Flouting Authority and the Return of CG

Every day, I break the law.

Every day I ride the scooter, anyway. There’s this one street where the light is always red. You know the street. It stays red forever. You’re tapping your foot, looking both ways, noticing no traffic coming, but it stays red.

Well, I got tired of waiting one day and zipped across the intersection. What’s the problem? No one was around to see! I felt guilty for about two seconds, and then I laughed and was amazed at my audacity. I did it again the next time I was on the scooter. I did it again this morning.

I was raised to respect authority. Traffic lights are part of that. Flouting such a basic rule rattles my nerves even as I’m pleased with my daring.

Do you realize driving is a social contract? Absolutely! We are all part of it when we obey the stop sign and the stop light. We tacitly agree not to speed across the intersection against the light in order not to cause an accident. ‘Cause we don’t want anyone banging into us, we don’t bang into others. Cool, huh?

But sometimes, the law must be broken. Like when I’m at that sorry street where the light never changes. Don’t tell! 🙂

Meanwhile, at the office, the drama has increased exponentially. Last week, CG called in sick on Thursday. Usually, she calls in on a Monday, so this was notable. Friday, she dragged her ass in, sat in a chair, and bowed her head into one hand, succeeding at looking pitiful. No one said a word.

The minute the Boss left, she came back to life and pretty much acted normal the rest of the day: didn’t do much work, tapped on her phone a lot, spent a lot of time in the back part of the house.

Monday arrived. Bill, Church Lady, and I took bets as to whether or not she’d appear. I said she would, figuring she wouldn’t dare not show up after last week. They were uncertain.

She called in sick!

I know. We couldn’t believe it either! She told Bill she had “very important decisions to make” and “have to see a few doctors.”

Say hello to a prima drama queen. Needless to say, we were alternately flabbergasted and annoyed. Bill went off to do his thing at the courthouse, Church Lady did what she does (which is almost everything), and I did CG’s work in addition to my own. I was fuming. I think we all were in our own special ways.

The Boss showed up later and said, “I told her if she doesn’t show up by ten tomorrow, I told her not to bother coming in at all.”

Right. The rest of us have witnessed the favoritism bestowed on this girl with raised eyebrows. We know the score. CG is the daughter Boss never had, and for that, she gets special treatment.

On Tuesday, we watched the clock and gave each other looks. CG showed up at three minutes past ten. The disappointment was so thick, you could cut it with a knife. I think we were all hoping CG wouldn’t show, and when she did, well, the confrontation was put off.

But Boss wasn’t there to witness this anyway, so it was an empty victory for CG and a letdown for the rest of us.

Small offices suck.

And what did CG do when she arrived? Made one call. Tapped on her phone. Cried a little at her desk (no one asked why). Left messages with a quavery voice. Tapped some more. Went into the back. Returned, went into the back again. Ordered lunch. Went off to get said lunch. Tapped on her phone. Spoke with the Boss. Was unexpectedly cheery again. Tapped. … Oh! And told us she got all four tires changed on her car yesterday because her new lover said the old ones were so bad, she was riding in a death trap.

In other words, it was the typical workday.


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Fenraven happily lives in south Florida, where it is really hot most of the year. Find him on Twitter, Google +, and Facebook by searching on 'fenraven'.
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16 Responses to Flouting Authority and the Return of CG

  1. Allison says:

    I’ve only gone through a red light once and I shook afterwards. It was late, I was tired, and apparently wasn’t paying close attention to my circumstances. I pulled up in the left turn lane, looked around, saw no one was coming, and drove on through. My friend flipped out and started screaming at me (probably why I shook really). That was at least 10 years ago and it’s still imbedded in my head. Of course I do the rolling right turn all the time and even though I got a ticket for that once (stupid cameras) I’ll never stop doing it.

    Good luck with CG, your stories about her exhaust me, I am sure dealing with her for real is much worse. And, yes, small offices suck, I’ve only worked in one and I hope to never do it again.

  2. Karen says:

    OMG!!! CG is the daughter the boss never had? Really I know you’ve said this before I guess I just never pondered it too much, sorry but your boss needs to re-evaluate his/her standards on what one would want for a child. I don’t think CG needs to be the child someone never had, she needs a reality check and to become the adult someone would want to know and work with. Your boss isn’t doing anyone any favors by letting this continue, that includes CG.

    I’ve been in manager/supervisory positions in the past and on more than one occasion have had to sit down and explain to an employee that as much as I might sympathize with whatever their problems are on a personal level, on a professional level it is neither my concern, our employer’s or that of their fellow employees and that they needed to get their shit together and do their job (and yes it was worded far more professionally than that) it’s not a fun part of the job but it is necessary in order to be fair to the employees who are doing their job and providing the work that they are being paid for so small office or not (actually especially because it’s a small office), as much as this problem is perpetrated by CG it is enabled to continue by the boss.

