Flash Fic Monday: The Magician

11870730_429148633938896_6084625839380773160_nOn the way back to work after lunch, I spotted a small crowd circling someone I couldn’t quite see. Curious, I moved closer and realized the knot of people were oohing and aahing at a street magician. As I jockeyed for a place that would let me watch unobstructed, he was pulling flowers out of thin air to the delight of those he presented them to. Wearing a cream hoodie and worn jeans, he smiled as he handed them out, and as they accepted the rose or daisy or tulip, there was a puff of glittering light. That explained the oohs and aahs.

Crossing my arms, I looked for the trick–usually the hand that wasn’t doing something obvious was involved–but didn’t spot anything. The guy was good. The bowl near him on the ground overflowed with money, testifying to his skill.

He twirled and made a grand gesture before magically creating another explosion of sparkles that entranced the audience. He grinned at me–no, he grinned at everyone while somehow making me think I’d been singled out. Talented and clever.

“And now for my last trick,” he said and pointed to the nearby bus shelter. “I’m going to walk through that wall in full view of you all.” He gracefully danced around back to the entrance and stepped forward to gaze at us through the dirty glass. “Watch closely!” he said loud enough for us to hear.

I didn’t take my eyes off him. I don’t think anyone did.

He placed a hand against the glass, then pushed, flattening his fingers against the barrier until the skin turned white.

Suddenly his hand popped through the wall. I gasped, along with everyone else. When the magician playfully wiggled his fingers, we laughed. He continued pushing against the glass, coming through it one piece at a time. First an arm, then the other, then the rest of him until he stood with us on the sidewalk.

He got a tremendous round of applause. I clapped energetically, wondering how he prepared for an illusion like that on the street.

While he said goodbye to his audience and picked up the money-filled bowl, I walked around the shelter, studying it from every angle. He watched me, amused.

“I give up,” I said. “How’d you do it?”

“Do what?”

“The trick.” I gestured. “Walking through the glass. It was terrific.”

“Oh, that.” He transferred his cash donations to a zippered pocket on the hoodie, then folded the metal bowl until it was gone and opened his hands to show they were empty. “What makes you think it was a trick?”

I stared. “Huh?”

He smiled. “Gotta go.”

He sauntered down the street. Driven by an impulse I didn’t understand, I followed at a safe distance. When he ducked down an alley, I did the same three seconds later… just in time to see him walk into a brick wall and vanish.


Word count: 494
Genre: fantasy

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About Fenraven

Fenraven happily lives in south Florida, where it is really hot most of the year. Find him on Twitter, Google +, and Facebook by searching on 'fenraven'.
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9 Responses to Flash Fic Monday: The Magician

  1. Helena Stone says:

    Oh, I love that. But I want to know what happens next because clearly ‘you’ and this magician will meet again and ‘you’ll’ get drawn into his world of magic and mayhem and….I guess this calls for a plot-bunny alert. Wonderful.

  2. Loved it. Thank you. Yes, definitely hope to read more of this story.

  3. Lindsaysf says:

    *delighted sigh* Lovely. I hope he pops up again in one of your stories.

    • There’s something attractive about a sexy magician, isn’t there? One of my favorite books is Magic Mansion by JC Price. It’s like Survivor with magicians, and it’s totally fun to read. I’ve read it twice, and I could pick it up again today. The cool thing is the author wrote it on her blog a chapter at a time, asking for input from readers as to who should be voted off next. An incredible feat! I’m glad she turned it into a book.

  4. Jaycee Edward says:

    Wait!!! Don’t leave us hanging! This *would* make a really cool story. The talking cat from the other Flash could be his cat. They could travel town to town in the steampunk balloon! Heh.

    Anyway…now that this is out of the way… (I usually like Flash Fic Monday, but I was cursing it for existing big-time today) NEXT POST IS YOUR COVER REVEAL for The Flamboyant Flamingo, right???

  5. diannegray says:

    Awesome! I love magicians and want to think they really do have magic powers 😀

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