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I Survived Irmageddon

I’ll make this short, because I’m using someone’s hot spot. I still have no power or internet at my house. Water must be boiled to be drunk (fine thing to be telling people with no power, eh?). I still have … Continue reading

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Photos: 9.8.17

Hope y’all had a wonderful holiday weekend. I’m back with more art pieces. Yes, I think of them that way now, because they aren’t just photos, and it takes time to achieve the final effect. It’s really kind of strange. … Continue reading

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G+ Rant

Someone posted this meme on G+: I did not laugh. I did not even crack a smile. I find this shit abhorrent and demeaning to women. The conversation between me and the poster: 

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Photos: 8.25.17

We’ll start with Captain Jack Sparrow’s boat. 🙂 That’s how I think of it, anyway. Not the fully rigged Black Pearl, but that little boat in the first movie. The one that sunk in stages until he steps off onto … Continue reading

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Photos: 8.18.17

I’m back with more photos. I’ve always been fascinated with triptychs, and this picture lent itself to the effect well. The branches, highlighted using an effect called OOB (out of bounds), carry through to connect the separate “parts.” I love … Continue reading

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