CG Update; She’s Out of Control

AJ said, “Bet you anything CG doesn’t show up at work today.”

“Aw, she wouldn’t do that. She hasn’t been around the last three Mondays.”

Guess what?

CG called in sick again last Monday. If you’re keeping track, that’s four out of the last five Mondays she didn’t show up at work. I owe AJ a Tequila Sunrise.

She told The Boss she had a migraine. Tuesday, when she drifted in at eleven, she asked if anyone had gone to Pride over the weekend. She talked about hanging out, marching in the parade, etc. And on Monday, she was MIA.

I contemplated joining the fun, but I had an edit to finish, so I reluctantly stayed home to finish it. Yeah, I’ve reached the age where commitment means more than fucking off. Even I’m surprised sometimes. ;/ But CG is still young enough not to think about getting her ass into work after a wild and woolly weekend, and even though Monday is our busiest day, she doesn’t seem to mind blowing it off.

The Boss acknowledged there is a problem. She knows she should fire CG and look for someone new, but when CG appeared Tuesday, The Boss didn’t say a word to her. 

The thing is, CG is treated differently than anyone else in the place. She’s allowed to get away with a lot more, not criticized, not held to any standard. The other employees have to take on her work and get it done, and they resent it badly. Bill says CG is the daughter The Boss never had, so she coddles CG, letting her get away with murder while the rest of us are expected to pick up the slack.  He’s been there six years. He should know. 

When I get there in the morning, Church Lady and Bill are sniping about CG getting so much time off without suffering repercussions. She still lives at home, so she can afford to blow off the money. Mom pays the bills. Lucky girl.

Btw, Church Lady surprised me last week. When DOMA was struck down, we spoke about it briefly in the office and she said she had a gay brother and a gay nephew. She totally supported the Supreme Court’s decision. I’m liking Church Lady quite a lot these days. She repeats herself often, her life is boring (to me), but she works hard all day and her heart’s in the right place. However, she’s not perfect, either. She has a thirty-two year old son at home that can’t deal with life, so he doesn’t work, lays around, lives off his folks. I wonder if she’s asked herself what will happen when she and her husband get too old to care for him, or even die. What will that kid do then? He has diabetes. So? I know a couple people who have to shoot up insulin every day. They work. They’re productive. I haven’t met him. I probably never will, but as an outsider looking in, I wonder how a grown man can live at home at that age. I mean, for sure he isn’t getting any. ;/ Maybe he’s frozen in a permanent “child” state, eh? This continues to make his parents feel useful and needed, but he’s sacrificing his entire life to that arrangement.

So much drama at work these days. I’m really looking forward to the four-day break coming up. AJ and I are headed north. We’re just awaiting word from my friend as to when we’re expected.

We probably won’t be online much. The break will do us good!

We wish you a happy and safe July fourth.


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16 Responses to CG Update; She’s Out of Control

  1. Dani says:

    have a great few days enjoy the time of and each other Hugs Dani

  2. cindyls1969 says:

    Unfortunately Theo, there’s usually one C.G. in every office. I never did figure out how they get away with it.

    • Her work usually comes to me, as it happens. And she’s getting in later and later every day, too, so I have to do the “nags,” which are when you call people to remind them you need information. I hate doing that, because I freaking detest being on the phone all the time.

      I already found out I could keep this job through the winter and maybe forever, if I want, but I doubt I’ll do it. It’s that phone! I really hate being on the phone. Always have, always will. I wonder if a shrink could tell me why?

  3. Karen says:

    I truly send you all my sympathy, cindyls1969 is so right every office has one, at my last job she in fact was the bosses daughter. So I absolutely know what you are going through. It’s aggravating, frustrating and just out and out infuriating at times. So make sure when you and AJ head out of the city on your weekend away you leave everything else behind except AJ and having a really good time. Enjoy!!!!

  4. Allison says:

    Sorry to hear about the continuing problems with CG; it’s never fun to put up with that but in a smaller office it’s even more irritating. No one’s really doing her any favors either.

    I agree about the phone, I don’t even particularly like being on the phone with people I want to talk to let alone hounding people.

    Have an amazing 4th and enjoy the relaxing time! I look forward to the pictures I’m sure you’ll be sharing!

    • She brought her dog in today. The pooch is nothing like Suki, who’s fairly quiet. Hers jumped around, sniffed every corner, and growled at Suki. Suki growled back; she doesn’t take shit from anyone. ;/

      They settled down though, and then it was work work work so we could get a lot finished before the long holiday.

  5. W. Lotus says:

    Enjoy the long weekend. Goodness knows I am going to! There is an independent bookstore and cafe in lower Manhattan I want to visit, so I’ll probably head there on Friday to check them out.

  6. diannegray says:

    Have a great long weekend, Theo. I’m becoming addicted to your office soap opera – keep it coming 😀

    • 🙂 I certainly work with colorful characters. CG is going north this weekend, same as AJ and me. She said, “Maybe we’ll run into you.” I said, “Please, no more gravel roads!” She laughed.

      I like her. She’s fun, and like Church Lady, she has a good heart. I just wish she’d show up more regularly and stay off her phone at work.

  7. pger98 says:

    Thanks for sharing! I have to deal with these types as well. You would think Karma….. 🙂

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