Wednesday

Came across these online and had to chuckle. How many of you are running around in super underwear? ‘Fess up! 🙂 That last one though… NOM. 

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It’s All About Beauty. Always.

Photo post! Because I need to drool over some gorgeous men today. Happy Friday the 13th! 

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There Should Have Been a Party

Yesterday, my latest title was released and what did I do? I worked. I edit for a living (and it’s not much of a living, let me assure you! Not like the old days when editors for the Big Six … Continue reading

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Our Jobs Might Be Killing Us But This Gorgeous Man Won’t

An in-law of Dan and Irene’s put on the fireworks show the other night. He has the rep of always being late for everything, and so we sat around on plastic chairs in the meadow, waiting while he finished wiring. … Continue reading

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