Death By Promotion: Getting Real About the Costs to Authors and Readers in the Current Marketing Environment

Thank you for putting into words what I’ve been feeling since I jumped on the roller coaster I’ve been on since my first book was published. I find myself wanting to go dark more and more lately, and damn it, I’m gonna do it. Writing is a balm to my soul; promoting that writing is making me crazy.

The Amazon Iowan

My name is Heidi Cullinan, and I’m here to write stories and publish books.

I’m not here to market. I’ll do a little of that because one must, because there is no cultural bulletin board right now my books can exist at, especially not mine as I’m a bit niche and still largely in my own pond. I strive to lift awareness of not just my work but works like mine, the whole LGBT romance pool, but even that is not the main purpose of why I’m here. I like to thank bloggers with ad purchases and guest posts and ARCs. I’ve made a forum for fans to chat, and if you link/@ reply me on social media and I’m able to see it, I’ll do my best to reply or at least like your post. I don’t buy reviews. I don’t ask people to buy books on a certain day…

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16 Responses to Death By Promotion: Getting Real About the Costs to Authors and Readers in the Current Marketing Environment

  1. Elin Gregory says:

    If a star with a brilliant product like Heidi is having problems promoting what hope is there for me? I think I’ll just write things I’ll enjoy writing and leave the books that are out to sink or swim.

    • Pretty much my feelings too. She’s right: too much waving and screaming going on. I know I ignore nearly ALL attempts from writers to get my attention. I’m tired of being inundated with spam. I don’t do it… but there are times when I wonder if I should. *sigh*

      • Do what feels right for you. If you can write for the enjoyment of it and because the voices in your head need an outlet, do it and screw the sales ranking. You have fans and we will still buy your books and talk about them. Maybe they will catch on, maybe they won’t. But either way, do it for yourself.

      • Elin Gregory says:

        Recently I was chatting to an author whose new release I was promoting and they looked at my blog and said “I had no idea that you wrote”. I’d have an excuse if I was publishing four books a year but I’m not doing that either.I need to get my priorities straight.

        • I found myself editing all the time, and when I wasn’t doing that, staring at the monitor, wondering what the hell I was writing. So I made some changes. There are still times when I can’t write much, but I’m making sure it’s a part of every day, even if all I get done is one paragraph.

  2. realpeal says:

    I must agree. Besides, I SUCK at promoting! Now, I’m going to go work on one of the four stories I’m writing… 😀

  3. valjo44 says:

    This is only from my point of view as a reader and I may not be able to explain clearly what I mean as I have a limited understanding pertaining to this subject and the writers viewpoint but hopefully it’ll make sense. As a reader with a very limited list of authors that I read my go to spot to check out what they’ve written has always been Amazon. That’s where I found AJ’s books (a genre I’d never read before) which lead to his blog which led to yours. There I found free reads, which I loved and interaction with the writer, something else I had never experienced. From your blog and I guess it would be called promoting, I found Baggins and Brant and somewhere in exploring the whole blogging and m/m romance genre the Cut and Run series as well as others. I’m pretty sure that I would have stopped at AJ but because he talked about you and you talked about other writers I continued exploring and it’s been a very rewarding experience and I would have missed it if you and other writers didn’t promote yourselves. It’s a much more intimate relationship then with Amazon and as a reader following writers blogs and the writing process, all the good and bad, it feels like there is a more equal relationship and I for one feel more invested in your growth as a writer. So, hopefully, you all won’t go completely “dark” as I know I would miss reading about you and finding new writers to follow based on your promoting efforts. 🙂 make sense?

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