I was a hermit this week. Did an edit Monday, then turned to the WIP to do some writing. That’s going pretty well, at least at the moment. I have about ten thousand words down, and most of them are good. 🙂

In the evening, I streamed Netflix for a while, then read until I fell asleep. Back in the days when I had an office job and commuted two hours a day, it was a luxury to read for several hours. I can do it now anytime I like, and I still treasure that. My idea of a perfect day? Going nowhere, wearing nothing, Kindle and laptop close at hand.

Health update: many of you know I’ve been fighting a recurring UTI and not having much luck because every antibiotic they give me makes me so sick, I have to stop taking it the first or second day. The infection has gotten no worse and may in fact be going away. Secondary symptoms are pretty much gone, and I am feeling no pain, nor am I running a fever or nauseous. 

I’ve been using alternative methods of treatment, and while it’s too soon to say how good the most recent one is, the D-Mannose works extremely well on the burning/itching crap, even though this infection was not caused by e coli (the most common cause of it).

The leg pain I experienced while taking Cipro returned a few days ago, and it’s causing me no end of grief. I continue to take my daily walks, no matter what, and I hope in time this side effect goes away permanently. I don’t know if my tendons will ever be 100% again, thanks to that nasty drug.

Lest you think I’m nuts for not running straight back to the doc for yet another antibiotic, read about an alternative here.  I’ve always been a big believer in the body being able to heal itself, and until I see a reason to ingest yet another harmful drug, I’m going to give it a chance to do that.

The big scare every article and doctor uses on women is that they will develop a kidney infection. This almost never happens: [With the introduction of techniques to localize the site of infection more accurately,] it was recognized that progressive renal damage rarely if ever occurs in uncomplicated UTI, even when renal involvement is present. source

Am I keeping a close eye on weird pains in my body? You bet. Last thing I need is to land in the hospital on an antibiotic drip. At the first sign things are going south, I will indeed rush to the doc for treatment.

UTIs are becoming antibiotic-resistant. What happens when this extremely common infection can no longer be treated by the usual drugs? What will people do then? And both men and women get this one, folks, though it is more common in females because of anatomy. Alternatives to antibiotics must be found and tested now, before it’s too late. If your UTI is caused by e coli, the d-Mannose works very well with no side effects. I highly recommend it, as do even some doctors.

I have no plans for the weekend, other than more reading and writing. Ah, bliss!

Have a good one.


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Fenraven happily lives in south Florida, where it is really hot most of the year. Find him on Twitter, Google +, and Facebook by searching on 'fenraven'.
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11 Responses to Shut-in

  1. Helena Stone says:

    I’m so sorry your health issues have turned into a continuing saga and I really hope the end of those trials is in sight. But yay for a weekend of reading and writing. Weekends don’t come much better than that in my book (pun very much intended).

    • Everyone deals with something. Eventually this will get handled. The return of the pain in my right leg concerns me more at the moment, but I’m not letting it stop me. 🙂 Walked half a mile last night at sunset. Lovely.

  2. Lindsaysf says:

    One of the joys in my life now is that when I want to, I can pull the plug on practically everything & spend a day in my pj, snoozing & reading.

    • I’ve learned to shut off my phone on those days, too, though the next day I get “I tried to reach you…”

      I fondly remember the days when I wasn’t at everyone’s back and call. When I could ignore a ringing phone and not suffer the consequences. When I could leave the house and know no one knew where I was or how to reach me. Hell, I still “forget” the phone at home on many occasions. 😉

  3. vonn892013 says:

    I have a few suggestions for you to research if you haven’t already. Probiotics!! Daily use of a good one and they aren’t all created equal. They boost your immune system and fight the bad effects from antibiotics. Another suggestion and a controversial one. Colloidal silver.

    • I took probiotics for three days after stopping the last antibiotic. It helped. However, something I was doing made my blood pressure shoot up, so I stopped for a few days. I’m going to add it back in gradually, maybe only two or three days a week, and see how that goes. The last couple evenings, my BP was normal again. I’d hate to think it was the probiotics that caused the spike, but who knows?

      I’ve heard of colloidal silver but know nothing about it. I’ll check into it.

  4. Jaycee Edward says:

    I’m glad it’s not getting any worse. I’ve got my fingers crossed that it goes away entirely with whatever treatment you’re currently using.

  5. diannegray says:

    Walking is a great idea. I try to walk for about an hour a day and it really helps get the blood flowing and the fresh air and exercise do wonders. UTIs are so nasty – I really hope you can shake this off for good and thanks for the advice about d-Mannose xxxx

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