Friday Photos

I had so many wonderful pictures to choose from this week, I wasn’t sure which ones to go with. Let’s start with an amaryllis. This flower stands about sixteen inches high, and the blooms are the size of dinner plates. Be sure to click on each photo to see them full-sized. The detail is worth it. Amaryllis 3.4.15 sm

Next, a lucky shot through the long grass edging the lake. This is a little blue heron, and I snapped the picture as he grabbed dinner. The sun was sinking on the right, and he was angled against it in a way that washed out detail, but I love this one! The focus is clearly on his beak and the tiny fish. Little Blue Hunting 3.1.15 sm

A portrait-framed picture, in order to capture one of the two islands top to bottom. Look closely: a great blue heron is sitting on a branch near the top. He perches here almost every day, soaking in the afternoon sun. R and I call this Vulture island, because they like to sit at the very top, as you’ll see in the next photo.Blue Heron on Island 3.4.15 sm

Turkey vultures. Two Vultures 3.3.15 sm

They may have ugly heads, but their markings are beautiful. Late in the day, a dozen or more will circle the island several times before coming in for the night. They’re wonderful to watch.

The last one is of Suki, squinting a little in the sunlight, the tip of her tongue showing. Looks like she’s grinning. 🙂 The fur under her chin is a bit matted due to the liquid antibiotic I give her twice a day since her teeth cleaning. Today is the last day for that stuff, and she will be thrilled. Based on her reaction, she hates the stuff. Suki at Lake House 3.4.15 sm

Have a great weekend! See you Monday.


About Fenraven

Fenraven happily lives in south Florida, where it is really hot most of the year. Find him on Twitter, Google +, and Facebook by searching on 'fenraven'.
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15 Responses to Friday Photos

  1. AJ Rose says:

    As usual, fabulous pics! I love the flower one! Give Siki a squeeze for me.

  2. It’s always like a special treat when there’s a pic of Suki. 🙂 As I was looking at these it occurred to me how settled and happy you seem. Don’t remember exactly when you moved but seems like this time last year things were getting crazy for you.

    • This time last year, we were in the polar vortex. It was snowing every damn day, which necessitated I shovel every damn day. Old windows and an ancient heating system made my life miserable; I was cold all the time. I fell on the ice twice. I couldn’t get out to walk because some residents didn’t shovel their sidewalk, and that made it dangerous because of the hills. Then there were the pesty tenants, most of whom thought nothing of lying to my face or ripping off my boss one way or the other. Were there good times? Sure, but they were overshadowed by that horrible weather!

      I am so much happier now! 🙂 I can get out every day. No more shoveling, no more ice. I see the sun all the time. Flowers are always blooming, birds are always singing. That is not hyperbole; it’s the truth. And it’s green year round. 🙂

  3. Allison says:

    The amaryllis is gorgeous, so many colors! I love shooting through grasses too and what a great capture at just the right moment. Suki, as always, is adorable. I’m glad the antibiotics are done for her today.

    Thank you for the sunny shots!

  4. ludwigcarol5 says:

    Thank you for these Theo. It’s so wonderful to see green. I can’t remember a time when I wished for spring as hard as I have this year. It’s 5 degrees outside today and It’s wonderful to have a reminder of what is ahead for us. So again, thank you not just for today, but for keeping us in the green through this long winter. Xoxoxoxo.

  5. Helena Stone says:

    Those photos are wonderful, as always. I love the two bird pics. Talk about hitting that shutter at just the right time 🙂
    Suki is adorable and I can’t believe she actually poses for you. Whenever I try to take a picture of Sparky she’ll turn her head away at the crucial time. Can’t say I blame her; I hate having my picture taken as well, but still it can get frustrating.

  6. A.M.B. says:

    How I wish today were Friday! I missed this post last week. The pictures are wonderful, as usual. The amaryllis is beautiful.

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