I Got Nothing

It’s Friday again. Time for a blog post. Only problem is, I didn’t prepare one ahead of time and this morning, I’m facing several hours of work.

You guys are still hung over from New Year’s anyway, right? 🙂

I will say I’ve been writing and am over a third of the way through the Weatherboy sequel. It feels okay so far. Things are moving at their usual Fenraven speed. Heh.

It’s hard, almost impossible for me to write emotion-laden scenes full of internal dialog. Bores me to death, especially when it centers around family. No idea why that is except perhaps my own family was dysfunctional enough I don’t want to revisit it even in fiction.

For the writers: are there scenes you despise writing, sometimes to the point of avoiding them altogether?

I like action, I like progress, I like lots of dialog and limited narrative. I like it when things happen. The story should sail along at nearly breakneck speed to keep me interested.

But to grow as a writer, I have to tackle the emotional crap more often. I can write it in my head, but getting it “on paper” is difficult.

And just because I’m not comfortable writing it doesn’t mean I don’t like reading it. Some authors have no problem detailing emotional interaction in a way that is interesting. I envy them.

Time to get to work. Have a great weekend. Monday, that horrible long stretch without a paid day off begins for those of you with an EDJ. You have my sympathy. I despised this time of year. Additionally, when I lived up north, it was cold and nasty outside, and we still had months of winter to get through.

I suffered from SAD then. I don’t now. 🙂



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Fenraven happily lives in south Florida, where it is really hot most of the year. Find him on Twitter, Google +, and Facebook by searching on 'fenraven'.
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17 Responses to I Got Nothing

  1. Jaycee Edward says:

    Five months with no legal day off. I hated it too. I don’t like to read narrative and internal dialog. Maybe that’s why I adore your writing style. It feels like the author doesn’t trust me to get the story on my own through what the characters say and do. Personally, I love to write dialog. Everything else I struggle with.

    • I love dialog too. Narrative is harder and description is a beast! I like to tell the reader everything through conversation and action. If I do it right, that should be enough.

      Early on, I was told I didn’t give the reader enough, so I attempted to add more emotion and internal dialog. I think I have the right balance now. *fingers crossed*

  2. Yvonne says:

    Well, I feel hung over ’cause I have the flu. Does that count? 🙂
    I don’t have an EDJ and I still dread this coming Monday. Had planned to catch up on lots of things concerning the volunteer work I do for my kids’ school but the flu put a stop to that.
    Happy writing this weekend!

  3. suze294 says:

    I do enjoy reading a realistic dialogue, if it has humour even better! It does take me out of a story if the dialogue is grammatically correct but is too stilted for real life – not many of actually I Do not know, so why do some write it!
    Always enjoy your books. Roll on getting back to normal (and kids to school) next week!

  4. Lindsaysf says:

    EDJ? Some Day Job? Don’t folks get a day off in January on Martin Luther King’s day? And in Feb for President’s Day? I was always a consultant – you work when there’s work and take off when there isn’t. And then with State Gov for 6 years, which has different rules.

    • Evil Day Job, and no, the common citizen, who does not work for banks, post offices, or has a state or federal position, gets NO PAID TIME OFF until Memorial Day. It’s the longest, most horrible stretch of the year.

  5. Lindsaysf says:

    Ooops ” [something] day job?”

  6. Helena Stone says:

    Well, it won’t be five months for me. St. Patrick’s Day is a national holiday here so I will have that to look forward to. Also, my working ‘week’ doesn’t start until Thursday so Monday’s don’t phase me. On the downside, it did mean I had to go back to work today and again tomorrow. I guess you can’t win them all.

    As for writing, I do tend to get lost in internal dialogue, probably because I’m far more likely to talk internally than out loud in real life as well. I think I’m learning to stop over indulging in it, but ask me again in a few weeks time when my betas get back to me 🙂

    You’d think there’d be more dog friendly tourist spots, hotels and guest houses, wouldn’t you. So many people own dogs and would love to take them along on holiday it’s a mystery it’s so hard to find places where they’re actually welcome. I hope you can work it out and have a nice holiday with Suki.

  7. A.M.B. says:

    I hope today has been productive. Good luck writing the dialog. I tend to prefer writing action-oriented scenes too. I hate writing description.

  8. Patricia says:

    Oh Good, Theo, thanks for clearing up EDJ…..Evil Day Job. I was scrambling for a definition online and came up with bizarre things like Erectile Disfunction and what-all! Kind of new to Internet Slang and Texting, but my kids are teaching me.

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