Photos: 10.10.19

I’ll start with two landscapes, because I haven’t been doing many lately, and I’ve missed it.

The first two are sunset shots of the lake. The colors were outstanding. As Florida heads into winter, our best skies appear, full of color and clouds. I’m looking forward to it. Both photos were taken the same night at the same time; I only shifted focus to a different part of the sky.

I visited my dentist in my previous town one day and stopped by the lake for ten minutes. That morning I’d heard about a Sony feature I’d somehow missed–clear image zoom–and I wanted to try it out. Once engaged, it magnifies what you see as much as 2x, and it works on any lens.

The ibis were hanging out next to the water, and I chose a juvenile to try it out on. Pretty cool, eh? This will be helpful when shooting wildlife, letting me get closer without disturbing them. The amazing thing is this feature uses AI technology to zoom close without noticeable loss of quality. Cameras simply get better and better, as does processing software.

The new Luminar #4, due out “this fall,” has amazing features I can’t wait to try out. Like one-click sky replacement. I’ve been using Photoshop’s blend-if command to replace a flat or white sky with something more interesting, but Luminar will do it like *that.* I’ve seen it in action on YouTube, and it’s amazing. It even replaces skies through tree branches and leaves.

If someone asked me to recommend three programs for processing photos, it would be Photoshop (despite the learning curve, it’s still the gold standard AND you can get CS6 for cheap or even free these days), Skylum’s Luminar (really good for beginners in photo processing; easy and fast), and believe it or not, Topaz Studio 2. I hated the first version; in fact, it wouldn’t even work on my desktop. But this regularly updated version is a lot of fun! I redid this portrait of Suki in high-contrast black and white.  Cool, right?

See you next time.

About Fenraven

Fenraven happily lives in south Florida, where it is really hot most of the year. Find him on Twitter and Facebook by searching on 'fenraven'.
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