Flash Fic: Sort of Gay

“I think I might be sort of gay.”

My roommate John was crossing through the room behind the couch where I was sitting, watching the Olympics on TV. He didn’t even pause. “Who is he?”

“Japanese skater.”

He put a stack of books on the side table. “Oh, him. My girlfriend can’t take her eyes off him when he’s on.” He plopped down next to me. “What’s the appeal?”

“Eyes, mouth, body.”

He laughed. “That about sums it up.” He pointed. “That’s him?”

I grunted, suddenly embarrassed.

“Well shit, he’s all perfect and shiny and pretty. You’re not gay. You’re horny. When did you last get laid?”

Too fucking long ago to remember, and it hadn’t even been that good. I turned off the TV. “I’m going out for a beer. Wanna come?”



We ended up at our favorite watering hole, sucking down suds and playing pool when our turn came up. After a while, John sidled over and slid an arm around my shoulders. “You’ve been glowering at everyone for the last couple of hours. Something on your mind?”

“Eyes, mouth, body.” I said it looking right at him.

“Still thinking about that skater?”

“No.” I saw the moment he understood and kept myself from flinching.

“Uh… um…. Shit, Micah.” He pulled away. “I’m too drunk for this conversation.”

“Then we’d better go home, because if I drink anymore, I won’t be able to drive.”


I could have sworn I’d seen something flare in his eyes when I’d let him know I was interested, in that moment before he remembered he was a track star and dating a girl. I mulled it over all the way home, driving carefully so I wouldn’t do anything stupid.

He kicked off his shoes and went to the bathroom. I filled a glass with water in the kitchen and took it to my room; I’d want that when I woke up with dry mouth and a headache in a few hours. When I heard the bathroom door open, I waited for him to come out so I could get aspirin.

When I brushed past him, he grabbed my arm, forcing me to look at him. “You fucker.”

Alarmed, I tried to jerk free, but his hand was like an iron manacle. “Let go. Nothing’s changed.”

“Everything’s changed. Eyes, mouth, body.” He made a strangled sound, shoved me up against the wall, and kissed me.

I was suddenly engulfed in fire, and his lips were the only thing keeping me from turning to ash and blowing away. I clutched at him, wondering what the hell was going on and not caring as long as he didn’t stop.

He didn’t stop. He walked me backward into my bedroom and fell on the bed, with me under him.

I had to ask. “Are you sure about this?”

“Hell no, but let’s see where it goes.”

It went as far as we needed it to and then some.

Word count: 494
Inspired by the very talented and pretty Yuzuru Hanyu

About Fenraven

Fenraven lives in central Florida, which reminds him of Wisconsin and Minnesota. Find him on Twitter and Facebook by searching on 'fenraven'.
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6 Responses to Flash Fic: Sort of Gay

  1. Lindsaysf says:

    ah yes. I had a similar reaction to Johnny Weir in his younger skating days. Pure fluid beauty!

  2. Helena Stone says:

    Delightful. I enjoyed that very, very much.

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