    My head aches for you because that’s what this is for the rest of you an ongoing headache. I so wish there was a different solution from the obvious which I’m sure you know is to find another job and that sucks that you have to consider finding another job because someone else isn’t doing theirs.

    Sorry for the mini rant there, I’ve just seen this happen so many times in the past and it just frustrates me that good employees end up having to do the work or move on to other jobs because employees who aren’t doing their work don’t get dealt with appropriately. Wish there was a better realistic solution for you 😦

    By the way be careful when you go shooting through that intersection daredevil.

    • My thoughts exactly! Everyone in the office knows this except the one person should: the Boss.

      I’ve decided to make my feelings, and that of my fellow sufferers, known when it’s time for me to leave, which is end of September at this point. Not worth finding another job for two months. So I’m sticking it out. 😦

  3. W. Lotus says:

    People like CG are part of the reason I prefer working from home. Ugh.

  4. Isa says:

    I don’t think you did anything illegal. If you don’t trigger the light to change because your scooter is not heavy enough and have come to a complete stop and there no traffic coming it is okay to go through the red light.
    I was behind a motorcycle one day and the guy kept telling me to come closer and closer to him. I was confused because I was close enough bit realized the light was not changing. I finally got close enough to trigger the light to change for him.
    To bad about work. I’m alone the rest of the week so it is really nice at my job.

    • Yeah, I’ve noticed that’s a problem. Scooter only weighs 150 lbs. Often, it’s not enough to trigger the light and if no other car wants to cross, I’d be sitting there forever.

      Working alone is the BEST! 🙂

  5. CG update: it seems she is pregnant. Hence, the tears. Two days in a row she came in crying.

    Hard to be sympathetic when Boss tells you she isn’t on birth control because it might be causing her migraines. Uh, what’s wrong with the guy using a condom? Too old-fashioned? How about an IUD?

    CG just became a cliche: 23, still living with Mom, barely works, and thinks she’s going to school in the fall. Right.

    • Judy says:

      Poor kid …….. and CG’s are everywhere, unfortunately.

      • They are. I run into them all the time in my property management job. They don’t understand that $700 in assistance money doesn’t get you an apartment that’s $600 a month. All they know is they want it.

        I want to shake them and say, “Get a job! It’s the only way to get ahead these days.” But they had that kid when they were 16, 17, or 18, and now they’re fucked. I wonder what’s wrong with our education system, or where their parents were. Why weren’t they taught?

  6. Judy says:

    I think the problem is what they are taught – just by looking around. So many people only care about themselves, they stop at nothing to get what they want, are never content with what they have but always envious what others have.
    And the only thing that counts today is money, you – as a person – don’t count anything. You get labelled, and you get judged because of that label, starting in kindergarten or earlier. It goes on all your life, you’re popular as long as you have the right clothes, expensive stuff or good looks, and being popular apparently gives you the right to treat others like shit – how often are bullies held responsible?
    There are too much of those who get away with almost everything, there are too many parents who just don’t give a damn and turn a blind eye, or f*** their kids up by pressuring them too much while trying to fulfill their dreams through them. And how many people know about the poor kid that’s being abused next door (one way or the other) but do nothing because it would be so inconvenient?
    Our whole society is f**** up, you’re not even allowed to age, god forbid you have a few wrinkles, everybody’s obsessed with youth and beauty these days. Since when does personality and character count for nothing? I’m squirming at the thought of mothers putting their three year-old on a diet so she can compete in beauty pageants, and ain’t the little miss a cuttie? What is a kid supposed to learn from that?
    Shouldn’t a child be loved by his parents no matter what? Even if it’s not skinny enough to win a pageant, doesn’t play the violine at age six and can’t speak Chinese at age ten? Whatever happened to support your kid in his or her interest, facilitate his or her talents, encourage his or her confidence?
    I better stop, I’m depressing myself, gonna pick up a book with happy ending now ….

    • You make excellent points. There’s another thing I’ve noticed, too. We were in a restaurant the other day, and grandparents came in with three kids (“Your parents didn’t want to come,” the grandmother said), two boys and a girl. They were all prepubescent. The waiter came and left water. The older boy didn’t get one, so he took the girl’s. When gramps called him on it, he said, “I didn’t have any,” as if that entitled him to someone else’s, and his sister’s no less.

      That “white male privilege” attitude starts very young, and I was appalled to witness it in action. To gramps credit, he made the kid give the water back to his sister. I wanted to applaud.

      • Judy says:

        You don’t even wanna know how things are handled at home, right? *shudder* Reminds me of the ten year-old who told his mom in public to shut the heck up, pointing out dad always said she was only good for cooking and cleaning ….
        And honestly, I really don’t get how any woman could put up with such an idiot, and worse, raise kids with him.

        • You’re female, right? You probably all get the same indoctrination, like guys all get told to “man up,” “take it like a man,” etc. We are all victims of our upbringing and our culture.

          My guess is, some never break free of it. Like the woman you mention, who thinks it’s okay to be someone’s doormat.

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