Half Moon House Cover Reveal

This is it, unless I decide to futz with it some more. Heh.

The book is still with the betas, but publication is still on-track for July. Cover original 800x479


In the meantime, I’m plotting the next book, another standalone. I know conventional wisdom has it authors should pump out series to hook the readers, but I can’t seem to invest that much of my time in them. It’s been my blessing–or curse, depending on whom you speak with–all my life.

I changed jobs frequently for the same reason: mind-numbing boredom. Once I learn something, I must move on.

I distinctly recall two jobs in particular that made me physically ill, I despised them so much. “Boredom” doesn’t begin to describe them, but that word will do.

Writing books is like that, too. Once I’ve seen how the story ends, I’m ready for new adventures with new characters. This doesn’t mean I will never create a series, but the chances of it happening are pretty low. Guess I’ll have to suffer the consequences.

The new one has captured my attention fully. This one I’ll outline completely before beginning. The first two chapters are set up, and I’m excited! 🙂


About Fenraven

Fenraven happily lives in south Florida, where it is really hot most of the year. Find him on Twitter, Google +, and Facebook by searching on 'fenraven'.
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15 Responses to Half Moon House Cover Reveal

  1. The two I’d love to see sequels to are Wolf Bound and Weatherboy. I understand how you feel about moving on though. While I love getting caught up in series, it’s nice too, to see some books come out where I don’t feel the pressure to add multiple titles to my TBR list which is already a gazillion miles long.

  2. A.M.B. says:

    It looks great! As for whatever the conventional wisdom is about writing, you should do whatever you want. While amassing readers is an important goal for some writers, it’s probably more important

    Sorry- I got distracted by the Supreme Court decision that just came down! I’ll be back….

    • A.M.B. says:

      Marriage equality won! The opinion is something like 103 pages.

      Anyway, what I was saying is that an important goal of writing is to make the writer happy. So, maybe the best business decision is to write sequels with the same characters, but if that makes it boring for the writer, then it’s not what the writer should do. That said, I’d love to see more of Harper!

      I’m sorry if I’m incoherent this morning… I’m pretty much shaking with happiness thanks to the Supreme Court (and that almost never happens). I’m not going to get anything done today (but at least reading that 103 page opinion is actually part of my job!).

  3. Helena Stone says:

    I like your cover. I was full of good intentions to put a few hours into the beta read tonight. A certain court case over on your side of the big pond put an end to that idea. Tonight I’m celebrating. The rest of the weekend belongs to you and Half Moon House.

    As for your writing. As much as I would love to see sequels to Wolf Bound and Weatherboy, you should write whatever story intrigues you. Happy writers make for better stories 🙂

    • 🙂 I doubt I’ll return to Wolf Bound, but as I have half the Weatherboy sequel written, it seems a shame not to wrap that up one day soon.

      I feel hung over! Today was so incredible, I’m exhausted from all the energy I burned celebrating. This evening I will be taking it easy, trying to recover, and then tomorrow, I have to do all the work I didn’t do today. 😉

  4. diannegray says:

    That cover is great! What a fantastic picture 😉

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