More Lake Placid Murals

This town has something for clowns. I haven’t quite figured out why yet, but they have a Toby the Clown Museum, Toby the Clown Foundation, and a clown school named after guess who.

This is from a website:

There may be only one museum dedicated to American Clowns and you’ll find it in Lake Placid! At last count, more than 700 significant pieces of clown memorabilia can be found within the walls of Toby’s American Clown Museum and School.

circus posterIt’s amazing what you will discover in the Clown Museum. On nearly every surface of every wall, there are oils, prints and photographs of clowns. Don’t miss the paintings by Red Skelton, a famous clown and artist. Many original circus posters from famous organizations like the Ringling Brothers are also displayed here. Many are signed or inscribed to Toby, the founder of the American Clown Museum and School.


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Before/After: Sandhill Cranes

I was in the living room working when I glanced out the west window and saw a pair of cranes eating birdseed in the neighbor’s yard.

Well, they’re birds. I shouldn’t have been surprised.

I fetched the camera and went outside to take pics. The light was behind them, but that is no deterent if you have Luminar.

A couple other people were snapping photos of the pair. I used the Sony with zoom lens so I wouldn’t disturb them. After they’d eaten their fill, they casually meandered away.

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Today, Take Flight

I went out early this morning to take pictures. It was foggy, and I thought I might get something interesting.


Nothing I shot spoke to me. I went through the photos and dumped almost everything.

Ever have days like that? When nothing pleases you? You have high expectations and then there’s only disappointment.

It wasn’t fun, so I went through what I had in my working directories and found something that did speak to me.

The title says it all: Today, take flight. Things will get better. They always do.

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Still Cold!

The weather’s about to change. Last night it only got down to the ’50s, and I only needed the heat for an hour this morning. Eighties return tomorrow!

We’ve had marvelous dark blue skies during Florida’s collision with the polar vortex, and it’s likely given us some extra time before mosquito season begins. I live in a rural area now. My guess is they’re going to be a noticeable problem when the summer heat sets in, and I’m not looking forward to it. I hated them in Wisconsin, and I hate them here. Nasty, blood-sucking creatures!

I’ve still busy with work, so I haven’t been out exploring, but I did get down to the lake again yesterday morning. I saw an anhinga, but it flew away before I got a shot of it. Still no sign of ‘gators. Residents tell me there’s usually one or two in the vicinity, but they haven’t seen them this year. Continue reading

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Brrr! Cold in Florida Today.

The polar vortex arrived last night, and I woke up to a cold house. After putting on my fleece robe, I turned on the heat. The place warmed up fast. I changed into my usual T-shirt and shorts, threw on a fleece hoodie, and walked down to the lake.

I try to walk every morning. I sit a lot during the day, and I need the exercise, plus I like looking at the water.

It’s a short walk, but it was cold enough this morning that it got my blood moving. I believe it was in the high 40’s. When I reached the lake, I was hit with artic cold from the north. I zipped up the hoodie and took a couple pictures.

Sometimes I stand on the bridge to enjoy the view, or walk to the end of the dock, but this is where I usually sit when I go there at sunset. Cushions are available that people move from spot to spot. To the right by the inlet is a “porch” swing for two. The water was choppy and very blue, a sure sign of cold. Usually I sit for a few minutes and look at things, but it was too cold.

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