Saturday on the Mississippi River

Uncle Dan brought my scooter in from Wisconsin. I keep it in the basement. Within half an hour of its arrival, I was out riding around. First thing I discovered was Plato Blvd, which runs down along the Mississippi River past Harriet Island Regional Park. This is THE St Paul park, and everyone hangs out there.

We’ve had rain on and off all weekend, so it was cloudy when I was out with the camera, but I took photos anyway.

The first photo I took was from the middle of the Wabasha Bridge. I had to get on the walking path to get the shot, but there wasn’t anyone in my way so I figured it was okay. This is Raspberry Island, which isΒ in the Mississippi River. The couple under the shelter were dancing to music only they could hear, and then he picked her up and swung her around. πŸ™‚ Anyone could see they were in love.

Raspberry Island 6.21.13 sm

Here’s the portal to Harriet Island. This part of it is to the south of the bridge. There is another part on the other side, but construction is going on there right now and it’s a muddy mess.

Harriet Island Park 6.21.13 sm

I took this photo from the St Paul side, just off Shepherd Road. You can buy tickets to ride the boats at noon and 2:30. AJ and I are gonna do that one day soon. I’d love to get some pictures from the water.

MN Showboat 6.21.13 sm

On the road that runs along the river, there is also a biking path. I’m not allowed on it with the moped, but I can pull over here and there and take pictures. I was staring at the water when a dragonfly appeared and sat down right in front of me. I had to take his picture.

Dragonfly on teh Rier 6.21.13 sm

All of these are clickable. Choose “Full Size” to see all the detail.

Today, I ride the scooter to work unless it’s pouring rain. The boss gave me permission to park it in her driveway.

On Sunday, I stopped at Lowe’s and bought a heavy length of chain and massive combination padlock. I used them several times over the weekend, chaining the scooter to a lamppost or tree. Scooters are lightweight and attractive to thieves, even when the front wheel is locked. Rule of thumb? Park it in a much-frequented area and then you’re fairly safe. Most people, seeing someone approach it with a metal cutter, are gonna say something.

I have lots more pictures and you’ll see them over the next couple of weeks.


About Fenraven

Fenraven happily lives in south Florida, where it is really hot most of the year. Find him on Twitter, Google +, and Facebook by searching on 'fenraven'.
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12 Responses to Saturday on the Mississippi River

  1. A.M.B. says:

    Great pictures! I really like the one of the couple under the shelter (how sweet!).

  2. I’m amazed at the detail in the dragonfly–in my experience they rarely stay still long enough for that good a shot, so well done! As for the lovers, there must be something in the air. I just downloaded a stock photo of two nude men hugging and I’m working with that image to create a series I’m calling “The Dance of Life.”

    • The series sounds terrific! And dragonflies pose for me, not kidding! I started taking their pictures a few years ago and now they seem to follow me around wherever I go.

      Dragonflies will sit still for a camera, and they often return to the same area, even the same blade of grass, if you are patient and wait.

  3. Do you know what makes your pics so good and enticing? That when I look at them (and maybe others too, idk), I think to myself, “Self, I really would like to experience/see that in person.” Because your photo makes me *want to*.

    The dragonfly was my favorite.

  4. Valerie says:

    I’ve never seen dragonfly wings in such detail. I want to just print it enlarge it and use the wings in some form of mixed media art. Plus it’s looking “at” you….I wonder what we look like from their side? That picture of Harriet island, what are those things on each side supposed to be? They look like tentacles oozing around the corner.

  5. Kate Aaron says:

    Aw, that couple ❀ You sir, have made me go all gooey. I don't do gooey.

  6. diannegray says:

    Amazing pictures, Theo. That couple under the shelter is absolutely fantastic and looks like something out of a movie. The dragonfly is right up my alley – I love seeing beautiful insects like this and getting a capture of them is the icing on the cake πŸ˜€

    • Watching them, I couldn’t stop smiling. It isn’t often you see people behaving so naturally, especially in public. But there was no one else on the island so they felt alone. They forgot people can watch them from the bridge.

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