Da News

Things aren’t getting better. We all know this. Republicans have taken over the Senate, and starting in January, they will try to impose their views on the rest of the country at the bidding of their owners, the 1%. The environment is worse. The economy is only better for a select few; the rest of us haven’t seen a raise in decades. Gas prices may be down, but everything else is still going up.

Yup, the world sucks, and every morning when I get up, I immerse myself in the news, catching up on watch I miss while I slept. The stuff I read makes me sick most of the time, yet I can’t look away. It’s the carΒ wreck you feel compelled to look at as you drive by.

I’m a news addict.

There! I admitted it. And now I’m going to do something about it. To that end, I am taking a break from G+, my main source for this stuff. The horrible state of the world is causing me psychological and emotional harm. I can’t read anymore about the cops killing someone unarmed. I can’t read anymore how the extreme religious nuts in this country want to hang me and other LGBT+ people in a tree, set us on fire, and roast marshmallows. I don’t wanna hear about the child abusers, the pet puninshers, the perverts who cause pain to others.

I can’t take it anymore! It’s too much BAD. It’s too much AWFUL.

Those of you who follow me on Facebook know I post a lot of news stories. No more! I’m stopping that. While I think it’s important to be informed, when that information causes me grief, I gotta turn away. I’ll be uncircling my favorite news feeds on G+ to avoid seeing any headlines.

If something happens “out there” I need to know about, someone will let me know. In the meantime, I willingly embrace “news ignorance” to regain mental balance and good health. Look forward to seeing more cute cat photos and other lighthearted pics. I need a break!


Spotted this turtle kicking back on the rocks while Suki and I were walking the other day. The stones under the water almost look like cloud reflections.

Kicked Back Turtle 12.14 sm

This bird was with several of the flock at the end of the canal, feeding in the long grass there. It’s a female boat-tailed grackle, I believe.Β Female boat tailed crow sm

Have a great weekend! I hope to do some writing, and I certainly plan to do a little reading.



About Fenraven

Fenraven happily lives in south Florida, where it is really hot most of the year. Find him on Twitter, Google +, and Facebook by searching on 'fenraven'.
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33 Responses to Da News

  1. This was me a year or 2 ago. I couldn’t watch the news, read the paper, or go online without it ending in tears. I became utterly depressed by the everyday news. I stopped. Some people say I’m stupid for not following current events but that’s not the case. I am well aware of what’s going on. I do it at a mentally safe distance. I’m really glad you’re thinking about your well being here!

    • Thanks! It’s nice hearing from others who share my feelings. Getting mired down in current events is definitely not helping me lately. It’s taking some of the fun out of life, and I need to have fun. Every day, I wake up, see the sun, and smile at how it sparkles on the water. I note how glad I am to be living where I do and how much I enjoy each day. Then I read the fucking news and get depressed.

      No more! I am committing myself to being happy, and if that means being somewhat less informed, so be it.

  2. Sarah_Madison says:

    I think Meredith has it right–do it from a safe distance! Gorgeous photos, as always, Theo. Loved the turtle in particular. πŸ™‚

    • I wonder about turtles. Does having moss on their shells have a negative effect on them physically? I should look that up sometime.

      I uncircled my major news feeds this morning and told R to let me know if anything major happens I need to hear. Right now, I need a giant step back.

      Inevitably, simply being online will expose me to a minimum of news. It probably can’t be helped. But I fully intend to control that input as much as I can to keep it away from me. It’s warping my view of things, and that’s not good.

  3. Jaycee Edward says:

    YAY!!! *dances all around you* I would never advocate sticking our heads in the sand, but news can get really overwhelming and depressing. There is so much HAPPY in the world – we just don’t see it until we turn the news off. I’ll be honest – I won’t miss the dark, depressing news on my timeline. If you notice, I hardly comment on those. I love your happy, goofy and fun posts because they make me feel that way too. Everyone loves happy Theo. So, bring on the cat memes and naked men. Positive vibes attract positive vibes. ❀

  4. Patricia says:

    News junkie here too. Sometimes the news isn’t just on the screen, it touches me and my friends. The Florida triple murder from a week ago involved my friends and acquaintances. I’d sure love to shield my small grandchildren from the daily news feed, they are very young yet. But reading History is the one saving grace which helps me. Taking a break is good too. Be a Pollyanna, think good thoughts, and pay it forward, don’t let your good deeds be spread on Page One, but still, do random acts of kindness. People you touch can’t help but be affected.

    • Some time ago, I read people who don’t watch the news were much less fearful in their everyday life. Totally makes sense. The near-panic this country is currently experiencing was caused by government and media. While life is a challenge on a grand scale, it is simply not that dangerous in our backyards.

  5. Allison says:

    I’m going to echo some of what Jaycee said and join in the happy dance too! I stopped watching television news years ago because it occurred to me that the stress of watching the blaring /this is going to kill you/ headlines wasn’t worth the VERY little I was learning. I get enough information from some of the sites I follow on social media to feel informed without being overwhelmed. Enjoy your time away from the negative and let your joy in where you live heal you.

    I love the turtle picture! Your comment about the rocks looking like clouds combined with the way his back feet are sticking up out of the water (and probably my immersion in the Prosperity universe) makes me think of a steampunk airship at dock.

    Have a wonderful weekend, I hope you get some time to explore and take some more gorgeous pictures to share with us.

    • I’ve been saying since I moved I need to explore more, and that is definitely on the agenda! Even short drives to areas I’ve never been before will be invigorating. Our trip to Celebration was terrific. I need to emulate that experience elsewhere. πŸ™‚

      • Allison says:

        πŸ˜€ Looking forward to exploring more of Celebration with you but I’m looking forward to seeing what you discover in the meantime.

