Photo Monday: Caloosahatchee Park

Packing for the move, then running into problems with it, made me itch to get out, go somewhere, see something new, so I drove to Caloosahatchee Regional Park in Alva, FL, and took a walk. I spotted other interesting things on the way.

The trail through the park is beautiful and well maintained. I probably wouldn’t want to walk it in summer, when the heat and humidity are high, but at this time of year, it’s perfect for getting exercise and not having to sweat to do it. 😉


I didn’t explore the park fully, but I intend to return. On the way home, I spotted this gorgeous bougainvillea nearly devouring a gate. bougainvilla-gate-1-1-17-sm

Fences make some great photos. Here’s one supporting a flame vine. Isn’t that gorgeous?orange-flowers-1-1-17-sm

And another pic of Spanish moss. This was taken along the river on the Alva side, just down from the drawbridge. spanish-moss-c-river-1-1-17-sm

An old, abandoned farm. A shame it’s falling to ruin. I see this all over Florida. When people die, none of the relatives want the property, and often it sits until it rots. abandoned-farm-1-1-17-sm

Just down the road from the farm–in the same field, as it happens–were three horses: a white one, a dappled gray, and this brilliant chestnut. Notice his companion on the ground? It’s a cattle egret. horse-1-1-17-sm

Have a great week! I’ll see you Friday.


About Fenraven

Fenraven happily lives in south Florida, where it is really hot most of the year. Find him on Twitter, Google +, and Facebook by searching on 'fenraven'.
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4 Responses to Photo Monday: Caloosahatchee Park

  1. Allison says:

    The first shot is so welcoming, it definitely says, “Come explore.” 🙂

  2. Valerie says:

    Beautiful as usual….love how the horse just glows in the sun. I see a lot of abandoned homes driving through Oregon….very sad.

    • Fenraven says:

      There are quite a few here in Florida, too. 😦 People simply can’t afford to live here, and I’m pretty sure that can be said of anywhere else in the country. Times are definitely tough.

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