CG Suffers a Setback

When we last left CG, she was coughing up a lung and swanning around the office, sooooo sick with her cold. At the end of week two, I was over it and the Boss was coming down with it. CG went off on her weekend, which we knew included a trip to her friend’s family cabin up north.

As it happens, they drove through Crex Meadows and thought of me, knowing I was up north, too. 🙂

Monday morning arrived and no CG. Church Lady and I looked at each other, wondering what the latest catastrophe was. We soon found out.

The Boss appeared later than usual, her voice a croak, and in her arms, every cold remedy known to man. In the office bathroom is a plethora of first aid stuff, including ibuprofen, band-aids, acetaminophen, Neosporin, and various other treatments; the Boss takes care of her employees.

Boss said, “CG isn’t coming in today. She was in a car accident over the weekend.”


It took a couple days to get the story, and the full extent of it wasn’t told until CG returned, which was Wednesday. It seems she and her friend, M, were speeding on the gravel back roads when he hit a patch of sand and flipped the car. It did a complete 360, so they landed on the wheels, but CG’s arm banged into the window and was torn open by broken glass.

They’re in the middle of nowhere with dying phones, a barely-there signal, and CG with a bloody arm, which she’s holding over her head. They tied a tourniquet on it. The friend was just fine, but CG’s tats will never be the same. She was working on a full sleeve on the right arm and the eighteen stitches she required will change that permanently.

The vehicle was totaled. They had to borrow an uncle’s car to get back to the cities. Let’s face it, the friend was an idiot. I’ve been on many gravel roads, and you do not speed on them because the danger is very real. It doesn’t take much to spin out or slide into a ditch. At the same time they were tooling around where they were, I was in my friend’s car on similar gravel roads. I warned him to slow down. He listened. M didn’t.

The friend is thirty-one. CG is twenty-three. I hope he learned something from this experience (and jesus, don’t I sound like my mother right now? I hate sounding like my mother.).

CG was crying Thursday afternoon because of the pain. The Boss comforted her. I focused on getting the work done.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sympathetic. But this could all have been avoided if a little common sense had been employed.

But wait, there’s more! Since the accident, CG has been experiencing odd temporal reactions, i.e., she drove through a red light and didn’t realize it until she was in the intersection. She pulled up at a stop sign and tapped the vehicle in front of her. And there was another incident, but she hasn’t shared that one yet; we only know, “Three times in the last two days, I’ve almost killed someone.”

A slight exaggeration, but notable nonetheless. She scrambled her brains in that accident. M’s uncle, who’s a doctor, said, “Roll the car twice and you break your neck.” That scared the piss out of her.

If this doesn’t serve as a cautionary tale to those two, nothing will. Church Lady suggested we lock CG in a padded room on Sundays to prevent further mayhem, because she calls in “sick” or whatever on Mondays a lot.

In other news, AJ is working on the new story, which most of you know is named “Queers.” I’m one-fourth to one-third through the WIP. Summer finally arrived in St Paul; it hit 90 today. Fans are running in every room in the apartment. Ninety in the city is way hotter than ninety in the country. All that cement, ya know.

Have a terrific weekend! See you Monday.


About Fenraven

Fenraven happily lives in south Florida, where it is really hot most of the year. Find him on Twitter, Google +, and Facebook by searching on 'fenraven'.
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40 Responses to CG Suffers a Setback

  1. W. Lotus says:

    Good grief, she could have been killed! I have no words.

    Thank goodness summer has finally arrived up your way. I was worried for your state of mind for a while. *hugs*

    • She was pumped up on Vicodin today. Came in after eleven, then spent the next hour and a half on her cell. FINALLY did some work around 1:15. I left fifteen minutes later.

      I like CG. She’s interesting, but oh so self-centered, and every little blip in her day sends her off the deep end.

  2. Dani says:

    thanks again Theo
    goodluck to you both on the stories 🙂
    x Dani

    • Thanks, Dani. We’re both very excited about our current WIPs. Both of us are writing something a little different from what we’ve already released, but we think it’s going great!

