And a few added comments of my own to Jesse Wave’s Blog Post

More cogent thoughts on the virtual meltdown over Wave’s discriminatory post yesterday.


Ms. Wave posts a couple of questions.Going by how she treats them, I suppose she thinks these are mere rhethoric questions no one needs answer. I beg to differ, Ms. Wave. Unlike you I believe these questions do need answers from an author who certainly won’t warn of bi/het content.

…and in any event, the M/M genre is supposed to be for romances between gay men, unless things have changed while I wasn’t looking.

No, the inference that gay men in a romance never have sex with women (or trans*men) is not my definition of things.

It starts with that I object to “m/m = 2 gay men”.

No. Absolutely not. If you want that, you need to visit the LGBT shelves and look for “gay romance”. That’s something else entirely, and I am very sorry to say, but you are far, far more likely to meet girls’…

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