Writing Update

Woke up and started catching up on the news, stumbled across a photo of a dog that had been dragged behind a car until it died. This happened overseas and the owner’s trial is later in September. No, I will not post the photo. It made me sick. I still haven’t eaten breakfast.

The problem is, it was a forcible reminder of a similar incident I witnessed in Florida almost thirteen years ago. A white van was dragging a dog behind it. It was going 40 mph down a dark road. Somehow that dog was still on its feet, and I will never forget the look of absolute terror in the poor thing’s eyes. I ran after the van, but couldn’t catch it. I tried calling 911, but there was no signal. I still don’t know what happened to that dog. My chest aches when I think of it, and how helpless I was to stop that driver.

In other news, North Carolina has possibly become the worst state in the country, though I think Texas gives it a good run for that title. They have approved fracking under homeowner’s property. Without the need to get their consent. Think about that! Greed has driven these people so far, they would destroy the land people have paid for. You’ve seen the photos in NatGeo of a homeowner turning on her faucet and holding a lighted match to it? It bursts into flames.

It’s hard for me to read the news anymore. It’s so bad these days, I end up depressed. So enough about that!

Transgressions update: it’s going really well. I’m 10-15K from the end and hope to get a nice block of time this week and next to finish it. Then I have to edit the entire thing before sending it on to AJ and other betas.

The YA book: also going well, but my focus has mostly shifted to the other book.

BlueRiver FB headerBlue River: this is the novella that went to Dreamspinner. It’s scheduled for release in October. While I will continue to self-publish–Trangressions is different enough that a publisher might not want it, so I will self-pub that one–I also plan to occasionally go through a publisher “to keep my hand in,” as they say. 🙂

They’ve given me a cover. I’m not sure how I feel about it. What do you think? Would this make you interested enough to buy it? What does the cover tell you the book is about?

Due to time constraints (I’m currently writing two books and being property manager and freelance editing, I’ve decided to cut blog posts down to two a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays starting next week. Because I’m making every effort to finish Transgressions as quickly as possible, this will be my last post this week.

Have a great weekend, everyone! See you Tuesday.










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Fenraven happily lives in south Florida, where it is really hot most of the year. Find him on Twitter, Google +, and Facebook by searching on 'fenraven'.
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47 Responses to Writing Update

  1. Oh…that poor poor dog. How awful you had to witness that. I absolutely hate cruelty to animals and children. It sickens me.
    Good luck with the books and publishing Transgressions. 🙂

    • Thanks!

      And yeah, NO cruelty to kids or animals. I’d take someone’s head off if I saw that. Even the mothers in Walmart (I do go there sometimes to get pet stuff cheaper) yelling at their kids makes me cringe.

  2. Ka says:

    Feel sick, poor wee dog. Blue River, had I not already read your stuff, cover wouldn’t catch my interest. I like more dramatic colour. Keep writing…. Xx

  3. dani says:

    it is really nice to keep hearing of your progress 🙂
    glad to see you keep blogging though
    I have to be honest about the cover i don ‘t like it at all
    Yes i definitly am going to buy the book because you wrote it but on the cover i wouldnt if i am honest . It doesn’t catch interest and i think it is a bit none saying
    Sorry but you asked for an honest opinion i assume
    xx Dani

  4. Allison says:

    Even hearing about the dogs makes me feel ill. I can’t imagine how horrible you felt seeing that.

    The cover? It makes me think of something that would have been published in the 70’s. I have some books that I got at library sales and that is what I think of when I see the cover. Plus it doesn’t fit your other covers. Not that they are the same but they are all very colorful and eye-catching, I don’t think people will connect it with you as it is now.

  5. Karen says:

    Hey Theo,
    I have to agree with Dani and Allison. I’ll definitely buy it because you wrote it, so I know it’s going to be a well edited and very enjoyable read. But yeah, you would totally have rocked the cover with something more appealing. Just curious is it suppose to be a western at least? Because that’s the impression the cover gives.

    Sorry you’ll be cutting back on your postings, I do enjoy checking to see what your thoughts are during the week, but it’s for good cause if it helps to give you the time needed to write more. Good luck with finishing ‘Transgressions’ , I’m really looking forward to reading it.

    And lastly the dogs and children…god, I just don’t even know where to begin to express the anger I feel, but sadly there is another group we need to add to the list of those who need to be protected and that is our seniors, unfortunately we had an incident in Mississauga, Ontario where a taser gun was used on an 80 year old lady by local law enforcement officers. I’m sorry unless she was threatening them with a weapon of her own say a taser or a gun. I just can’t even begin to justify that extent of violence being used on an elderly person. I worked in a nursing home for a couple of years and yes, I have been sucker punched and physically abused by seniors and never, ever did it cross my mind to even strike them back. Most of the time they had no clue what they were doing because so many of them had some form of dementia that took them into their own world and away from the rest of us. So how it is that Mississauga’s finest can even begin to justify this extreme a use of force to subdue a little old lady is totally beyond me. Sometimes this world just scares me.

