Forgot to Water the Plants

That title has absolutely nothing to do with today’s blog. That was reason enough to put it there. 🙂 Also, I forgot to water the plants. Will have to do that first thing Monday morning.

It was a weird weekend.

I spent Saturday editing and Sunday working in the property manager’s office. I had to fill out Certificates of Rent Paid for all the tenants who gave us money in 2013, and that took longer than expected. Then I had to catch up on all the work I didn’t do last week because I was buried in edits. 

Most of you know I’m working on Queers right now. It’s really good, but that probably isn’t a surprise. But I also had two freelance edits (short fic, both of them) and I had a publisher edit to complete. To say last week was stressful doesn’t begin to cover it. There’s other things going on right now, too, but I’m not prepared to talk about it until Friday.

Suffice it to say I’m looking at another stressful week. And I haven’t written anything in days, because there’s simply been no time. Once Queers is dealt with, and a couple other edits, I’m taking some time off. A person can’t work twelve to fourteen hour days, day after day, without starting to go a little mad.

My boss and his wife and a friend asked me to join them for dinner tonight, and that was wonderful. It’s the first time I’ve been out of the house longer than five minutes in over a week. It hit forty today, and I was out without a jacket. I enjoyed Tuscany Linguine with a bottle of Stella beer, and trust me, it was delicious. 🙂

I’m back to editing now, but my ass is dragging. Don’t think I’ll be able to do much more tonight.

I’m posting a photo I found online some time ago. I can’t put it on Facebook ’cause they’ll nail me to the wall for flouting their “moral standards.” I could put it on G+, but you never know when a troll is waiting to jump out at you, though they’re much more relaxed over there if you are careful which circles you show the picture to. This is your warning that nudity is involved. If you don’t want to see it, bail now.

But he’s really pretty. 🙂

Shadow and Light

I consider this art, but narrow minds everywhere would consider it obscene. I don’t get that. What could possibly be offensive about the human body? How have the Puritans in this country done such a bang-up job of turning parts of our flesh into something dirty? It’s beyond me, and instead of getting better, this intolerance seems to be getting worse.

Unless you’re in Europe. They are sensible about such things over there. America really has to work at growing the hell up. We can “protect our children” without denying adult things to adults.

It’s back to the grindstone for me, at least for the next hour or two. See you Friday.


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Fenraven happily lives in south Florida, where it is really hot most of the year. Find him on Twitter, Google +, and Facebook by searching on 'fenraven'.
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31 Responses to Forgot to Water the Plants

  1. Allison says:

    The picture is beautiful. I hope your week is better than you’re expecting it to be.

  2. Karen H. says:

    Maybe things will change when we stop thinking of sex and naked bodies as hush, hush topics that are taboo to talk about. I always found it interesting that so many people flip their shit about a book having graphic sex in it but it’s ok to have mass destruction or mutilated bodies. Sorry I’d rather my kid be reading a book about to consenting adults having or trying to have a normal, healthy sexual relationship than how to make a bomb or eviscerate someone.

    And yes I agree with you, he is definitely ‘pretty’ I like the way the light and shadows simultaneously hide and reveal his body and a very nice body it is indeed and in the context of this photo definitely art.

    • I never got that either, about violence being okay and nudity/sex not. I think it’s a reflection of how screwed up our culture is that this is the case. Look at all the guns in this country. I wouldn’t want to live in a place where it was okay to stroll down the street with a rifle resting on your back. It would make me nervous and uncomfortable.

  3. That is a gorgeous photo. I too think this is art absolutely! Thank you for sharing it. I never remember to water my plants. I can’t even make my Chia Pet grow. It’s a lost cause lol. Hang in there 🙂

  4. Helena Stone says:

    Love that picture, but then again, I am European 🙂
    To be honest with you, I don’t see why children would have to be protected from naked bodies either. Don’t they have one themselves? Protect them from sex acts, absolutely, at least until they reach an age when they can understand what they’re looking at, but naked bodies, I fail to see the need. What I’d like to know is who decided that it is perfectly alright to expose kids to all sorts of violence I wouldn’t watch if you paid me to, while a naked body will do them untold harm.
    I’ll get of my hobby horse now and let you get on with your life. Don’t forget those plants.

  5. Very lovely photo. I’m a very big fan of the curve of the hip. Plants, however…I used to be very good with them. I have since killed my Lucky Bamboo. I’ll just leave it at that. I’m not even sure how I’d do with cactus at this point. Probably overwater it. 🙂


    • I may try bamboo when I move south. I’m kind of out of room right now anyway. And I have north and east light, not south, so I can only have the hardiest plants. The palm hasn’t done crap since I brought it in for winter.

