I Got Nothing

It’s Friday. I usually post something.

But the news from around the world is so depressing, I want to crawl back into bed and pull the covers over my head.

The Malaysia plane crash; the war in Israel; the Subway worker who was told she had to work while sick with a stomach flu, then was later fired anyway; everything any GOP candidate or politician says and does; blaming every bad thing that happens on Obama (because we aren’t racist, are we?); a friend of mine being harassed by Bank of America forย no reason (he always paid his mortgage on time and in fact, even paid ahead); a 19-yr old man beat to a pulp because he politely declined to provide ID to police when it was demanded (are we living in America or communist Russia of the ’50s?).

I could go on, but why bother? Although there is good news from time to time, it is overshadowed by the atrocities happening everywhere. I’m talking about law abiding people taking it on the chin, not criminals. Our for-profit prisons are stuffed with people who toked on a joint. Innocent citizens get nailed seemingly every day by militarized cops who think they’re living in a war zone. And don’t get me started on the rampant gun culture; there is at least one new shooting reported daily.

I see a cop now and go the other way. I’m starting to be terrified of them. If I run a stop sign, does that give them the right to throw me on the ground and stomp on my head? Is this the pictureย they want to project? Are they purposefully forcing us to see them as the enemy, and if so, why?

Most days, I’m a pretty cheery guy. I’ve been happier than ever since moving to Florida, and I have yet to witness the state’s craziness firsthand. I love waking up to sunshine every morning. I like never being cold, even in a pouring rain. I’m not fond of the fire ants at R’s place, but other than that, there hasn’t been much problem with insects. The traffic is bad at rush hour, just like everywhere, but otherwise, it’s okay. My scooter arrives on the weekend, and I’m looking forward to tooling around the side streets. I don’t do this in the car because gas is expensive. I use far less of it on the scooter.

Yes, I’m generally upbeat, but once in a while, the weight of the world is crushing. I don’t think I’m imagining that things are getting worse. I ponder where my friends and I will be in ten years, or twenty. What kind of world will we be living in then? Will our country be run by religious fanatics? In which case, I’ll be killedย for not professing belief in their nonsensical sky daddy. It’ll be the Inquisition all over again, with heretics burned at the stake or tortured on the rack.

Didn’t everyone get the memo about history repeating itself? ‘Cause I see a definite time loop happening here.

Today I have to take a break from real life. I have to stop reading the news. I have to go outside and note the beauty around me. I have to take a long nap. I have to read a good book. I have to spend time with Suki. I have to remember love and peace and all good things.

I’m taking a mental health day. Y’all have a great weekend! I’ll be back Monday feeling much better, I’m sure.



About Fenraven

Fenraven happily lives in south Florida, where it is really hot most of the year. Find him on Twitter, Google +, and Facebook by searching on 'fenraven'.
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39 Responses to I Got Nothing

  1. suze294 says:

    Hope that scooter arrives soon and you can get out and blow some cobwebs away

  2. Helena Stone says:

    I so get what you’re saying. I used to have news radio on every minute I’m awake. These days I tend to turn it off again more often than not. The news is scary and depressing. I wonder about the silent majority; are they willfully blind or not bright enough to see we’re on a fast track to total destruction?

    Enjoy your weekend and saturate yourself with peace, quiet and beauty. It won’t improve the state the world is in but it will allow you to deal with it for a while longer. In the meantime I’ll try to stock up on good news stories to share with you.

  3. Allison says:

    This morning I’m seriously pissed. I want to yell about the stupidity and rail at people that aren’t listening or are willfully ignoring the facts. I know that won’t change anything but I’m tired of looking at the future and seeing nothing good. I’m tired of looking at the present and wondering what happened and when it went so wrong. Maybe I need a mental health day as well.

    I hope that you find the beauty and peace you are seeking this weekend. Please give Suki a hug from me.