    • Seniors are definitely part of that group. My grandfather is in assisted living now, and he has no idea what’s going on. They give him pills to keep him happy. It’s terrible. Yet, it would be worse if he were to hit his caretakers. We know how to keep people alive longer, but why? I already told AJ to put a bullet in my brain if I ever get this bad.

      I’ve emailed my contact at DSP, requesting another cover or perhaps a jazzing up of this one. It’s simply not interesting enough. The artist’s samples were good, but this doesn’t measure up. That’s unfortunate, but it’s my title that will be ignored if the cover isn’t improved.

      It’s a time travel story, but it’s not a western as such.

      • Karen says:

        *smacks forehead with palm* time travel you say? is that Pegasus he’s riding, lol. Good luck getting it fixed, I will still buy it but you are so right like it or not people will pass it over if the cover doesn’t catch their eye. I try not to do it, but I know there have been times that I have and the opposite is true too. I’ve bought some really crappy books because the cover and/or the blurb have made them seem so good.

        I understand how you feel about your grandfather, I took care of some amazing people when I worked in the nursing home and unfortunately it was the happy pills that kept me from getting hurt on more than one occasion.

  6. Valerie says:

    I have to agree with the others…..if I hadn’t read your other books this cover would not catch my eye at all. I would guess its a western but never time traveling……..very blah and old fashioned.

    As for the dog……I wish that we could take people like that and reverse the situation.

  7. Theo, I have to be honest, most m/m covers are pretty dreadful, really cheesy, and to have a nice cover like AJ’s ‘Safeword’ sighs, would be a bonus, but there has been nothing wrong with your other covers at all, and you came up with the cover for ‘Queers’ which was great, so I think if you gave DsP a little nudge in the right direction, you might end up with something a little more exciting. Why do publishers think that just because the book is m/m, it deserves a dreadful cover…maybe they think that what’s inside the cover should compensate for what’s outside, and usually it does, but not always. One of my very fave books is Amy Lane’s The Locker Room, and that cover is completely gross!!

    And re the dog, nothing that human beings do surprises me much any more, disgusts me yes, surprises me no. Good luck with all you’re doing at the mo. X

    • Thanks for the encouraging words. 🙂

      I don’t like most m/m covers either. As you said, they’re often cheesy. I mean, half-naked writhing torsos? Gross. But this one goes so far in the other direction, it’s more than boring. I haven’t heard back from DSP yet, but I hope to. After all, they want to sell lots of my title, too.

  8. Ka says:

    What about someone holding a time piece in each hand, but one from the past and one from the future? It may not work…. I don’t have blurb on the book xx

  9. Ka says:

    Doesnt have to be wearing, just holding

  10. Ka says:

    Can you picture something like a photo in b& w but the future hand and time piece would be in colour?

  11. Ka says:

    LOL…….. From a coat pocket? I haven’t read the blurb I don’t know what it’s about really, LOL… Oh hang on, I’ll just peer into your head.

  12. Ka says:

    You tell a story in words, I do it in pixels, chuckle

  13. Valerie says:

    I’m not sure how the choices are made regarding a book’s cover but I’m curious as to why you can’t do the cover on this book? I love your covers……it was that lavender rope that caught my eye, otherwise I would have never picked up a m/m romance book. The cover is the “hook”! (And this one does not work).

    • The funny thing is (weird and humorous), I had no idea what I wanted to do for a cover for this one, and I’d been planning to submit something to the publisher again, and that’s why I sent them this. And then I get that blah cover.

      Let that be a lesson to me, right?

      I hope the second time around is worth it. I do not want this story to sink like a stone. I could have self-pubbed and gotten the same effect. 😉

  14. A.M.B. says:

    People are just awful sometimes. While I don’t approve of fracking (and I think we are only just beginning to learn how harmful it is), at least I can understand the greed that motivates it. But what is the explanation for dragging a poor dog behind a van? It’s very scary that there are people who take joy out of inflicting such pain.

    • I agree. People like that are sick in the head, probably beyond anything we can do to help them. Inflicting unimaginable pain on another living creature is incomprehensible to me.

  15. Valerie says:

    How about two men, each dressed in the clothes of their respective times……standing facing forward but heads turned looking at each other….maybe hands reaching, maybe background shows different architecture based on timeframe of each character…..and maybe just a “little” skin BUT no writhing anything 🙂

  16. Valerie says:

    Wait……doesn’t a rancher have to be a cowboy…..? I like a nice rifle, those I know how to use!:)

  17. Valerie says:

    I always thought of the rancher as being the “boss” cowboy…..!;)

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