  6. Jinai says:

    Yay! This is good news! πŸ™‚ Hope this helps – I don’t follow the news either but mostly because of the channel (my husband is a fan of Fox News) it can be so toxic.
    I always look forward to your beautiful pictures. Look forward to more from where ever you explore. Love the turtle ❀

  7. valjo44 says:

    YES!!!!! I haven’t listened to the news or read the newspaper in literally years. It was just too much to deal with and I figured when something happened that I needed to know about someone would call me and let me know or I’d figure it out based on the mushroom clouds appearing etc…..when 9/11 happened I had people calling me as soon as it happened. And that’s as informed as I want to be. I don’t care if people think it’s hiding your head in the sand and anyone who thinks they can handle that much “bad” day in and day is not paying attention to the state of their own psyche.

    • There is a cumulative effect, and after a while, it feels like there is a tremendous weight on your shoulders, to the point where it’s hard to walk straight.

      After only one day away from the news, I already feel lighter.

  8. Yvonne says:

    Good decision I think. I’ll admit to getting pretty down from all the terrible news too and lately there’s been a lot. I look forward to seeing more positive stuff on your timeline.
    Love the pictures,I always thought brown birds somewhat boring but you’ve shown a few beauties here, both today and a while ago.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  9. wendytaft says:

    Way to go, Theo. I am a recovering news addict. I read the paper, watched the news and looked at the same news online constantly. I was hoping to find the one additional piece of information. Al of the bad news was depressing and weighed upon me heavily. To end my addiction, I rid of my tv, I peak at the local news online and my newspaper subscription is gone. Life is much happier. You will fell the weight of the world removing itself from your shoulders and you will start to feel better. If something really big happens, like the tornado in the east part of my town, someone will tell you! Bad news travels much faster and farther than good.

  10. Yes, really this is a very wise choice. You know, if you think about it, if you lived in a time where there was no media at all, before the internet, before TV, before radio even, you would never be saturated with all of this overload of information & bad news. You knew the news that had an immediate effect immediately, local stuff. The national & international news seeped in at a slower pace, through newspapers. And while bad things were surely happening then too, I think people had much less of a feeling of crisis & panic & impending disaster. And really, there is no need to know about things you can’t do much about, if anything. Plus, as you’ve found, it raises your stress level through the roof. And that doesn’t help anyone.

    I skim the headlines on the internet daily, but I don’t go & read all the stories. If I keep seeing something every day, after a while I look at it, but I don’t get caught up the craziness. I have the TV on in the morning as I get ready for work, so I hear things then. But that’s it. I have enough stress in my own daily life without adding in the stress of everyone else in the world.

  11. I gave up on the news 8 years ago when my husband was on his first deployment to Iraq & I was a continent away from my family with 3 kids ages 6 & under. Just couldn’t take it. I even started blocking emails from his family members b/c they were sending me every single link of every bad thing that ever happened in Iraq asking me if DH was there or involved.

    Just couldn’t do it.

  12. Helena Stone says:

    I’m going to echo what everybody else has already said and tell you I’m delighted you’ve taken this decision. There have been days recently when just seeing the number of bad news stories you shared made me nervous about you; it was almost as if I could see you getting ever more angry and depressed.
    In the end and over time it’s all about finding the right balance for you. I’ve somehow managed to reach the stage where I can take the news in small doses. I’ll see articles scroll by on my timeline and rarely look at more than the headlines. I’m informed but not immersed. It works for me and while I didn’t do it consciously, it was a happy medium I reached over time, not from one day to the next.
    In the end you can only live one life: your own. Being angry, upset and depressed is not going to make the world a better place and will make your personal environment a harder place to be happy in and your own life harder to appreciate. So grab a hold of those small and personal delights and allow the world to turn by itself for a while. It will do you the world of good.

    As for the photos they are, as always a delight. The variety and beauty of the natural environment you’re lucky enough to live in never fails to take my breath away. Not in a small part thanks to your photographic craftsmanship.

    • The cesspool that is so much of humanity is a black hole. If I dwell on it any longer, I’ll go nuts.

      I just saw the canal’s anhinga pop up with a fish in its mouth. The hunting is good this morning. πŸ™‚ The sun is out, it’s warming up nicely, and it’s going to be a beautiful day. I’m considering a drive later this afternoon.

      • Helena Stone says:

        Enjoy your drive and the beauty surrounding you. Having just driven about four hours to get us back home again I’m really glad to be out of the car again πŸ™‚

        • I like driving when it’s for pleasure. πŸ™‚ I like finding new places, exploring back roads, talking to strangers, and taking pictures. Florida is a little weird in that actual back roads are hard to find, but if they exist, I will locate them!

  13. Jaycee Edward says:

    You know, what Pam/Peejakers said is very true. And the time when the news wasn’t a 24/7 thing isn’t really that long ago. Seems like that started around 9/11, doesn’t it? That’s when ‘Breaking News’ also became like crying wolf. I often think the Amish have a lot of things right. (Not all – I don’t want to have to sew my own clothes).

    • What everyone likes about the Amish is their separation from our world. Their way of life seems much more peaceful in comparison, and who doesn’t want that? But I could never do the religious part of their community, nor do I want to have to work that hard providing for myself.

  14. ludwigcarol5 says:

    I know how you feel Theo .I my self have stopped watching the news and even skip passed the news posts on facebook. I find that I feel down more often then not of late and started doing the things that make me feel better. It seems to be working for me. And your pics always make me smile. Have a good one Theo.

    • Thanks. I felt it behooved me as a responsible citizen to stay well-informed, but when the news is all bad and plain depressing, that strikes me as masochistic. I purposefully had a really nice time yesterday. Went somewhere new, stopped by to visit R, took some pics, and made a terrific dinner, followed by a couple of good films. I even did some writing. And I felt much better for it!

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