Photos: Corkscrew Wildlife Preserve

I impulsively drove over to Corkscrew after lunch, determined to get some interesting photos. Alas, the birds weren’t around, but I did see plenty of lizards and dragonflies.

As usual, the Eastern Pondhawk followed me along the trail, landing close by again and again. Click on photos to see larger.eastern-pondhawk-2-24-17-sm

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Monday Flash Fic: Control

17021821_641057309414693_1677025599699405517_nI waded across the field, brushing the tall stalks with light hands. All I could see of Sean were his arms, raised above the grass as he conducted. “Practicing?”

His silvery laughter floated up from the ground. “How am I doing?” Butterflies moved in the air above him, answering his silent request.

The nearer I got to him, the slower I went. I didn’t want to step on him by accident. “You managed to call them. Now ask them to do something for you.”

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Photos: this and that

I’ve definitely been busy with the camera of late, but I’ve also looked at some old pics as well. Let’s start with the little blue heron. It’s plentiful in this area and quite photogenic. upset-little-blue-12-23-16 little-blue-2-19-17-sm

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Photos: Birds and an Old Barn

I went through some photos from 2002 and found this one. I was living in rural Wisconsin. Back then I was using an Olympus. Digital cameras weren’t as good as those we have today, nor were the pictures very large. The size for this one is 1200×900. The day was overcast, as you can see. There was absolutely nothing compelling or interesting about the shot. I’m surprised I kept it, if I’m honest.

Wisconsin Field

Wisconsin Field

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Photos: the backyard

I spent some time in the backyard. Two particular trees capture my attention. One is a bird magnet, the other is simply magnificent. This is the Tree. It has swallowed three tall palms over the years, and I do mean tall.  The utility people have not chopped into it for the wires. I hope they never do.the-tree-2-8-17-smbig-tree-2-7-17-sm

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