  6. abichica says:

    The picture is gorgeous. Most countries around the world would never see this as art, they would see it as inappropriate, as smut. Anyway, hopefully your week ends better that it has started.. 🙂

  7. kmac64 says:

    I am coming up, in about 3 weeks, a milestone birthday for me. I’m not saying that for any birthday pat on the backs or any acknowledgement whatsoever. I only mention it because, at my age, I have seen quite a few things, been a part of quite a few things, and being sexually expressive or talkative on the subject has never been part of anything I have been a witness too. I was taught, and unfortunately, bled over onto my teachings with my own children, that you do not speak of sex. You don’t look at pictures of nudity, you don’t discuss your sex life, even with your spouse or SO, and you sure as heck do not display anything pertaining to it. My siblings and I were never told about the “birds and the bees” by either parent. You just picked up thru school or by overhearing others. Sometimes, like myself, you didn’t find out certain things until you were actually in the act itself. Talk about an eye-raising experience. Picture this if you will, 15yr old girl dating for the first time, a 16yr old boy who only wants one thing. Boy and girl meet one afternoon after school. It’s a sunny, warm day. Sky is blue, birds chirping, boy says “you want to take a drive?” Sure the girl says, sounds fun, plus to her, this is her first boyfriend and she wants to spend time with him. It didn’t take long to figure out though that the boy was not all that interested in driving around. More like parking down a deserted road. I’ll leave the rest for you to figure out, but needless to say, the girl learned quite a few things that day. I think some of those things left some scars as well, I know they did for a fact.
    My long drawn out point is, we need to teach the kids coming up behind us, that it’s ok to talk about, look at, and discuss our bodies. Maybe self-esteem would rise and no one would be offended by what they saw.
    I hope you have a good week, get your editing caught up, be able to walk outside because the weather has taken a turn for the good for a change. I, also, hope Friday’s news is good 🙂

    • I’m all for more openness about sex and how our bodies work, and I don’t think it’s just kids who need info. My mother was surprised at things that happened to her during menopause, and she shouldn’t have been. This continuing silence about the bodies we inhabit is stupid and harmful.

  8. He’s very pretty, but you’re right about Facebook, they’re getting worse by the day. It’s OK to show a bint (apologies, young woman, huh!!) slouching around with her boobs hanging out and not a lot covering her bottom half either, but tasteful pictures of men even half dressed are considered against their new puritanical rules…you know which picture I mean Fen. It’s just unfair and damnit, totally wrong!! 😦

  9. Judy says:

    I got to agree with kmac, I’m from Europe too, and my mom would rather have eaten her tongue before talking to me about sex, but fortunately we had real good sex education at my school. Probably would’ve gotten the teacher kicked out in some states, for the demonstration part.
    I don’t get it and I cannot even begin to describe how fed up I am with all these double standards. You see almost naked (and half-starved) models everywhere, it’s okay to show naked men and women of some tribe in the jungle, two women in a bathtub fondling each others breast or women breast feeding in the window of some bistro, mutilated bodies of dead people on every news – all perfectly normal. But don’t you dare show a picture of a naked man or a female nipple for the tenth of a second. How is that possible?
    It makes no sense, everybody knows what the male or female body looks like anyway, but talking about any completely normal bodily function or urge is taboo. In a country where every other TV show has a minimum of half a dozen dead people, at least one full frontal and abusing an apple pie is funny. Or showing teenagers binge drinking in a pool is considered to be normal at a certain time of year. Okay, enough ranting 😉
    I love that picture, it’s a very tastful and beautiful study of light and shadow and a gorgeous male body. I hope you can get a break soon and wish y’all a wonderful week. I’ll be pissing off people on FB, I want that “Been to FB jail” honor badge so badly.

  10. Karen H. says:

    Sorry just can’t leave this one alone, it’s good to know I’m not the only one who is inept with plants. I don’t even have any in my house it’s such a wasted effort. I can kill a plant quicker than conceivably possible. I do well with pets and kids though so I’m happy. Which brings me to the next point, that word you know the three letter one we all do and no one admits too…yes that’s the one SEX. I’m also part of that generation who’s parents didn’t speak of it, but hell I know they did it there are 7 walking, talking, breathing pieces of evidence running loose in the world that’s how much they did it. Anyways after having my own frightening experiences and it can be very frightening when you have no real knowledge of what it is. I swore to god it would not happen to my children or as it turned out my child, I’m not as prolific as my parents and I only had one. But he will tell you there are no taboo topics in our house. We discuss everything and anything, I refused to let my kid grow up being educated by his peers who probably didn’t know any more or even as much as him. Bad information is possibly worse than no information in my eyes. So bottom line parents learn to talk to your kids don’t send them out into the world uneducated about anything including sex. If you love them talk to them it really could save their lives, mentally, physically and yes spiritually. Talk to them, love them and if you have to get in their faces about things. Ok that’s it I’m taking my soap box and going to do housework now. Thanks for letting me rant. Have a good week Theo, you deserve it.

