51 Gay Slang Phrases You’ve Never Heard Before

Some of these I’ve heard, most were totally unknown to me. Enjoy!

Thought Catalog

Many of us are familiar with common gay slang like “kiki” or “trade,” but have you ever heard of a “Lucky Pierre” a “Ring Snatcher?” If you haven’t, you might be one — and you don’t even know.

Compiled from dictionariesandglossariesfeaturingcenturiesof queerslangfromaroundtheglobe, here are 50 uncommon or out-of-use phrases that you should commit to memory. “Over the bridge to Pimpleton” we go.

1. Angel food (n.) – homosexual male pilot currently serving in the Air Force.

2. Basket shopping (v.) – when cruising or checking someone out, British term refers to examining the object of your affection’s private areas through their clothing.

3. Beat (adj.) – extremely wonderful or great, “fabulous.” Example: “Did you see her at the club tonight? That look was beat.”

4. Bulldagger (n.) – a masculine woman, closely related to “butch lesbian.” Also see:…

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4 Responses to 51 Gay Slang Phrases You’ve Never Heard Before

  1. Judy says:

    Damn, this made me think I should probably use the urban dictionary more often. Who knows what I’ve posted without realizing what underlying, secondary meaning it had … how embarrassing ….

  2. As Judy said, who knows when we’ve said something without realising what it means, but I will try some of these out on my friends to check their reaction. Thanks Fen, enlightening as usual.

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