We’re having a heat wave…

Yes, I’m singing it. You can’t type or say those words without singing them.

As I write this, it’s already 80 degrees with a dew point of 73. It’s supposed to hit 98 later. We might actually make 100, something that doesn’t happen in this part of the world often. Forecast calls for an exceptionally steamy week, with temps in the 90s every day. The a/c is running in the bedroom, and the door is ajar with a box fan in front of it, drawing cool air into the living room.

MN’s state fair is going on right now, as is the Renaissance Festival. I shudder to think of how many people are gonna be passing out and falling over as they trudge around under this sun. The fair doesn’t appeal much–I’ve seen plenty of cows and horses in my life, and home ec projects don’t do much for me–but RenFest would be fun. It runs through September, so I still have a chance to go when this heat wave passes.Β 

I’m wearing shorts and a T-shirt, and so far, that’s pretty comfortable. Later, the tee will come off. I have no plans to go anywhere today. Even letting Suki out is going to be an experience in this kind of heat. I scootered down along the river last night, and the air was already dense and heavy.

I’ve been up since 5 a.m. Couldn’t sleep, so I read in bed with Kindle. Can you believe it? Some asshole knocked on the door at 5:30. There’s a light on so they think it’s okay to bang on the door? Whoever it was did it three times. I didn’t move so much as a toe.

I don’t answer the door at that time of the morning. AJ was up and in the shower; he didn’t hear a thing. Suki looked at me and wondered if she should bark. I told her no. She looked disappointed. The visitor finally went away. I don’t know who it was and I don’t care. That was incredibly rude.

I am planted on the couch, about to start a day of writing. I’m pretty sure I won’t make my arbitrary October 1 release date forΒ Transgressions, but it will come out sometime during that month. I want it to beΒ right, and that means taking a little more time with it.

The YA book, on the other hand, is coming along nicely. I have a title, which I’m sitting on for the moment, and an interesting plot. Let’s just say it deals with the Maya culture, though admittedly, I take some wild liberties with it. I mean, I have to in order to write the story. πŸ™‚

It’s another Monday. Do the best you can with it and stay cool!


About Fenraven

Fenraven happily lives in south Florida, where it is really hot most of the year. Find him on Twitter, Google +, and Facebook by searching on 'fenraven'.
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15 Responses to We’re having a heat wave…

  1. Judy says:

    Suki actually waits for you to tell her to bark? How did you do that? My two hounds from hell just go wild when they hear an intruder disturbing my peace ….
    I gotta admit I’m waiting imaptiently for Transgression, but I don’t count. Take your time and have fun writing (it’s gonna be awesome, I’m looking forward to it πŸ˜‰ )
    Maya culture and wild liberties …. teaser!

    • πŸ™‚ She did this time! Doesn’t always. I think it was the early hour. She couldn’t figure out why anyone would knock on our door that early, either.

      I have about 15K left to write on Transgression. I’m moving into the final arc, where all hell breaks loose. So much fun! People who don’t write have no idea how cool it is to effect changes in a world you create. It’s easily the biggest creative thrill I’ve ever felt.

  2. Ka says:

    Well in Scotland we have reached a scorching 22, woke up to my daughters wailing at 5 am to discover she has shingles. Tossed with my husband who stays at home today with her, he lost and I escaped to the peace of the office….. Not. Now home, all is quiet, medication has been administered and I’m negotiating who makes tea =)

  3. Karen says:

    I am frequently up at 5:30 a.m. and no way would I be answering my door either, sorry but unless it’s a true emergency knocking on someone’s door at that hour of the day is just rude and thoughtless. However, I was up at 3:30 the other night reading this excellent story it was called ‘Three of Swords’ you might have heard of it? LOL! I put it down earlier in the evening when I was too tired to read but it just kept taunting me and I had to finish it so there I was 3:30 in the morning reading away. Lucky for me I had book two all ready on my e-reader to dive into when I finished those last 20 pages.

  4. ameliabishop says:

    Maybe the door knocker was looking for their bike. πŸ™‚

  5. I found out who the rude door knocker was tonight, when they banged again. After 10, btw.

    Seems a bat got in someone’s apartment on the second floor. I heard about it when I let Suki out. “Do something about it!” he said.

    Well, it’s daytime. Bats sleep then. I told him to put a coffee can or something similar over it, slip a piece of cardboard under that, and take it outside. Did they do this? NO.

    So tonight, the girlfriend showed up, freaked out. “I have to get to my baby! I have to get to my baby!” This kid is, like, four. Hardly a baby. She’d chased the bat into the hall.

    Okay, cool. Deal with it in the morning. “You aren’t gonna do anything tonight?”

    “What do you want me to do? The bat’s awake at night. Leave him alone, he won’t bother you if you don’t bother him. I’ll deal with it tomorrow.”

    This answer pissed her off, but trust me, it was the right answer. I know bats. I LIKE bats. Because she’s weird, she freaked the poor thing out.

    City people. WTF is wrong with them?

  6. Dreamer9177 says:

    Hopefully the heat will ease up soon. Been a rather normal summer here in the DC area with only a few truly uncomfortable days.

    • Nineties predicted for the next week. At least. This is rare for the area. Usually, no more than five or six days of that a summer. This year… all bets are off. Hello, climate change!

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