Photo Monday: Caloosahatchee Park

Packing for the move, then running into problems with it, made me itch to get out, go somewhere, see something new, so I drove to Caloosahatchee Regional Park in Alva, FL, and took a walk. I spotted other interesting things on the way.

The trail through the park is beautiful and well maintained. I probably wouldn’t want to walk it in summer, when the heat and humidity are high, but at this time of year, it’s perfect for getting exercise and not having to sweat to do it. 😉


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Photo Friday: All Kinds of Things

We’ll start with scenery, because I love a good landscape. Suki and I were walking down a road with woods on either side, and I spotted a plant with glowing white balls of whatever. It really stood out against the other stuff, so I opened it in Photoshop and messed about with it until I managed to make it look almost like what I saw on the walk. fl-landscape-12-20-16-sm

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Free Read: Bad Fit, Chapter 4 (Conclusion)


Stunned, I rubbed my forehead, then cautiously stuck out a hand until I felt the barrier. It was impossibly smooth and solid as rock, and beyond it was endless ocean, or so it seemed. I was not reflected on its surface, so I must have been looking through it to the other side.

The wall was higher than I could reach and extended into the water. Keeping one hand on it as a guide, I dove as far down as one breath would take me, and still it was there. I assumed it went all the way to the ocean floor, and I had no idea how deep that was.

Returning to the surface, I drew in a much-needed lungful of air, then treaded water again while I looked around. It was amazing, really. I could not see the wall at all, even this close. It was that perfectly transparent. The flash of light must have been a brief reflection off the surface of the water. Continue reading

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Free Read: Bad Fit, Chapter 3


That night in bed, with Shell curled around me, we talked about it in low voices.

“Someone scratched that word in the sand,” she said. “That means someone’s watching us. Have you noticed any cameras anywhere? In the hut or the jungle?”

“I haven’t seen any.”

The night had cooled down, and she pulled the blanket up. “It’s damn creepy, is what it is.” She burrowed into my shoulder. “I want to go home.”

She started to cry, and I pulled her closer. Having no one else to turn to, we’d gotten close the last couple weeks.

The more I thought about the word on the beach, the angrier I became. Not only was someone watching us, they were messing with us.

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Free Read: Bad Fit, Chapter 2


Kol accepted an incoming call, and a holographic image of his friend Laran popped up in front of him.

“How are they doing?” Laran was smoking a pipe; his head was wreathed in smoke.

“They’ve found the hut.”

“How long did it take them?”

“Almost four hours.”

Laran smacked his lips together delicately. “Slow. Mine found the hut in the first hour.”

Kol restrained himself from making a nasty comment. He and Laran had been in competition with each other for years, and he’d learned, no matter what he said, Laran would somehow counter with a remark that somehow bested Kol. “I think it was smart of them to explore the perimeter before going inland.”

Laran blew out smoke that changed color from yellow to pink to chartreuse. “We’ve debated this before. Let’s not do it again. What are they doing now?”

“Constructing an SOS sign on the beach. And I’ll remind you your pair wouldn’t touch the food or water for nearly seven hours, they were so afraid of being poisoned. Mine already ate and drank.”

Laran sniffed. “Well… I could have poisoned it. They didn’t know. They showed good judgment to wait.” Continue reading

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