Thank You

AJ Rose said it so well, I’m not going to bother to rephrase it. Straight from his blog to mine, with his permission:

I said it on Facebook last night, and I’ll say it again: you have all struck me speechless with the love and support you’ve all given Fen and me. He and I spent yesterday in a bit of shock. For three years, this was our dirty little secret (not as secret as we thought but pffft), and we feared the same kind of fall-out we’ve gotten in real life. We should have given you far more credit in a genre built on acceptance, where love is love and you want stories where gender doesn’t matter.

You are the best of humanity and I’m proud to be a part of it.


About Fenraven

Fenraven happily lives in south Florida, where it is really hot most of the year. Find him on Twitter, Google +, and Facebook by searching on 'fenraven'.
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22 Responses to Thank You

  1. ❤ much love to you

  2. nordicgirl_2013 says:


  3. jaycee edward says:

    Thank you for taking a chance on trusting us. Enjoy today. Giant squishy hugs to you this morning.

  4. michelerakes says:

    No thank you necessary. I thank you for coming out.


  5. Allison says:

    As others have said, thank you for trusting us with this. The strength it took to take the risk, even though it turned out amazingly well, still astounds me. (hugs) to you both

    • It may or may not have been pointed out elsewhere, but I was around when someone outed another m/m writer (who subsequently said he was trans, and I have no reason to doubt him, though the trolls on GR were unmercifully cruel to him, denying him the right to 1) be who he said he was, and 2) suggesting in a multitude of ways that he be punished for it. As someone doing much the same thing, I instantly came to his defense.

      Now I know better. Never try to reason with trolls, especially on GR, but I don’t regret my stance at his side for a moment.

      The horror of those few days lives on in my memory. AJ and I spoke of it often and wanted badly to come out before someone did it for us. Our reasons for doing as we did were made clear yesterday. We couldn’t be more surprised, or more pleased, at the response from the community. We are gratified and humbled to be a part of it.

      • Allison says:

        You both handled it very well.

        Trolls feed on their own vitriol and they only come out from under their bridges when they think the light isn’t going to shine on them. By shining that light you kept them in the dark where they belong.

        Yesterday is a day that will live in my memory for a long time to come. It’s been longer than I care to think about since I felt that good about humanity.

  6. nordicgirl_2013 says:

    Dear Fen,

    I just wanted to say: “What Allison said.”

    I feel so much admiration and happiness for your courage and honesty (goes for both you and AJ)! Much love and hugs.


  7. debfirpo says:

    Just be yourself! No need to hiding from us or anyone ever again! We love and support you as you are!

  8. valjo44 says:

    I may not explain this right but I’m going to try…..when people say it doesn’t matter your gender, age, weight, sexual orientation etc I think that it all matters because it is who you are, all these things define each of us. The experiences we have had based on being male vs female, black vs white etc have all shaped who we are, they are important but instead of saying they shouldn’t matter in how people see us I think they should all be honored as an important piece of the person we are interacting with. I have learned so much since finding you and AJ and it ALL deals with how different my life has been from yours……I’ve never questioned that I am female or attracted to men, I did get that men and women could be attracted to their own sex but I didn’t understand how many levels, nuances, subtle differences (not sure which words to use) there were in human beings, it’s amazing. Yours and AJ’s honesty and courage has opened the world up for me and although I ache for all the pain and prejudice that you’ve suffered every part of you is important in who you are and being open and honest gives me the opportunity to learn and grow and become more open to the variety of people there are in this world. So all parts of you are important to me, you being a writer is just the icing on the cake. Not sure this all made sense but to me it’s the whole person, good, bad, younger, doddering or different that is important not just that you are a writer (or photographer).

    You and AJ have added to my life and I thank both of you.

  9. Van says:

    This is old news to most folks, I’m just catching up on stuff I’ve been too busy to get to. Was seeing if Consent was out yet and stepped into the brouhaha over the discovery that Fen and AJ were not truly young talented gay men trying to make the best of their romance through the ups and downs of life. So my first response was, hell ain’t none of my business. And then my second response was damn but those people are some good writers. Because to tell the truth as much as I admire and love the stories that come from both Fen and AJ, nothing comes close to the love story of Fen and AJ. My proof? Look at how many people became completely involved , mesmerised, and came to care deeply about the welfare of them two boys. Hell even me. I was rooting for you to stay together, proud you were able to remain friends, would check up on how y’all were doing at 2 am when I could’nt sleep. Now dang, but that was some mighty fine fiction.

    And that discovery is what has even this old fool a bit saddened as I get ready to settle down for the night with Consent.

    • Thanks. I think. 🙂

      No, seriously, loved the comment. AJ and I are still best friends, I’m a guy, she’s engaged to a fine woman, and the world keeps turning.

      Consent is one hell of a book. If you like it, let AJ know. And stop by again. Would like to hear from you.

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