The Cult of Masculinity

I saw this commercial on G+ a couple or three weeks ago. I was disgusted and appalled. Amelia nicely sums up what I was feeling, and why. Picking up a purse with a garbage bag? Any woman watching this commercial would be tempted to kick in the screen.

The fiction of Amelia C. Gormley

Okay, folks, I’m going to the ranty place. Buckle up.

So, one of the latest bits of misogyny to make feminists on social media see red (and for good reason) is this commercial:

For the moment, let’s forget all the not-so-subtle subtext here. Let’s forget that something associated with being a woman is quite literally being equated to shit (he picks up the purse the same way a dog owner will collect their dog’s droppings.) Let’s forget that it’s saying that finding ways to cloak any un-masculine presentation is an endeavor worthy of applause, or that holding a woman’s purse for a couple minutes is so emasculating a task that he has to find ways to avoid being seen doing it.

When did carrying a purse become a purely feminine trait?

(The answer, for those of you who care about the history of fashion, is “sometime after the late 17th…

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3 Responses to The Cult of Masculinity

  1. Helena Stone says:

    Funny that. I look at that video of a man so uncomfortable about holding his partner’s purse he has to hide it and I see insecurity and weakness. I see the men applauding him and I see a group of men so uncertain about who they are and their place in society they feel they have to prove there’s nothing feminine about them. Which is of course does nothing to establish their masculinity (whatever that may be) and only proves they’re scared.

    There are few things more beautiful than a person who is secure enough about who and what they are that it doesn’t matter what they wear, carry or have to do. To me the message in that video was quite the opposite of what the makers must have intended; the drink in question will in my mind forever be associated with wusses.

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