Free Read: Picture This (Will Crawford #2), Chapter 6

Copyright 2013 by Theo Fenraven

This story contains material meant only for adults


Chapter 6

We left our clothes in the barn and went down to the pond. Again, he helped me carry the equipment, which I appreciated. There was something freeing about walking around outside without anything on. No clothing to restrict movement, the sun on your entire body, a little whiff of breeze now and again to stir your hair. Yeah, really nice. I was a half-assed practicing nudist, but I figured Will hadn’t had opportunity or inclination to explore that yet. Despite that, he seemed perfectly at ease, following the path across the meadow to the water.

“The pond” was more like a small lake. It had a dock and a small boat tied up to it, and there were fish in it, if you cared to drop a line and try your luck. The instant we got there, Will dropped the stuff he was carrying, ran down the dock to the end, and dove in. It was a shallow dive, which was good, because it didn’t really get deep until you were out in the middle. My heart stopped until I saw his head pop up.

“It’s warm,” he said, shaking his dark hair back.

I grabbed a camera and started taking pictures of him in the water. Seeing that, he laughed and continued to play, turning on his back to float, then diving down out of sight, only to reappear several yards away. He whistled to Kaz, who jumped in to join him. I got some wonderful pictures of Will playing with his dog, and it was so hard not to get lost in the way he moved. My eyes drank him up, like the finest, most expensive champagne in the world. Was there anyone on the planet who looked better than Will Crawford?

Fuck this. I put the camera down and joined him in the water, which felt like heavy silk against my skin. We swam around with Kaz for a while, and then the dog tired of the game and departed, paddling to the beach to shake dry and lie down in the shade of an oak tree. Will swam up behind me and curled his arms around my waist, drawing me back against him.

“Want?” he whispered in my ear before running his lips down my neck to my shoulder.

“Want,” I responded, closing my eyes. The hell with professionalism. This felt too good to pass up, and hey, I wasn’t crazy. If Will was interested, I was there, no questions asked.

His erection rose against my back, and I turned to face him. He felt good pressed against me. For some reason, he looked heavier on film, wider even, and yeah, I knew cameras added ten pounds, but I wasn’t talking about that. In person, he was certainly tall, being over six feet, but much leaner, absolutely no fat on him, and he felt great. I could smell the patchouli, light and teasing, as I leaned in to kiss him.

We tongued each other for a while, floating in the water, and I felt momentarily guilty because I wasn’t doing my job, and then I didn’t care.

“You’re like Las Vegas, right?” he said.

I got it immediately. “What happens there, stays there?”



He growled low in his throat and lined up his erection with mine, guiding the friction between them with one hand wrapped around both. The sun beat down on our heads, the lake water lapped around our shoulders and against the dock pilings, and he cupped my ass, gently kneading. I leaned back, bringing my hips into closer contact with his.

I felt hot, from the inside out. He was right there, pressed against me, and I wanted more, I wanted it never to end.

I pulled at him, and he followed me into shallower water. I positioned him against the dock and dropped to my knees, taking him in my mouth. He expelled a harsh breath and shoved his hands into my hair, fingers riding my movements. He tasted like lake water as I worked my lips and tongue on him.

He was too big to comfortably deep throat, so I used one hand on the shaft and dropped the other beneath the water, jacking myself. The sun heated my skin, but no more than he did. Excitement spiked and started to burn, centering in my groin. I opened my eyes once, looking up along his body until I reached his beautiful face. He was watching me, eyes intense, pupils blown, and it sent one hell of a jolt through me. When he came, I swallowed every bit, despite a fleeting thought concerning the possible adverse effects to my health, and finished myself off.

Afterward, we sat on the dock, side by side, hands linked, and let the sun dry our skin. The light sparkled off the water, intermittently blinding me as sunbeams danced against my eyes and skittered off our glistening flesh. I leaned against his arm, stuck out my tongue, and licked his shoulder. He tasted sweet and salty, and I did it again.

“Are we finished yet?” he asked, and I heard the smile in his voice.

“Fuck, no.”

He laughed, and there was an intimate tone to it that sent a shiver through me. I wished I could freeze this exact moment, or maybe wrap up the feel of him, how he smelled, the sound of his voice, and the day itself so I could open it at some future time and relive it. A photograph, no matter how beautiful, would always pale in comparison to the real thing.

Yeah, it was that perfect.


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Fenraven happily lives in south Florida, where it is really hot most of the year. Find him on Twitter, Google +, and Facebook by searching on 'fenraven'.
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13 Responses to Free Read: Picture This (Will Crawford #2), Chapter 6

  1. Oh yes!! Thanks Fen. ♥♥

  2. Karen H. says:

    Wow, that was excellent. I realized as I finished reading that there was a perfect picture of these two men sitting the dock right there in my head, it just formed in my minds eye without any effort at all.

    Started reading Transgressions the other night, I’m already totally enchanted with Sky. She’s beautiful & strong both inside and out and yet at the same time broken and fragile.

  3. Judy says:

    Who’s handing out the iced water today? 😉

  4. valjo44 says:

    I know that Will is the central character in these short stories but Rick just seems more “solid” to me then any of the other characters. To me, he feels more well rounded, knows who he is, knows what he wants, isn’t afraid of his feelings, can live in the moment. I love hearing the story from his viewpoint.

  5. kmac64 says:

    Three words: Sublime, Awe, Captivating

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