Photos: R’s House

For those of you keeping track, R moved to Florida several years ago, after retiring at 58 from a Fortune 500 company. He lived in the first house about five years, then sold it and bought another. That would be the lake house. I’ve posted lots of pics taken there.

Recently, after finally selling the house in Wisconsin, he bought yet another place. This one has a pool. It’s nicely laid out and has a large fenced backyard, but it needs a lot of work. He’s planning to rent this one a while, then flip it for a profit.

I was over there today with the camera. I took no pictures inside. It’s ugly. Dirty carpets, furniture odds and ends, bit and pieces of shit everywhere… Nope! Stayed outside. Got some cool shots. 🙂

The first picture is of the front of the house. I love the arched openings and the pergola. He already has plans to improve this. He envisions a fountain on the right. You can’t see it here, but there’s a beautiful stone wall on that side.


One of the nicest features in the backyard is a weeping bottlebrush tree. I took several amazing shots of it. weeping-bottlebrush-tree-2-7-17-sm

While I was getting closeups of the wonderful flowers, a bee appeared. Who knew they flew with their legs hanging down? bottlebrush-bee-2-7-17-sm

Another pic of that flower, this time with two bees, though only the one at the bottom is highly visible. bottlebrush-two-bees-2-7-17-sm

While I was wandering in the yard, a butterfly landed practically at my feet. Posing, I’m sure. This is a Great Southern White. great-southern-white-2-7-17-sm

Hope you have a wonderful week!


About Fenraven

Fenraven happily lives in south Florida, where it is really hot most of the year. Find him on Twitter, Google +, and Facebook by searching on 'fenraven'.
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14 Responses to Photos: R’s House

  1. Patricia Grayson says:

    Incredible shots, inspiring my latent photo within.

  2. Lindsaysf says:

    Are you sure that isn’t a wasp? They fly with their feet down, right?
    The bottlebush flower with the bee and the sun is an award winner in my book.

  3. Allison says:

    I love those trees, but I never knew what they were called! Name makes sense, lol.

  4. diannegray says:

    Great shots here. Bees and butterflies are really hard to capture and you’ve excelled here. I hope you’re well xxxx

  5. Aniko says:

    I love the facade of the house. Some work and that would be a gorgeous looking place. And that close up photo of the bottlebrush is stunning.

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