    • Suki didn’t help! She had a choking episode. I still have no idea what was wrong, but she seemed to have something in her throat. Previously, she was lying on the rug quietly beside me.

      This went on for about ten minutes. I wondered if I should take her to the vet, but in the end, she was fine.

      I did NOT need that stress this morning. *sigh* Everything’s back to normal now. I started a new jigsaw, got a new computer game from Amazon, and took a walk outside. I also read a little. The nap is yet to come. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I am totally vegging today. And staying offline!

      • Allison says:

        Poor sweet baby. My little one has that happen sometimes but it’s normally when she gets overexcited. Maybe she swallowed wrong in her sleep? I know small dogs have a tendency to collapse their windpipes pretty easily. I’m glad she’s doing okay now. Please do give her hugs from me then.

        LOL, I almost bought a jigsaw puzzle after you posted about them. I haven’t done one in a long time and I’d really like to.

        Have a wonderful weekend, Fen. I hope it recharges you exactly how you need it to.

      • Allison says:

        *quietly squees about the writing*

  4. I know you don’t believe in prayers, but I do and I’m sending prayers and hugs your way. Or if you want to call them good thoughts or good vibes or whatever, just know I’m thinking of you.

    • Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚ Send me good energy; that will work.

      • Back in the early 80s, I played music with a bunch of women (I was one of two straight women). One of our songs was “Keep in Mind”. Can’t find it on line but:

        “What are friends for but to let you know you’re treasured in some heart
        And to give you thoughts of pleasure when you are far apart.
        To keep you ever mindful of the happiness you give
        Make you way a little brighter – give you roses while you live.”

  5. kmac64 says:

    Have a great week-end!! The best thing I take from this is “R” will be home. Yayayay! Go, ride your scooter, laugh and play with Suki, and I’m sure R has some great stories to tell from his trip. Enjoy it!! See ya Monday ๐Ÿ™‚

    • R is halfway home. He’ll arrive sometime tomorrow, and we will spend some time together. In the meanwhile, I am totally kicking back and taking it easy. I refuse to read any more news today.

  6. Karen H. says:

    I know sometimes the world truly does seem to suck and I totally agree the best way to deal is to take a mental health day and just ignore it and go looking for the beauty that is still out there. I’m glad Suki is ok again, hugs for her and lots of positive and revitalizing energy for you. Because to keep the good we have in this world we need to keep the good people and you in my opinion are one of the good people.

  7. Sarah_Madison says:

    I’m starting to give myself permission not to watch the news or get on social media sites. I seem to be perpetually depressed or angry these days and I blame a lot of that on the 24/7 accessibility and sensationalism of news reporting, as well as the disheartening news itself. I know that we can’t fight what we choose to remain ignorant of, but on the other hand, we need to pick our battles, too. And lord knows, I get a helluva lot more writing done when I turn the internet off.

    Hang in there, Theo. Enjoy your weekend and seek peace. That’s my plan, at any rate. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I read the latest news and my blood pressure goes sky high. I can feel it; my head throbs. No, it’s not good for me. I doubt it’s good for any of us. And sometimes, yes, one has to get offline. Remember there’s real life going on around us. As much as I enjoy chatting with people on FB and G+, they are not all that’s important.

      I just got back from the post office, where I bought stamps. Not a big deal, right? But it’s the first time I’ve gone anywhere this week and exchanged words with real live people. It was nice. ๐Ÿ™‚ The clerks were in a good mood, and I got to laugh and joke a little.

      I plan to write this weekend, but I also plan to get out and about too.

  8. Jaycee Edward says:

    Go play. And play outside. Nature is a total reboot.

