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Every writer needs a good editor. Good editing can help sell your book. Bad editing will tank it. I can’t count the number of times I’ve gotten a title at Amazon and discovered the editing sucked. There’s simply no excuse. Want people to rave about your work? Start with a great story, solid writing, and add a thorough edit,  ’cause every story needs it.

My rate for a structural edit: $.008 + per word. The price depends on how much work the manuscript needs. 

What is a structural edit? It means I’ll fix the grammar and punctuation, tense, and if necessary, suggest cuts or additional scenes for pacing. I’ll point out plot holes and inconsistencies. I’ll let you know if your characters need work. I’ll even check all the proper names to make sure they’re spelled correctly.

Turnaround is generally two-three weeks, depending on my schedule and the length of the manuscript. I’m also working with Murphy Hopkins these days (sister to bestselling author Colleen Hoover), so the earlier you book, the more certain you can be the edit will be completed by the date you prefer.

In the rare event I do not complete the edit, you will be charged for the amount of work done and the difference returned to you without question. If you schedule an edit, I expect you to deliver the MS by the date agreed upon. Half the fee is paid up front, the other half handed over before delivery of the final edit.

After you’ve gone through the suggested edits, convert to PDF format and go over it one more time. It’s amazing how often you see tiny errors when they are in galley format, because yes, I’m human, and even I miss something now and again. You can never have too many eyes perusing your manuscript.

Send me a sample 500 words to see if we can work together. I’ll edit that for free.

In all instances, money will be moved via Paypal (fenraven at gmail dot com). Email me for more information regarding anything on this page.


I worked with Silver before the owner absconded with all the money. After that, I put in a few years at Dreamspinner Press. Now I’m working with Murphy Hopkins, as noted above, and doing freelance work when time allows.

Before all of that, I was editing newspapers, brochures, and other things. In other words, I have a lot of experience. Trust me. You know you want to.

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  4. Patrick McDermott says:

    Hi Theo, Karin Cox recommended you as someone she would trust to edit my manuscript. Do you have any time available? Ferguslie Park is my debut novel – a crime fiction/coming of age story of approximately 72,000 words written for an adult audience, although it may also appeal to young adults.
    Kind Regards

  5. Beverley Jansen PhD says:

    Hello Theo, among other things I am a Beta Reader and a good one! However, after getting taken advantage of by several authors, I’d like to know if you could use my services to help you. Thus far, I am unpaid for my Beta reading as I do it as a labour of love mainly and I am not expecting to change that suddenly…I am a Beta reader who’d like to come on from the cold…

    • I’m not sure what you think I can do for you. My day job is editing for a publisher, and I occasionally pick up freelance jobs on the side.

      When you say you’ve been taken advantage of my authors, do you mean they refused to pay you? Always get the money before you begin. On long manuscripts, I will accept half up front, the rest when the edit is complete. I haven’t been stiffed yet.

  6. Beverley Jansen PhD says:

    Ah sorry Theo, I thought, perhaps you were a freelance editor, as a full time job. I had hoped maybe I could help with initial readings e.g., before you did a full edit. I do not charge for my services currently. As I offer beta reading unpaid most understand that as a Beta reader, I do not re-write whole chapters or edit for two different markets (recently, Indian and U.S.) sorry starting a rant. Anyway, I got the wrong end of the stick, I apologise. I suppose I was looking for a way to change my current unpaid status but learn as well from someone with more experience in the editing world. Beverley Jansen

    • I don’t charge enough to be able to pay anyone else. I always had a good head for editing, and I learned a lot working for a couple different publishers. I do it all: context, line, story, grammar and punctuation. Hell, I can’t identify all the parts of speech by proper name, but I know when they aren’t right. 🙂 You have to know what’s correct, what isn’t, and when to break the rules. If you think you’re ready to move into editing for pay, my advice is to jump in and do it. See how it goes.

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