How It’s Going So Far

After handing in my resignation letter Monday, I did a little writing but it was hard to settle to it. I was understandably shaken, though absolutely sure I’d done the right thing.

Tuesday was better, despite several interruptions through the day; my property management boss was at the building and requesting my presence for this and that. (One of the side effects of not being at a job during much of the day is now being available to him when he needs me. Writing isn’t real work, you know… but let’s not go there today. I’m in too good a mood.)

I woke up yesterday ready to write. I also had a new story idea banging around inside my head. This will be my first YA book, and the opening scene flowed onto the page. After that went down, I switched back to Transgressions, where I finished one scene and got well into the next before stopping for the day.

I am not a fast writer. I only rarely have words pouring out of me like water from a hose. Yesterday was one of my typical days; I produced less than two thousand words. For me, however, that was pretty good. As I relax into my new routine, I expect writing to get comfortable again, something I don’t have to fight to do because my head is somewhere else or I’m exhausted when I get home from the job.

It was the phone that did me in most days. When I got there in the morning, I was expected to do the “nags,” which is when you call employers and landlords who haven’t responded to your request for information and nicely tell them you really need the info. After that, I’d move on to new applications, which required research online before making yet more calls.

Being on the phone so much, talking all the time, wore me out. AJ and I both enjoy silence at home, and while we do talk, we enjoy quiet time, too, especially when we’re writing. It’s crucial when we’re trying to create.

I now have lots of quiet time during the day, and I love it. This morning, I woke up with scenes for both stories in my head, and two sentences ready to write. I leaped out of bed, woke up the laptop, and typed them down.

That was wonderful. 🙂

Here’s a photo I took last weekend. Someone found a deer skull and put it on the deck railing. I shot for HDR. It’d been there so long, cobwebs were attached to it, something I didn’t notice until I processed the photos.

Deer Skull 8.11.13 sm


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16 Responses to How It’s Going So Far

  1. Again I send you blessings. You are too gifted a writer to have turkeys getting you down. I know this major change in your life will be a good thing.

    • It’s been good so far. I’ve been writing for over an hour this morning already.

      I’ve arbitrarily set my daily word count at two thousand, just to give me something to shoot for. If I don’t make it, that’s cool. I won’t beat myself up over it. If I exceed it, terrific!

      I look on these next few weeks as a gift, and I don’t intend to waste it.

  2. Karen says:

    Good to hear you’re settling into the new routine and honestly better 2,000 good words then 10,000 of crap. I totally understand the phone issue, for the past 15 years my job for the most part involved coordinating schedules for home health care providers and that is a job that requires you to be on the phone for 80% of your workday, sometimes longer and frequently the workdays were more than 8 hrs. I’ve been away from it for just over 2 years now and I still can’t bring myself to use the phone a lot of days. Some of my friends and family don’t understand, thankfully my husband does, he’s such a sweetie, sometimes he covers for me if I really can’t bring myself to talk on the phone.

    • Part of my property management job is answering the phone. It’s rung four times this morning (we have vacancies) and I grit my teeth every time I answer a call.

      I’m not a “talker” anyway. I can go days without saying a word if I find myself alone somewhere, and it never bothers me. So yes, I totally understand. 🙂

  3. Judy says:

    I love to read that you’re relaxing ❤ – and waking up with fresh ideas 😉
    And I hope you take some quiet time for yourself, to recharge (do it, you need it, you deserve it), take photos, enjoy the rest of summer, whatever lifts your spirit.
    All the best of luck to you *hug*

  4. Bones as decoration is an interesting, if slightly gruesome (to me, anyway) concept. I have been vaguely considering it, as my parents bought an abandoned-for-nearly-20-years (we know by the calendar that was on the kitchen wall…) farm in the VA mountains about 30 minutes from their current home. Anyway, as they were checking pipes/septic system & wandering their little piece of mountainside, they kept finding bones & collecting them for my kids. They appear to be mostly cow bones — there’s two pieces of jaw, complete with teeth, and several ribs. Somehow, I do not think these are as *ahem* picturesque as a skull. I just… happen to have a box of cow bones in my living room. There’s a couple of turtle shells, too. & a couple of years ago, there was a nearly-complete raccoon skeleton (which I gave to my middle child’s 2nd grade teacher, because why not?)

    Would you like some random cow bones? 🙂 Pretty please?

    • Cow bones don’t do it for me.

      I have, in this very apartment, a deer skull. Not the one in the photo, another I picked up (literally) while scootering around Wisconsin. Someone had shoved it down over a post near a pretty stream. I appropriated it. It’s sitting in one of the windows near the plants.

      I know someone who has a human skull. Note, this is illegal these days. They’ve had it for a very long time and I can’t remember if they told me where they got it, but I’m sure the owner doesn’t mind any longer.

      I had a shed deer antler, found in the woods, but I pitched it when I moved. Bones are interesting, but I doubt I’d wear one through my nose. 😉

  5. Christine Johnson says:

    I’m so glad that you’re enjoying some solid writing time and am particularly excited to hear you’re stepping into one of my favorite genres, YA! *waves pom poms and cheers*.

    I love this picture. It’s so intriguing, and I’m especially drawn to the soft colors that blend together in the center of the skull. Great background, too. That grass makes the skull pop and, to me, speaks to the contrast between life and death. Beautiful!

    • I particularly like the way I can see the grass through the eye skull. It was important I be able to do that; I originally took the pictures standing on the deck above, but that angle wasn’t satisfactory.

      Did you notice all the little etchings on the top of the skull? Wonderful. Insects are doing their job, but it almost looks like stitching.

      • Christine Johnson says:

        I didn’t notice the etchings at first, but you’re right, they do look like stitching! I like the visibility of the grass through eye, as well. It’s a very interesting photo, and further inspiration for getting a good camera soon to start my own photography hobby. Thanks again for sharing. I always enjoy seeing the world through your lens! 🙂

        • You’re ready for a “real” camera. Heh. Can’t wait to see what you produce.

          • Christine J. says:

            Yeah, at 51, I think I’m ready to try out a “grown up” camera! Both my husband and daughter have some experience with photography, so hopefully they can help me figure out the bells and whistles until I can take a class (not going to happen until early next year at best). I will certainly send anything worthy of your critique, and I appreciate the encouragement!

  6. A.M.B. says:

    I’m looking forward to hearing more about your YA story! I’m impressed that you’re able to have so many projects going on at one time. I’m a natural multitasker, but not when it comes to reading or writing. I’m usually in the middle of reading only one book and writing only one WIP at a time.

  7. dani says:

    good to hear the ideas are allready coming
    hopefully there will be more and more coming
    good to hear about a new idea for a new book
    enjoy your piece and quiet 🙂

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