Where Have I Been?

Nowhere special, that’s for sure. We’re in the midst of a steaming hot and wet Florida summer, and although I’ve gone out with the camera several times, anything that breathes has been staying hidden or in shelter much of the time. The only creatures I see regularly are the lizards. They don’t seem to mind the high temps.

Occasionally I’ll see a wading or shore bird, like this limpkin.

Or this white egret.

But even they’ve been scarce. It’s very strange. And insects? I’ve seen almost none. I find that scary.

I manage to keep busy, however, and after three months or more of no work, I finally got an edit. I’ll be working on that this week and next.

How do I feel about not having much income? Not great, but I do like having a lot of time to read, and I’ve seen some good KDramas. I’ve also watched a few that weren’t so good. The Arthdal Chronicles was wonderful right up to the end, when they left the viewer hanging. This drama was made in 2019. It’s 2022, and there’s a rumor the “second season” is coming, but without Song Joong-ki (he played two roles very well: the innocent Eun-seom and the beautiful but wicked Saya. Well, they’re both beautiful, to be honest). Gotta admit it, if he doesn’t return, I don’t have much interest in it.

I didn’t process these photos. Just found them online and stuck them together.

Is this drama worth seeing? If you can stand a cliffhanger ending, yes. The world-building is really good, and there’s a lot of fine actors in it. It’s gorgeous to look at, too; wonderful cinematography. It’s on Netflix. After I got sucked into the story, I couldn’t stop watching. If you want to see Song in what is arguably his best role, watch Vincenzo, also on Netflix. He’s very, very good in that Mafia mashup, and the female lead is no simpering lass. She gives as good as she gets.

That’s it from me today. Just wanted to say hello and assure you I was still kicking. 😉

About Fenraven

Fenraven lives in central Florida, which reminds him of Wisconsin and Minnesota. Find him on Twitter and Facebook by searching on 'fenraven'.
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9 Responses to Where Have I Been?

  1. Janet Ellinger says:

    Ahhhhhh….my boy 🥰❤️ I love him so, so, much. And, yes, Vincenzo is just brilliant on every level. But his portrayal of Eunseom just grabbed me by the heart and never once let go. It won’t be the same without him. He also played Saya extremely well but he’s a less likable character…although a much more complex one.

  2. jeffbaker307 says:

    Nice to hear from you!

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