Photos: 10.9.17

I went out on the moped this morning with the new camera. The kit lens was on it (not the zoom, which is long, making it hard to carry). I visited a few of my favorite places.

The wading birds aren’t back yet, which surprises me. I saw a few dragonflies and took some pictures. A golden one perched on a blade of grass, and no matter what I did to focus, I couldn’t. Annoyed, I realized I still didn’t know enough about the camera and how to make it work for me.

Back at home, I put on the macro lens and worked with it for a bit, but the wind made it damn near impossible. I ended up keeping only three pics from that session.

I turned to the internet and looked up how to focus. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Found out a few things and tried them. Better!ย  Continue reading

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Photos: 10.7.17

As I write this, Hurricane Nate is about to smack the Gulf Coast somewhere around New Orleans and Florida’s Panhandle. I hope everyone in that area has taken all the precautions they can.ย I’m looking forward to the end of hurricane season this year. It’s been a bad one.

I’ll start out with a pic I took in Wisconsin. This is a Grant’s Zebra, and a farm within moped distance of where I lived had a small herd of them. They were protected by a double fence, but I managed to get one good photo. It was amazing, seeing these exotic creatures in the midst of rural farmland full of cows and horses.ย 

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Photos: 10.1.17

It’s been three weeks since Irma, and there are still several thousand people in my area without power. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I feel so, so bad for them. I hope the situation is resolved soon.

The good news? There areย no hurricanes forming in the Atlantic right now. Another couple weeks, and the season will be over until next year.

Irma ripped half the screens out of the lanai, leaving it open to the elements. Mostly, this has been okay, as I can now take pics of the birds at the feeder without scaring them. I draped chamo cloth across the bottom half of the glass doors and shoot through that. This is a female cardinal. She’s tinted red by the rising sun, and I bumped the color, which is why she looks more red than usual. ๐Ÿ™‚ There are a couple drops of water hanging from her beak.ย 

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Photos: 9.22.17

Irma is still not a distant memory. I only got my power back yesterday afternoon. Everyone I know has electricity now, but we are all nervous about it staying on. R isn’t giving the borrowed generator back quite yet, and none of us are grocery shopping to fill the fridge.

The neighborhood is looking pretty good again, though, except for the piles of fallen trees and branches lining the streets. They haven’t picked it up yet.

As I write this, I’m still at my friend’s place. Yesterday, before I realized I had power, she’d made arrangements to go to the beach with friends today, and I was staying home to work and take care of the dogs (she has one, too, and I’ll soon post a pic of him with Suki). Much as I wanted to leave immediately, it wouldn’t have been right. So I’m here, editing, but the minute she gets back, I’m gone. ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Continue reading

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I Survived Irmageddon

I’ll make this short, because I’m using someone’s hot spot.

I still have no power or internet at my house. Water must be boiled to be drunk (fine thing to be telling people with no power, eh?). I still have a good amount of bottled water, and hopefully more will be delivered in the next week or so.

I moved in with a friend who had her power restored 36 hours ago. There is finally a/c, and we can cook! You have no idea what a difference that makes. And I can read in the evening again.

I’ll say this: the hurricane was easier to survive than the aftermath is proving to be. I’m stressed, exhausted all the time, can’t sleep, and I find I can’t concentrate well enough to do any work. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I’m hoping that improves, now that I can get online once in a while.

I’ll post more about Irma when I return. See you then.



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