Kids and Animals: Special Protection

I hang out on several social media platforms: facebook, twitter, wordpress (of course), and google+.

I know I give the impression I’m an anything goes kind of guy, and in most things, I am, but there is one thing I will not put up with: kiddie porn.

Exploit a child, and I will report you. I will END you. You are shit to me.

Twice on g+, I’ve reported people for posting photos of naked children, specifically, nude boys who were obviously underage. 

The first time, the poster argued with me that it was perfectly legal to post such photos in his country. I don’t remember where that was, but here in the U.S., in most states, it is unacceptable to post nude pics of adolescent boys under the age of eighteen (in some states, the age of consent is sixteen). Google is based in the U.S. Case CLOSED.

The second time, a guy from Brazil added me to his circles, I checked out his stream, and saw RED. Nude photos of boys aged twelve and under. He called them twinks. BULLSHIT. Twinks are of legal age, you asshole. They are young and cute but NOT TWELVE YEARS OLD or younger.

I reported him instantly.

Not many things get me riled up… or rather, many things do, but some very special things take precedence over everything else: children and animals are under special protection. They are innocent. You do not use them for your shitty adult bullshit. You do not abuse them. You do not exploit them.

You love and protect them. You teach them about life, guide them along their path, make sure they are fed, warm, and safe. You do not post naked pictures of them online, you fucking perverts!

I think I’ve made my point.


About Fenraven

Fenraven happily lives in south Florida, where it is really hot most of the year. Find him on Twitter, Google +, and Facebook by searching on 'fenraven'.
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18 Responses to Kids and Animals: Special Protection

  1. Allison says:

    Oh, I feel ill just reading about that, like bugs running down my spine. The fact that they defended themselves after you called them out? No excuse, none, never will be.

  2. Valerie says:

    One of the cool things about the Internet is all the information out there easily accessible…and it’s also one of the worst things. It allows people with perverted behaviors to “share” with so many other people, whether that person wants to have it shared with them, as in what happened with you. Harming children and animals is something I have never, ever understood and no matter how someone justifies “that it’s just a photo” it’s sick, perverted, amoral, and causes irreparable lifelong harm. People who “enjoy” that lifestyle don’t have the morals (or don’t care) to look beyond the photo itself to what it took to get that photo on the web. I think there is a special hell for people who do things to children and animals but what I really want is that place to be here and now!

  3. I’ve had this issue on tumblr recently. There’s a huge difference between MEN and BOYS, and unfortunately, some people don’t seem to care.

    I like a bit of NSFW, and even when something is too graphic for me I’m old and ugly enough to make a CHOICE to scroll on by, to block, and/or report.

    Weans and animals don’t have the option to make that choice. They are simply exploited and abused.

    Silence on this issue is not acceptable. Those of us capable have a responsibility to act.

    • Yes, there is very much a difference between adult porn and exploitation of children. Those of us with half a brain recognize this instantly.

      There is also a difference between innocent pictures taken of naked children (usually your own, and please, don’t share them!) and those taken with the purpose of using them for adult sexual arousal. This is sometimes harder to determine, but I’d rather err on the side of protecting the child.

  4. Lisa says:

    I used to be a photographer for the police department in my hometown years and years ago. The child abuse cases were always the most horrific. The people that were arrested for child pornography and molestation almost always said the same thing. “I care for children. I would never hurt a child. I’m just showing them love.” And they honest to god believed it! It makes me sick.

    Thank you for being proactive. All too often, people don’t want to get involved and turn a blind eye to our most innocent victims.

    • I couldn’t do that job. I’d spend too much of my day feeling sick. Even reading about any form of child or animal abuse turns my stomach.

      The people who exploit children sexually are twisted. I ran into one unexpectedly some years back. I guess I’m easy to talk to, because he confided he’d been in jail for molesting his toddler daughter.

      It took ALL my restraint not to smash his face in, and I made sure never to run into him again. I felt sick for days afterward and worried about the kids in the neighborhood. He was on the sex offender list, but that somehow doesn’t seem enough to me.

      In fact, just recently someone tried to rent an apartment in my building. He was upfront about having been in prison but not honest about the reason, and I didn’t find out for a couple of days that he was a level 2 sex offender. His probation officer called me, told me as much as he could under the law. Needless to say, he didn’t get the apartment.

      • Lisa says:

        I did that job for four years. The first several months, I was sick many days after seeing what humans are capable of doing. Nightmares at night when I could sleep. Depression. All of it. I tried quitting several times but always got talked out of it. I was told that the children and the rape victims felt more “comfortable” with a woman taking pictures than a guy. And I really felt I was making a difference and I think I did. The day it all ended for me was when I was called to a barn fire. Five horses had burned to death in a fire that turned out to be started by the owner for insurance money. I went into the barn, took the pictures, and walked out. As I was taking the film out of the camera, I realized I felt nothing. Not a goddamn thing. I quit that day and it was close to 20 years before I picked up a camera again.

        I don’t have children of my own but I have 23 nieces and nephews and I’m always in their face about what they do on the Internet, what they’re posting, who they are meeting and where they are going. They don’t like it because they also get it from their parents but I don’t care. You can’t be too careful.

        • Wow. Horrible story about the horses. Yeah, when you look on such things and feel nothing, it’s time to walk away. I’m glad you were able to do that, and eventually recover.

  5. Karen says:

    This is probably the only topic that can literally bring me to tears just thinking about it. As a mother my anger and rage at child molesters is unlimited. On the list of things wrong with this world this is at the top.
    As you stated so perfectly, we owe it to the innocents of this world to love and protect them and that is not love it is just sick and twisted and so many levels of wrong, I can’t even begin to list them. I have both family and friends who have been abused and it never leaves you, you just hope that with time and support they learn to live with what happened understand that it was in no way their fault and move on with their lives and then there’s that part of you that prays for the abuser to suffer every form of conceivable hell for what they did to someone that you love.

    • I’m sorry this is a topic so close to you. 😦

      I’m not a parent, but I understand the rage and helplessness they feel when a child is taken advantage of. Any sane person, parent or not, would feel the same way. It’s human to protect the kids.

      • Karen says:

        Yes it is and it is good to know that there are other people out there like yourself willing to step up to the plate when needed.
        I know my baby (my 26 year old baby) would tell you he was lucky because he always knew that his father and I would do anything possible to keep his world safe and so would some of his friends who wandered into our lives and never really left and have always known that our house could be their safe haven too whenever they needed it.
        Honestly, I’ve always felt like I’ve received so much more than I’ve given. My kid and his friends are amazing and I just feel so privileged to have them in my life.

  6. I ❤ you so hard for reporting them, Fen. As a mother and a human being. Thank you!

  7. Dani says:

    terrible that things like this happen and that it is out there
    makes me sick and worried for that matter also
    I am glad you reported it because everything people can do to stop things like this will be worth it
    xx Dani

  8. fransiweinstein says:

    Ditto! Thank you.

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