All About the Dog and Silver Publishing Bites the Dust

I’m posting pics of Suki today, and we’re doing before and after. I love makeovers, don’t you?

This will illustrate how important post-processing can be to a photo. While the pics straight out of the camera are nice, they are only a place from which to start. They lack depth and dimension, which is why those vacation photos never look as good as what you remember.

These pics in particular illustrate the importance of light in a photo. You’ve heard the phrase “painting with light?” Suki offers a perfect example of how much difference that technique can make to a picture.

We’ll start with a “before” shot of Suki lying on the deck a couple days ago. Most of her was in shade while her tail was in full sun. This is not a happy occurrence. Her face, which I really want to see, is in shadow. This is where Photoshop really shines. 

After making the usual curves adjustment and applying a mild filter to bring out details, I added a layer filled with gray. Instead of “normal” blending mode, I used “hard light.”

Before, straight out of the camera. Dull, flat, nice enough but nothing special.

Suki on the Deck before 4.10.14 sm


After the adjustments and painting with light. Still a little dark, but in the After pic, that works in our favor, letting me highlight her face, eyes, and fur.

Suki on the Deck 4.10.14 sm


Here’s another Before of Suki tasting the air in the meadow. Full light, which washed out some of the detail. A pleasant photo, but again, a little flat. Notice her tongue, by the way. 🙂 She was tasting the air; a strong breeze was blowing that day.

Tasting the Air Before 4.10.14

And here’s the After:

Tasting the Air After 4.10.14 sm


I bumped the color, added contrast, and then painted her with light to accentuate eyes, the curve of the ear, the fur under her chin, and that lock of tail hair that falls over shadow.

This technique is totally non-destructive. If any of you want to know how I do it, let me know and I’ll post a “how to” with screen shots.

And now, before I go: I just heard Silver crashed and burned. My sympathies to the authors who did not heed so many people’s warnings about a year ago, but what the hell was wrong with you? I, along with many others, was quite vocal about the shenanigans the owner was up to, and believe it or not, there were authors who not only refused to see reality, but defended his loopy pyramid scheme of payment by bullying the writers who smartly decided to leave immediately. Read it here:


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Fenraven happily lives in south Florida, where it is really hot most of the year. Find him on Twitter, Google +, and Facebook by searching on 'fenraven'.
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26 Responses to All About the Dog and Silver Publishing Bites the Dust

  1. Brandilyn says:

    The Silver stuff is such a debacle. Those who wanted only to see the best were blindly screwed. *smh* At least it is all out now and the holdouts can move forward.

    I would love a tutorial. I need to work on my post processing so much!

  2. Allison says:

    Thank you! I always forget how tiny she is, such a little beauty though. I love her tongue sticking out just that little bit. I can’t stop grinning. I hope you are able to share some shots while you’re moving, focusing on this little sweetie of course!

    I would love the tutorial because post processing is a definite weakness for me.

    It’s sad to see what happened at Silver but it sounds like there were constant and consistent warning signs for a long time.

    Thank you again for the lovely pictures of your baby girl!

  3. Love the pics Fen, and agree with everything you said about that ‘Con Artist’ and some of his employees, it never fails to amaze me just how gullible people can still be. I feel sorry for some of the authors though, they have tried their best to get their rights back…:(

  4. She’s so FLUFFY!!! ^_^

  5. A.M.B. says:

    I love the before and after pics of Suki. Beautiful (and a good reminder about the ways photographs can be manipulated).

  6. Patricia says:

    Lovely work with Suki’s phootgraphs. Brings out so much in her appearance and personality.

  7. Carole says:

    She is so damn precious!!! Love the one with the breeze in her face. Would you ever get her a friend or would that be just too much? I never thought my older one would like it but it has worked out so nicely.

  8. valjo44 says:

    Although I’ll never be any kind of photographer :), it’s really informative to be able to see before and after pictures and read what you did to get the after shot. Plus the subject is just so cute! She must have been smelling something really interesting to ignore you taking her picture.

  9. valjo44 says:

    “Painting with light”, that’s perfect.
    I’m not sure if you can access it online but there is a new book out you might want to check out, it’s called “Digital Inspirations” and it’s put out by Somerset. Some of the work in there is incredible and they do the step by step thing. I think you’d really enjoy it.

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