The Restroom

I got off the plane, slung my bag over one shoulder, and strolled to the men’s room. A pit stop before heading into the city seemed wise, given it was rush hour.

Someone shoved past me at the door, glanced over his shoulder, and said, “Sorry. In a hurry.”

Whatever. I followed more slowly.

Rude Man was already at a urinal with his dick out. The end unit was also occupied. I was heading toward the one in the middle when I did a classic double-take.

Hair. Long, glorious, shining, beautiful hair. It fell past his shoulders, his waist, and even his hips. I had no idea hair grew that long. I almost got hard.

I sneaked another discreet look at that waterfall of keratin (the stuff hair is made of) as I unzipped, then carefully kept my eyes averted. The rule in every men’s room is you keep your eyes to yourself, but damn, it was an effort. Men with long hair were my weakness. My last relationship was with someone with curly dark-blond hair past his shoulders.

Rude Man finished just as Gorgeous Hair started toward the sinks to wash his hands. Rude Man, not far behind him, commented snidely, “Sure you’re in the right restroom, missy?”

Oh-oh. Sensing trouble ahead, I hurriedly finished up, then lingered to see what transpired.

Gorgeous man turned and smiled at the jerk, and I did get hard, because sharp cheekbones, deep-set brown eyes, and a mouth made for kissing went straight to my crotch. He was my fantasy come to life.

I sucked in a breath. He heard me and looked my way. When our eyes met, I swear sparks flew, but that probably only happened on my end, because his attention immediately returned to Rude Man, whom I’d renamed Asshole.

“Are you speaking to me?” Gorgeous Man was keeping it light.

“Hey, if the bra fits, sweetheart.”

Huh? What did that even mean? Gorgeous Man was in excellent shape, and his fitted tee showed off pecs that made me want to lick them slowly.

Asshole approached my future lover and flicked his long hair. “I bet you get together with your girlfriends on weekends and braid each other’s hair. Isn’t that right, honey?”

Gorgeous Man was as tall as Asshole. He’d just washed his hands, and they were still wet. Flicking his fingers at Asshole, he smiled sweetly. “Braids are a great way to keep long hair from tangling. Interesting you should know that.”

I couldn’t see Asshole’s face from my angle, but the way he stiffened told me the situation was deteriorating. Before I could decide if I should intervene, Gorgeous Man abruptly kneed Asshole in the groin. Asshole jerked back, clutching his equipment, then dropped to his knees before falling on his side.

Gorgeous Man and I locked eyes again. I think he wondered which side I was on and whether or not he should prepare to defend himself against me.

I smiled. “I’d have done the same thing.”

Gorgeous Man relaxed, smacked the air drier, and stuck his hands under it. I went to a sink and quickly washed. Asshole was still groaning on the floor.

Gorgeous Man was leaving. I had to speak. “Wait.” He stopped and turned. I reached for something to say. “How long did it take to grow your hair that long?”

He chuckled. “It’s never been cut, only trimmed.”

Gah. “It makes my mouth water.”

That made him laugh, and I’m pretty sure his eyes heated.

Asshole had regained enough breath to mumble, “Gonna kick your sissy ass, ya fucking injun….”

I stepped over him, focused on Gorgeous Man. “Want to share a cab into the city?”

He looked me up and down. “I dropped off a friend, so I have a car. I can give you a lift.”

We left together.

“You live in the city?” I kept looking at him, trying to look like I wasn’t.

“I have a place on the Upper East Side. Is that anywhere near where you’re going?”

“Close enough.” Hell, I’d find my way home to Queens from wherever he dropped me off. “Can I play with your hair during the drive?”

He laughed and nudged my shoulder. “You can even braid if it you want.”

Oh, I wanted. Christ, did I want.    

Word count: 720

About Fenraven

Fenraven lives in central Florida, which reminds him of Wisconsin and Minnesota. Find him on Twitter and Facebook by searching on 'fenraven'.
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3 Responses to The Restroom

  1. jeffbaker307 says:

    Oh, that was good! Couldn’t figure what the ending would be!

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