Photos: 4.10.17

I’ve been giving the camera quite a workout lately. I’m not writing as much, but I still feel a need to be creative.

I’ll start with more pics from my afternoon at Harn’s Marsh. Lots of activity going on, even though it was just after noon, when the sun is high and bright. This is a fiery skipper. They’re plentiful everywhere I’ve lived. Very small butterfly, but the color makes it stand out.

After I got the above shot, a blue darner darted in and dared me to take its picture. How could I resist? Dragonflies always look like they’re smiling. Maybe that’s why we love them so much. 

A crow flew past me with a long stem of grass in its beak. I followed its flight until it landed in this tree. It’s there, but you can barely see it because it’s hidden behind a branch. Another bird, however, stands out on its perch. It’s mate or mere coincidence it was there?

We leave the marsh for now. I took this photo at R’s a few weeks ago and never did anything with it. Until now. It was boring in its original iteration, but once I threw some texture and filters at it, it was much better. 🙂  The flowers are on a Hong Kong Orchid tree. They grow fast, and they’re beautiful. 

The orchids are blooming in my backyard, too. These flowers are tiny but so pretty. 

Have a wonderful weekend!


About Fenraven

Fenraven happily lives in south Florida, where it is really hot most of the year. Find him on Twitter, Google +, and Facebook by searching on 'fenraven'.
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10 Responses to Photos: 4.10.17

  1. A.M.B. says:

    Wonderful photos. I wish I had orchids in my backyard. We’re spending the day gardening (my kids are on spring break, so I’ve taken most of the week off from work).

    • Fenraven says:

      Good for you, taking some time off. You’ve been working hard for a long time. The orchids were given to me, and they are easy to grow. Just plop ’em in the ground and keep ’em watered. None of that baby-care stuff for me. Heh. I don’t have the time.

  2. Janet Ellinger says:

    Love Rs urn pic!

  3. It’s such a pleasure looking at your photos. TFS. My husband found a morepork in my vegetable garden last week and I got some photos of it. Scary talons!
    Thought you might enjoy a look at dj pettitt’s photos of florida wildlife.

  4. Loved seeing your photos… came across the link from Dragonflywoman’s blog… I was actually looking for macro lens for my SX60 HS and seeing that you were using one thought of asking you for your experience with Raynox lens… Can you point me to some photos you’ve taken with those..?? Do you need an adapter ring with this lens… if yes… what size..??

    I am still learning to use this camera… but if you’re interested in some Himalayan flora and fauna you can visit my link

    • Fenraven says:

      Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. I’ve posted several pics taken with the Raynox. You can check them out here. After the short story wraps, more photos will be posted, and among them will be others taken with the Raynox.

      Yes, you need an adaptor. Read all about it at the above-posted link. I ordered a step-down ring at Amazon ( When I couldn’t attach it to the camera, I contacted the seller, who was extremely helpful, and then ordered the adapter ring ( Once I had those two pieces, I put them together and attached it to the camera. After that, it was easy to snap on the Raynox. Bonus? The Canon lens cap still fits! Just leave the step-down ring and adapter on the camera. It doesn’t get in the way of taking standard pictures at all. The Raynox snaps on and off with ease. I’ve taken photos with the Raynox and with the macro function on the SX60. The Raynox does indeed get your closer, but you have to have cooperative insects and a steady hand. I’m still learning how to use the Raynox. It’s a challenge! 🙂

      I checked out your site. Wow! You have access to a wide variety of creatures. Lucky you!

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