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The Writing Life: How Do You Handle Success?

Pressure: even I feel it. I say that as an author who has yet to really make a splash. I’ve released seven books and none of them have made much money.┬áTransgression has done a little better than the previous six, … Continue reading

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The Trip North

Suki and I went north this weekend while AJ stayed behind to write his fool head off. He missed some fine weather, but I’m sure he didn’t mind. He got a lot done. Also, thanks to those of you who … Continue reading

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Friday Snippets While the Sun Beats Me Over the Head

It’s been a week of temps in the 90s, and AJ and I are ready for a cool-down. According to weather forecasts, Saturday and Sunday will be in the 70s. Quite a change! My Florida friend is returning home Monday, … Continue reading

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Work it, Baby. Work it.

Last Sunday night, I woke at midnight, my guts aching and on fire. I was up the rest of the night, trying to maintain the status quo (how’s that for delicate?). I didn’t fall back asleep until dawn. Exhausted, I … Continue reading

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On Television Shows and Some Photos

As most of you know, I don’t watch much television. 1) I no longer have satellite or cable, 2) most of it seems really stupid, and 3) I don’t have the time. But I like the distraction of watching something … Continue reading

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