Mixed Bag 4

Flowers and flies today. How’s that for a combo?

I mentioned I’ve been taking lots of macro photos of late. I got two of a long-legged fly. That’s their actual name. I’m not making it up. How beautiful are those colors? And these suckers are tiny. You’ve probably seen them sparkling in the sun on a leaf.

They’re about a quarter inch long and are considered beneficial to gardens, so don’t kill ’em. They eat aphids, spiders mites, and other pests that hurt plants. 

I really, really want a proper macro lens for the Sony. I’ve been using the Raynox 250 and extension tubes, but damn, I could be getting so much closer with the right equipment. *sigh* Maybe one of these days–after I buy needed new glasses, get my teeth cleaned (it’s been a year!), and take care of a couple of other high-priority items. The move north wiped me out, and though I paid off the credit cards I used to grease that move, work has dried up, and I’m just not seeing the income I did even six months ago. Trump and his fabulous economy! It’s only great for the rich, who stash their money off-shore and benefit big-time from his tax cuts.

Hey, if you know anyone who needs a good editor, pass my name along, okay? Thanks.

Oops! Drifted into politics there for a minute. Sorry. I try not to do that on the blog, because I know we are all sick (and heartsick) about what’s happening in our country. So let’s move on to flowers. 🙂

This is a purple vinca. R gave it to me in a pot, and it recently bloomed. The water drops were there; I didn’t add them (though I’ve been guilty of that in the past!). I plan to move this to the garden soon.

This hibiscus flower was in someone’s yard down the street. I miss hibiscus plants, but I recently found one in the woods and transplanted it to my yard. It’s tiny right now, but it’ll grow. I water it every day.

And here’s a beautiful purple bougainvillea. That color and the green leaves are gorgeous, right? Also in a neighbor’s yard. Flowers do well in Florida. They love the sun and humidity. This was a favorite on the photo forum.

See you next time.

About Fenraven

Fenraven happily lives in south Florida, where it is really hot most of the year. Find him on Twitter and Facebook by searching on 'fenraven'.
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