May the Fourth Be With You

Happy holiday!

Me? I gotta work this morning, but later I might go down to the neighbors. They invited me to hang out. I may or may not go. They’re grilling, and I don’t eat meat. Plus, it’s always awkward talking to people you don’t know.

There will be fireworks somewhere, and because it’s Florida and flat, I’ll see them everywhere.

One thing I’ve noticed: there were no “pre-holiday” pops and whistles like I experienced in Minnesota. You’d hear them going off at midnight for an entire week before the big day.

Not here. That surprises me. But I’m also pleased. The quiet is nice. 🙂

I wonder if it has something to do with possible fire hazard? Though we get rain two afternoons out of four, it gets dry really fast between showers.

Fen is taking a break from writing while Elle takes a turn. She’s working on something fun, even frothy. I never knew she had it in her.

This is not at all what I thought she’d write, but apparently she’s in a lighthearted mood and didn’t want to write one of the three other plots I came up with for her, all of them far more serious.

On the other hand, she hasn’t finished it yet either. 🙂 I think she doesn’t realize how difficult it is to write a full-length book. Poor thing. She’s in for a shock.


Took this pic a few nights ago. Didn’t realize how many frogs were behind the screen! Think they’re planning an invasion? I mean, that’s kind of creepy, don’t you think?

These fellows make noises like someone’s getting murdered. It’s disconcerting when you wake up to that racket outside the window. Which I keep closed now, because when they get to really singing, usually after a big rain, it’s like hearing a massacre.

Frogs sm

Enjoy the holiday weekend! See you Monday.


About Fenraven

Fenraven happily lives in south Florida, where it is really hot most of the year. Find him on Twitter, Google +, and Facebook by searching on 'fenraven'.
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25 Responses to May the Fourth Be With You

  1. Allison says:

    We don’t get the all week long fireworks leading up to the Fourth here either but we always did back in Chicago.

    I’m looking forward to Elle’s book, fun and frothy sound great!

    Are the frogs at your place or R’s? That is a few too many frogs right outside my window to be comfortable for me.

    • At R’s. They are all over the place. He lives in what passes for “country” down here. This morning, as Suki and I were leaving, we almost stepped on a snake outside the front door. I didn’t get a good look at him before he’d slithered into the greenery, but I’m betting it was a black racer.

  2. Brandilyn says:

    We get fireworks starting about the 24th of June (when the stands open for the season), but it isn’t anything organized like every night at midnight. It is just whenever. They woke my 2yo up from her nap more than once.

    I really despise amateur fireworks (have since I was a kid, long story)… I get grumpy around the 4th and around new years… get off my lawn 😉

    Frogs and snakes are a way of life around here. I don’t even hear them, tbh (well the frogs, the snakes don’t make noise… well except rattlers, but we are too wet for those in this part of the state… they have them where hubby grew up and where my in-laws live, so I have encountered them… blech)

    looking forward to seeing what Elle comes up with 🙂

  3. Carole says:

    Good morning to you & Happy 4th! Whatever you decide I hope you have a nice time. We always hang out at our beach cabana (if you’re ever up this way…😃) it’s always great fun. It was my Mom’s & whenever I’m there I think of her. I have some good memories of spending the 4th with her sitting on beach chairs surrounded by coolers just hanging out & talking waiting for the show to start.
    I’m really looking forward to hearing from Elle although I need to get caught up on Fen’s stories. He has been very busy lately.
    I agree I haven’t heard the noise like in year’s past, it can make the dogs almost sick. We did see fireworks everywhere last night from the bay though.
    Anyway, enjoy your day & weekend! 😘

    • You too! Suki doesn’t like fireworks, but she’s heard them plenty (to MN friends are licensed to set them off, so we’ve seen plenty of shows). I shall enjoy them from a distance tonight. While drinking wine next to the pool, swishing my legs in the water. 🙂

  4. Helena Stone says:

    No fourth of the July for me. Well, obviously it IS the fourth here too but there’s nothing to distinguish it from the third and the fifth, just same old,same old.

    I completely get your mixed feelings about meeting up with the neighbours. Parties with people I barely or not know are my personal form of hell and I’ll go to some lengths to avoid them if at all possible.

    I’m very curious about Elle’s writing. It’s going to be fun and fascinating comparing her style to Theo’s when the time comes.

    As for the frogs and snakes; we get the first here but nowhere near the house and of course Ireland is famous for it’s snake free status. We do get the occasional mouse (in winter) and once found a bat in the house which was quite an experience.

    Good luck with the writing and I hope you’ll have a wonderful holiday weekend regardless of what you decide to do.

    • Thanks! Mostly today I am missing my friends up north. All my friends everywhere, actually. R is up north now too, so I’m on my own. Not a big tragedy, as I always do well on my own, but still….

      • Helena Stone says:

        I get that. Still, this time next year you’ll probably have friends in Florida as well and it will be different. I like my own company most of the time and after the week I’ve had in work I’d happily do without people for a few days. I’d love the library even more if it was just me and the books. Thankfully D gets my anti-social moods and doesn’t complain (too much) when I’m barely responsive.

  5. Carole says:

    It’s terrible to say because you might meet some great fascinating people but on my own I’d rather stay home then go hang w people I don’t already know. Now if R was there that would be different for me.
    When I went to Ireland I thoroughly enjoyed sitting @ the hotel bar asking the BT questions about what creatures they have. I was amazed to hear the list of all they DON’T have.
    Your plan tonight sounds very tranquil, I can almost picture it. I guess the swishing said it all. 😉

    • Love swishing my legs in the pool. I may even swim, something I don’t do often (having outgrown it when I was young). The area is dark except for solar lighting in the plants and one light underwater. No bugs because of the screens. Music playing if I want it to. Peaceful indeed. 🙂

  6. Patricia says:

    Watch your arse with those frogs. I live down in Florida too, and the frogs can occasionally be found in your toilet. When you’re sitting. And one jumped out from a towel that hung on a hook, he plopped to the floor — big frog — and I high-tailed it out of there yelling and whooping.
    Our pond frogs shriek in chorus like church bells from hell.

    • You had to mention things popping out of the toilet, didn’t you! It’s my worst fear. I admit I look before sitting ever since hearing about someone finding a rat in their downstairs toilet, and someone else talking about a snake exiting the plumbing.

  7. diannegray says:

    Happy Fourth of July, Theo! 😀

    We have a ton of frogs here as well – they’re great until they started screaming blue murder. I agree with Patricia’s comment – watch the toilet! 😉

  8. Valerie says:

    Bug…..toilet…..flush……flush again…..and again… for bug to a merge…..decide really did not need to go…..walk away carefully watching bowl intently…….deciding one more flush just to be safe. (You’d think I’d just quash the bug and throw it in the garbage, but that’s a whole other phobia!)

    Happy Fourth!

  9. Yvonne says:

    I hope you had a good evening, whether you stayed at home swishing your legs in the pool or overcame your aversion to meeting new people. Your posts make me long to live in a climate like yours but without all the creepy crawlies, but I guess one can’t have it all.
    I’m looking forward to reading Elle’s first story.

  10. suze294 says:

    We’re in France at mo for our hols, and the frogs (or should I say les grenouilles!) seem to sing all day and night – hoping that soon they become part of the background noise!

  11. A.M.B. says:

    That’s an awesome picture! It is kind of creepy.
    I hope you ended up having a wonderful holiday!

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