    • I just saw a dragonfly new to me. And I didn’t have my camera! I kicked myself hard, because it landed right in front of me. But as I decided to try to get the camera, it flew away. I haven’t seen it since. It was so pretty. Green, with an interesting, partly transparent tail. *sigh*

  9. diannegray says:

    I try to avoid the news at all costs, but sometimes it just invades my life like the Malaysian Air tragedy. I’m speechless at the atrocity and complete lack of value of human life by some soulless idiots. The older I get the more I believe in devolution and the fact that the Mayans were right (history just keeps looping). I think the best we can do as writers is to give people a break from the world for a short time and offer escapism within the hope that our ideas may lead to some change for the better. Have a lovely day (sorry to hear about Suki choking – poor darling!) and I can’t wait to see a picture of the scooter ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. Elin Gregory says:

    Rest and recharge those batteries. And I think you’re wise to avoid the news once in a while. Hell and hand baskets come to mind.

  11. Patricia says:

    some days I get pretty busy with the grandkids and the news doesn’t hit me till the night. Then I’m so tired from minding the little ones that I can’t take it all in. The bleeding news from the Middle East and Afghanistan hurts me the most as I spent my youth in India and Afghanistan. The horror of what those people endure is a never-ending heartache. But I know the if you do a simple thing like “pay it forward” you will be able to find renewal in your fellow man and your self. Do small acts of kindness in your town and to whoever you meet….

  12. Aw, sweetie ๐Ÿ˜ฆ But based on your comments, sounds like you’re feeling a bit better by now; so I’m glad to hear that, but here are a few (((hugs))), just in case you still need them ๐Ÿ™‚

    You know, I do agree with you about the bad state of the world. You’re not imagining things, but the massive amount of info we now get about everything can sort of amplify things, making everything feel bigger & closer & worse than it actually is. We hear about every bad thing that’s happening in every corner of the world, and it makes if feel as if they are all happening right outside your door. And when a bunch of bad things happen at the same time, both in the news & in your personal life, things can hit critical mass.

    I was thinking, you’re sort of isolated there right now. R has been gone a while, you don’t see people for days at a time, you had all that stress a week ago about AJ’s book, and then all the things in the news this week & your friend’s bank issues. Then Suki’s scary choking spell . . . Um, I’d call that fairly overwhelming. I think you did exactly the right thing pulling back from the news & internet, turning toward nature, taking it easy, getting out of the house. Your little trip to the post office might have been one of the best things you did. Just a little bit of simple human contact can do wonders, or at least I always find it to be true, kind of comforting & grounding when you’re depressed or freaking out.

    I think you have the right idea about avoiding, or at least limiting how much news you expose yourself to. I’ve had to do it too. It’s true, you can’t do anything about a lot of it, and making yourself scared & miserable won’t help anyone, especially you.

    Take care of yourself, Theo. I hope you have a wonderful, stress-free weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I used to be a news junkie – my job, when I was working, demanded it. Now I can hardly bear to open a newspaper or turn on the TV. The words ‘hell’ and ‘handbasket’ come to mind.

    If I believed in one, I’d be thanking God for the fact I’m childless. I don’t like the world I’m living in. I can’t imagine what it will be like for our children.

    • I can’t believe anyone has children these days, considering what’s going on. But humans are a hopeful lot, even when staring down the mouth of the canon. It’s one of our most endearing traits, but when I think about what’s coming, I shudder.

  14. valjo44 says:

    I don’t watch TV, read newspapers or go online for the news…….I have my B.O.B and I figure that if the end of the world comes someone will call to let me know. In the meantime I just try to enjoy my small corner of the world. I also totally believe in mental health days for whatever reason. Permission to do nothing except what makes you happy is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves. I think it’s nap time…….:)

    Hope your weekend gets better.

  15. Carole says:

    Love the scooter, really nice looking one.
    Good to hear your feeling better today & R will be home soon. Enjoy your dinner & your uninterrupted evening.

  16. A.M.B. says:

    Yes, the news is just awful! My area in particular pays very close attention to what is happening in Israel, and I feel like I can’t turn away from it (not that I should, but for the sake of my mental health!).

    • The bad news is so overwhelming lately, it’s difficult to keep up with it. I fear it will only get worse as climate change progresses and people really begin to struggle.

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