    • I agree parents should talk to their kids about things that are important in life, and that definitely includes sex. Those that don’t just pass the misinformation forward and chance their kids running into trouble that could so easily be avoided if they’d just speak up.

  11. valjo44 says:

    I know with absolute certainty, no question, I would have never, ever heard or wanted to hear anything about sex from my parents. The “monthly wonders” of being a woman were explained by my mother when she gave me a book and told me to read it (which was more information then most girls were given back then). Sex education at school consisted of all the girls being taken into the classroom and given a lecture on conception, not how it was done but just the final results. We got to see cute little pictures of the growing child and then for the birth process the instructor mumbled something about the birth canal. My reaction was “What, I have a birth canal? Where the hell is that”?! End of class. Oh, and the other participates in the non-mentioned act of procreation were out on the playground. Actually they all had their noses pressed up against the windows trying to see! Even at that age (11) I resented the hell out of the fact that apparently the boys didn’t need “sex education”. There was no mention of penises, sex, vaginas, insertion points or how the hell the kid got in there in the first place! (Hmmm, maybe that’s why I didn’t have my son till I was 35):)
    When I was younger I would have given anything to have an open and honest discussion with an adult about something that should be and could be one of the greatest joys in life. You can waste so much time trying to figure things out on your own and hope you have a partner willing to learn with you. There is so much information out there now but it scares me how skewed so much
    of it is so since I had child I wanted him to be able to come to me with questions about anything including sex….I think I’ve managed that because sometimes he asks me questions and in my head I think, “holy shit I never would have asked my mom THAT”! Then I try and answer without embarrassing us both.

  12. A.M.B. says:

    It sounds like you’re very busy these days. Good luck with everything on your plate! As for the picture, it’s sad that the human body offends so many people in our modern era. It’s almost hard to believe that we live in a society where school kids have to sue to wear breast cancer awareness bracelets at school (because of the word “boobies”) and schools prohibits boys and girls from playing on the same sports teams (God forbid that males and females come into physical contact in a non-sexual way). What’s interesting is that children are usually raised seeing lots of nudity–breastfeeding, potty training–then, at some point, we’re supposed to cover it all up and prohibit all references to the human body until adulthood, if not forever.

  13. geboyd30 says:

    I was called out by my daughter’s teacher because I showed her my c-section scar. She asked where she came from and how. I was so not prepared for that this early(she is 7 going on 18) and said the how will wait till later but I can show you the where at least and explained about my surgery. We took the stance that we will always tell her the truth if she asks and we think she can handle it. So, I showed her. She already knows the parts.. big deal. It’s not like I showed her a video on how she was conceived.
    The teacher did not think it was very cool because somehow the kids were talking about where babies come from and you guessed it, mine told them about what we talked about and she thought my daughter was too young. *sigh* There have been things I refuse to answer and say ask me when you are (insert age here) and she is fine and leaves it alone. I just don’t get how prudeish people are. We shy away from th he truth, stick our heads in the sand. Not my kiddo….I will prepare her to make her own choices and make sure she has the knowledge.
    My daughter is a little heathen and runs around without clothes all the time to my dismay, but I don’t want her to develop a complex about her body Luke I had so, we have a rule…out in the house clothes..your room, whatever you want. Relatives houses..clothes. Works for us!
    Now, the picture… it’s a georgeous work of art if I may say so….
    And bamboo rocks! I kill even plastic things and I have several bamboo plants thriving with absolutely no care other than adding water.

    • I approve of how you’re raising your kids (not that you asked). Children can accept so much more than we give them credit for.

      • geboyd30 says:

        I agree that children can accept more. She knows already when to back off on asking questions and when I say I will explain only part of something, she gets that.
        I believe many parents shy away from tough subjects and that is a shame. My husband grew up rather sheltered that way. His family did not talk about drugs, or sex or anything bad. I grew up talking about anything and everything openly and we agree to disagree on this.
        It’s not like I am sharing everything with her,just giving her enough information that she can handle now and the rest when it’s time.
        That being said, I blocked all the web access, apps etc on her kindle. No need for her to see what she is not ready for, and my kindle is password protected so her prying eyes would not catch a glimpse of anything she is not ready for…especially now that she can read. Oh, that was a fun day…prying eyes standing behind me while I was reading a book and I heard her sound out some words she did not need to be reading. Protect your kids but don’t completely shelter.
        Ok..getting off my soapbox and going back to reading…

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