Friday Photos

An interesting thing happened last night. There is a canal wall on my side of the water, and residents at the condos stroll the sidewalk, often with their dogs. If you walk the entire thing, end to end, it’s a mile. A good distance to stretch the legs.

Generally, I keep an eye on the canal. One never knows what one will see, and there are plenty of interesting fish in the water, including tilapia with their blue lips, catfish, bass, gar, and some striped cuties with bright, yellow-circled eyes.

I wasn’t paying much attention that evening… until I suddenly was. One of the gators was stalking me, moving at the same speed I was and gradually moving closer and closer to the wall. That was freakout #1.

I did a quick visual check to see if there was any way he could crawl out and join me on the sidewalk. Nope. Water’s low this time of year–summer rains haven’t started yet–and he’d have to leap into the air and across space to reach me.

I stopped. He stopped. He was no more than three feet away, though he was below the level of the wall. He rested in a clear spot–no greenery–and I saw the entire length of him, including legs and feet with claws. Gorgeous creature! I cursed myself for not bringing the camera.

“You’re pretty,” I said, “but I won’t feed you.”

Our eyes met, then in a flash, he turned and vanished, diving under the green stuff and surfacing across the canal. That was freakout #2. He moved so fast, he was gone in an instant. I have rarely seen anything move that quickly. It was eye-opening. 

When they tell you ‘gators can really move, believe them! If he’d wanted to eat me, he probably could have. One of the residents saw him leap out of the water and grab an ibis flying overhead.

This is why you don’t feed ‘gators! You don’t want them losing fear of humans to the point where they are a danger to you.

The day before the above incident, I saw both of them in the canal. One is larger than the other, and unless they’re side by side, it’s hard to tell which is which, but I’m pretty sure it was the small one I conversed with. That would be this fine fellow.Small gator 5.14.16 sm

There are lily pads on the water, and he floated up behind a patch, thinking he was hidden. Gator in water lillies 5.14.16 sm

A few minutes later, he swam to the opposite shore, which is grass and trees, no wall, and waited. A friend said a duck and her babies had gone in there. Small gator in weeds 5.14.16 sm

I don’t think he ate raw duckling that day, but while we were keeping an eye on that ‘gator, the larger one floated by. His eyes were nearly closed, so either the sun was bothering him or he was tired. Large gator 5.14.16 sm

Also on the water that day was a tricolor heron. Tricolor 5.18.16 sm

And this morning I took pics of a juvenile little blue heron. They are white when born, then gradually turn completely blue as they reach maturity. Juvenile Little Blue 5.18.16 sm

Suki thinks the new couch in the lanai is just her size, and she does look good on the orange cushions. 🙂 Suki 5.19.16 sm

Have a terrific weekend! There will be a flash fic Monday; I wrote it today. See you then.


About Fenraven

Fenraven happily lives in south Florida, where it is really hot most of the year. Find him on Twitter, Google +, and Facebook by searching on 'fenraven'.
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12 Responses to Friday Photos

  1. Helena Stone says:

    Stalked by a gator, now there’s something I’m unlikely to ever experience and I’m not unhappy about that 🙂 But it makes for a very interesting story and those pictures are gorgeous. Of course Suki is the prettiest of the lot, but that goes without saying.

    Yay! for more flash fiction. I haven’t even thought about mine yet. Hopefully I’ll come up with something over the next two days. Have a wonderful weekend.

    • It popped into my head one morning when I was still half-asleep, so I got up and wrote it down before I forgot it. 🙂

      Last night, I was walking the canal again, this time with the camera, and there he was, lying alongside the wall, mostly submerged. I stopped to take a few photos, though the light wasn’t good. He didn’t move! He eyed me and didn’t move, so this morning, I’m calling someone about the situation, see what they think. In some cases, they relocate the animal to somewhere safer. He may or may not be considered a danger to humans at this point.

  2. Jaycee Edward says:

    Great pics!! He’s probably stalking you because of those stupid people who have been feeding it.

    • That’s exactly why he’s stalking me. The woman who saw the incident (she likes to let her dog run in the park) yelled at the people to stop feeding it, it’s against the law. They ignored her. They don’t care if a gator becomes fearless; they don’t live there! I’d have taken pics (camera or phone) and said, “I’m turning you in to the Florida Wildlife.” That would have made them stop.

  3. Allison says:

    Suki is too cute! I love that you got her straight on.

    I would have been freaked out about the ‘gator too, especially since you know people are feeding them. Scary.

  4. diannegray says:

    It must have thought you had food like those ridiculous people who feed them. You don’t want to be food 😦
    Suki is so beautiful xxx

  5. Yvonne says:

    People are stupid and selfish.
    Love the photos.

  6. Blackpearl says:

    We were in Corbett National Park (India) looking longingly at the water because we were dying of the heat. Suddenly what I thought was a log in the water – one of many, erupted and I realised all the logs were actually Gharials which apparently aren’t considered to be a threat to humans. But you never know and I figure it would be dumb to trust any kind of crocodile. I hightailed it back to the compound. Had a few close calls over there with a huge snake and a scorpion just as night fell.

    • I looked them up. It seems they are not likely to attack humans, as you say, but you’re correct: better to be safe! Sounds like you enjoyed quite a trip. 🙂

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