Canon SX50 IS Arrives and is Tested

Got the new camera Tuesday, so of course I had to take it out for a test drive. It was late afternoon, and the sun was setting. Nice golden light for water shots.

What makes the SX50 different from my previous camera is its extremely long zoom. I’m going to need a tripod to make full use of that; with the lens fully extended, details at the farthest range were slightly blurry. The tripod should have arrived by the time you read this. All pics in today’s blog taken handheld!

This first pic was shot at a range of around 35 feet. This is one of the ugly ducks that live along the canal. It’s a combination of Muscovy and the local breed, which I haven’t seen yet. The northern ducks will migrate south very soon. I’m looking forward to seeing something other than these. Truly unattractive! But colorful, anyway. 😉 Setting used was AUTO.Muscovy 11.4.14 sm

I used MANUAL setting for this, and played with the little wheel until I got the look I wanted. The photo has been processed. All my photos are processed. None look right to me straight from the camera; flat, washed out, often lacking pizzazz.  This is not a well composed photo, but I included it to show the camera can handle low-light situations.

Canal at dusk 11.4.14 sm

Next, the moon, because every photographer takes a picture of it with a new camera to see if it can handle it. 🙂 And it did just great. Setting here was AUTO, I think. I let the camera handle the details. Moon 11.4.14 sm

I took photos inside, too. First one is of my glass birds (I treasure them; I love the way they absorb and reflect light and color) in the lanai. You’ll notice window screen details were picked up by the camera; impressive! Still Life Glass Birds 11.4.14 sm

Macros are a sure test of a camera’s capability, and I love them. Here’s a worn dime from a stash of change sitting on the nightstand. Setting was, of course, MACRO. 🙂 The lens was probably half an inch from the surface. According to the specs, the lens can literally go to zero, but how would light get to the subject? When shooting macros, it’s important to be aware of your lens and where it is; you don’t want to scratch it on something. Dime Macro 11.4.14 sm

Last but not least, a pic of Suki laying on the carpet in the bedroom. It’s the slightest bit soft because I took it without using a flash even though the camera was yelling at me to use it. Heh. I like it though. She’s such a sweet dog, and that comes across in this photo. Suki 1 11.4.14 sm

So far, I’m well pleased with the new camera. I will continue experimenting until I understand it fully.

That means the old camera is for sale. If anyone is interested, email me.  You’ve seen the photos it can take. 🙂 I’m selling it for $175. It will come with one battery and a charger, but you’ll have to pick up a memory card; I’m keeping the one I bought for it. I recommend 32GB class 10. They are not overly expensive.

Have a great weekend! See you Monday.


About Fenraven

Fenraven happily lives in south Florida, where it is really hot most of the year. Find him on Twitter, Google +, and Facebook by searching on 'fenraven'.
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10 Responses to Canon SX50 IS Arrives and is Tested

  1. AJ Rose says:

    Suuuuuuuuki. I miss her.

  2. Jaycee Edward says:

    Amazing pictures, Fen! Each one cooler than the last! I love the moon shot. Those always fascinate me. (What made those uber-straight lines that look like interstates?) The shot of Suki is priceless. (“Are you almost done playing with that thing so we can DO something??”)

  3. valjo44 says:

    I love the moon shot and the expression on Suki’s face is priceless…..”I’ve been waiting soooo patiently” sigh.

    • She’s always cute. 🙂 Those eyes are very expressive. When we are in the car, I often look over to her in her basket attached to the passenger seat, and she stares back at me and there is a connection. We both feel it.

  4. Allison says:

    Love the moon but after meeting Suki … she is too adorable and has incredibly expressive eyes. What an amazing shot!

  5. A.M.B. says:

    Wow, these pictures are amazing. That truly is a very unattractive duck!

    • Ugliest duck EVER, I think. We knew about them up north, but I refused to have them on the farm. They keep interbreeding with the ducks that have migrated down south for the winter. Once in a while, one is born that doesn’t look too odd, but mostly… ugly.

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