Can’t We Just All Get Along?

Back in my more idealistic days, I did think it was possible for humans to rationally discuss differences and come to some kind of equitable agreement, and on some levels, this happens.

However, when it comes to opinions we hold dear, I no longer think so. Arguments, disagreements, even fights seem to be inevitable when there are those present who don’t all think the same about something. I see it on every social media. The people who believe in a deity gang up on those that don’t, and vice versa. Politics is another hot button: conservatives and liberals always going at it. 

A quick google search brings up a few interesting articles about this condition.

1. Take gay marriage, for example: “From a liberal standpoint, gay marriage isn’t a problem, it doesn’t harm anybody, and it’s only fair that gay people be allowed to be married just like straight people can,” Ditto said.

But for conservatives, gay marriage goes against the traditional idea of marriage, and so presents a real moral problem, Ditto explained.

Click on the link in the first sentence to read more.

2. Many will recall the plaintive call of Rodney King, the man whose vicious beating by members of the Los Angeles police department was caught on video. Mr. King cried out, “Why can’t we all just get along?” The reason we cannot always get along seems to be based, in part, on our brains.

Recent advances in the neurosciences have established an irrefutable fact: Human beings are emotional, not rational.

Source in the link in the first sentence.

Given human history, I think we have zero chance of ever not fighting. We will never agree about anything, and the more volatile the subject, the more the fighting escalates.

We will continue to have wars. We will fight over borders, religion, orientation, gender, color. Logically, we don’t have to, but we will.

Humans are stupid. The only thing keeping us from pushing the red button and destroying everything is our innate need to survive. We have a strong need to avoid oblivion, but of course, we see it from our point of view: I want to live, therefore, if I send off the bombs, I kill my enemy but I will probably also kill myself. 

Important issues are at stake in the U.S. and elsewhere right now. Today, SCOTUS is supposed to deliver their judgment regarding DOMA and Prop 8.

I hope they do the right thing.


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15 Responses to Can’t We Just All Get Along?

  1. W. Lotus says:

    Right now my country’s leadership makes me weep. Wendy David of Texas and the protestors who held off a vote on a restrictive abortion bill until it was dead, however, give me some hope. The people are TIRED of the status quo and are fighting back.

    • It’s about fucking time, is all I can say. Because as much as I’d like us to all get along, when it comes to certain rights, we cannot and shouldn’t. Because if we don’t speak up, if we don’t protest and march, we lose our rights.

  2. Karen says:

    So much can be said on these topics, I often wonder if some of the energy that goes into keeping rights from people that they are entitled to such as the right to marry who you love regardless of your gender or theirs, the right of women to make their healthcare decisions, etc, etc. if we took the energy and effort that goes into preventing these things from happening and focused it on more important issues such as protecting, educating & feeding the children of the world our greatest natural resource how much more could be accomplished for them and ultimately how much better would the world become?

    Just a thought for all those good Christians out there who want to make the world a better place, maybe it’s time to look at how to truly make that happen. I don’t think creating a world where people are restricted in who they love is the ultimate solution and I also feel the need to say as someone who is in a heterosexual marriage, if having a gay/lesbian married couple as neighbours or living in my community is a threat to marriage then it’s not much of a marriage to begin with is it?

    Maybe we can’t all get along all the time, but with a little effort we could and should learn to respect and appreciate each other’s differences and the fact that it is those differences that help to add some beauty and colour to what would otherwise be a boring, colorless world.

    • I agree. I like people who are different, but I’ll admit, I hang out with those who feel pretty much the same way I do. Safety in numbers?

      • Karen says:

        I think in general people tend to gravitate towards people who share like or similar ideals especially in terms of lasting relationships, but it’s interesting to meet and talk with others and get exposed to new ideas, I only object when one persons rights and beliefs infringe on those of someone else’s. Ok jumping off of my pedestal now, have a good evening.

  3. Helle says:

    It seems to me that with the easy access to information and to other people via tv, the internet etc. that world has become much more fanatic, and it has become much easier for the fanatics to find likeminded peers out there, thus having a bigger impact.
    Fighting for food, water and housing for all is something we probably all agree everyone has a right to, so it is not very noticable and hence not worth fighting for (!).
    It’s the controversial subjects that gives you (politicians, leaders etc.) a space in the news, and so the chance of us all ever getting along doesn’t stand a chance. You don’t get elected if noone knows who you are!
    With fanatism comes extreme opinions and we forget that the freedom of speech also comes with a responsibility to think before we speak.. We are a very selfish species..
    It’s not just LGBT rights or abortion – it’s everything; smoking, bicycling without a helmet, cellphones, butter – you name it.
    I live in a tiny country and one would have thought that on the whole we would see more or less eye to eye (with only approx. 5.mio inhabitants), but nope…

  4. Sal says:

    So happy that DOMA went down as the Supreme Court took a long, long, long overdue step in the right direction. About folks getting along? Way too much hate, prejudice, racism, homophobia, and violence yet I love what neuroscience has to suggest about more positive human potential. Check out this RSA video

  5. Sal says:

    OOPS! Well heck, the No Bully Program is also awesome and is designed to help develop empathy . . . here is the RSA video :S

    • That was a fascinating, albeit fast-moving video! Whoever did the drawing was good. 🙂

      It seems our culture is stuck in the violent aggressive phase right now, with empathy taking a back seat. Changing that isn’t going to be easy.

  6. diannegray says:

    Take at look at Australian politics at the moment – it’s completely crazy!
    I try to avoid politics and religion on any blogs because people seem to be either one extreme or the other on these subjects. I made the mistake recently when I commented on a blog that was talking about US gun laws and got totally shouted down by a pro-gun lobbyist, so I don’t enter into those conversations anymore either 😦 What a sad state of affairs…

    • The pro-gun people are very vocal… and very dangerous, as they are usually armed.

      It seems politics everywhere is extremely volatile right now, which indicates we are on the cusp of major change. I only hope the change is good for most of the people.

  7. Valerie says:

    The world is just too big, too many problems, issues, rights, politics and people who will bludgeon you with their ideas of how the world should be……I can only try to control how I react and live my life. I would actually like someone to point out these people that normal behavior is being based on…..I’ve never met them (and they sound boring anyway)! As for religion my father was Mormon and my mother was an aethist but she made me go to church every Sunday and when I finally asked her why she told me so I would know enough to make my one choices regarding religion regardless of anyone elses opinions. She also lived by the rule ” walk a mile in my shoes”. And that I think is what, as simple as it sounds, would solve a lot of issues. After that I choose not to believe in any organized religion because no matter what “God/s”you might believe in it is still man that interprets their will and which ever group is interpreting gets to do it their way. I also had a problem with if God created us in his own image and God does not make mistakes then somewhere in God there is the seed to every living person regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, skin color, belief system….so it confuses me when people throw God at me as a way to explain to me why something they don’t believe in is wrong……so we weren’t created in God’s image? I also think people have way to much time on their hands if they are worrying about my sex life, who I pray too, whether I’ve had an abortion or carry a gun….I’ll stick to trying to keep my life in order and keep walking in other people’s shoes before I open my mouth about what is right and wrong for anybody but me. Simplified I know but it’s working for me.

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