  3. diannegray says:

    She’s so lucky to be alive! Although I must admit she does make a very interesting writing subject 😉

    Best of luck with the WIPs and try to stay cool 😀

  4. Valerie says:

    Some people are just plain lucky to make it to thirty! I work with patients with traumatic brain injuries and even when it’s just. “A little bump on the head” it’s weird what can happen. There is this injury called contrecoup where you may hit one side of your head maybe have a bump or cut but inside your skull your brain hits that side then slams into the other side so the damage doesn’t have any external results but the brain itself can be a mess and no one can tell until the person has problems. It’s even more confusing in that with brain injuries you expect certain symptoms depending on where the injury is like visual problems with a bump to the back of the head but instead you have memory issues because the worst injury is internal and frontally located. So contrecoup. The really weird thing is when people’s personalities change…..mean people become nice, nice quiet shy people turn into sex fiends, stupid oops intellectually challenged people become smart oh wait not sure if that one is possible. Harrison Ford did a movie “Regarding Henry” about the subject that was really good. Too bad about the sleeve, guess those consequences didn’t wait for age to catch up with CG. Besides you’re mother was right…..apparently you listened and learned. Good thing you guys weren’t driving down the same road!

  5. Valerie says:

    Sorry did that sound like a lecture? 🙂 I just find the brain fascinating and how people use it (or not)! So it’s in the 90’s there…nice….Sac hit 110 about a week ago one day then the next it was low 70’s and adding insult to injury it rained! We’ve finally settled more or less between high 80’s low 90’s. I feel so much better when the light changes with summer.

    • Big-ass thunderstorm and straight line winds went through town early this morning. Trees were knocked over, branches were in the streets, power outages showed up here and there. Exciting!

      I mostly slept through it. ;/

      • Juno says:

        I kinda miss that whole thunderheads building up that weird green color to the sky… funnel clouds….NOT! Lived in Georgia, tornado warnings from the west hurricanes from the east couldn’t wait to move so we move to California ok earthquakes…. I can live with that. How often do those happen? I never realized how different each earthquake can be….there are the slow rolling ones then the real sharp knock you on your butt fast ones then those big ones which thank god I’ve never been in. A couple of years ago while driving down the highway I look up and there is a funnel cloud forming… California!!!??I was pissed no tornadoes allowed in California WE have earthquakes. Apparently it touched down once took the side off a building then wandered back home to the Midwest. Now I live in a flood zone:/

        Sent from my iPhone

        • Green skies always mean tornadoes to me. That particular color is amazing and frightening.

          Never felt an earthquake. It’s gotta be weird, feeling earth shift beneath your feet.

          As for flood zones, never lived in one, probably never will. Land along water is always very expensive. ;/

          • Valerie says:

            I live smack between two rivers or I guess the fork of the American River and I can’t afford land where I can actually SEE the river but that’s ok it comes to me….scary to walk out on your front porch at three in the morning and watch the waves ripple across your lawn and then try and figure out what the strange lights are floating in the street. Next morning I look out and there is this beautifully restored Mustang submerged. And this guy in a canoe going down the street taking pictures. Had to take a picture if that! Some nature I like from a distance, or photos:)

          • Climate change is effecting quite a number of weird weather occurrences. Keep that camera handy!

  6. Sal says:

    This reply is not related to your topic – I just started 3rd in your precog series – had to force myself to stop reading to start Saturday chores – my bottom line criteria for an excellent read is one I can’t put down. Reading your work led me to your blog (like knowing the bio’s of my fav authors) where I noticed you mention you have never written a “novel”. Well Sir, I beg to disagree. From my perspective, your three tales of Cooper and Gray, read in one “can’t stop reading” session, make one heck of a fine novel. Like so much in life, it is how you frame the scene.

    • 🙂 I’m glad you couldn’t stop reading it.

      And yeah, all three together make one good-sized book. 🙂 I’m considering putting them all together in one volume in the fall.

      Thanks so much for the comment and the compliment. Sorry I delayed your Saturday chores. Heh.

      • Valerie Hacking says:

        Hi Theo For some reason I got a comment from a Sal and your response sent to my email, so just FYI if you wanted to respond to his comment again. Can computer comments cross in the mail 🙂 ? Valerie

        Sent from my iPad

        • Wow, that’s weird. First time I’ve ever heard of that happening. WordPress has been playing with stuff. It’s probably a programming error of some kind. No doubt they’ll fix it soon.

          • Valerie Hacking says:

            Could be interesting while it lasts…….. Just bought Numbers and Phoenix Rising (just cuz I like the cover). It’s Saturday, shouldn’t you be outside playing maybe taking more pictures……weather bad? Valerie

            Sent from my iPad

          • I rode around all afternoon taking pictures. You’ll see some of them Monday. 🙂 And thanks for buying more of my titles. It’s appreciated.

          • Valerie Hacking says:

            Perfect…gives me something to look forward too! Just curious but do you ever sell your photos? I think you would definitely have a market for it….there is one that looks like it is taken early in the morning. There is just enough mist to make it appear ethereal but its of a farm(?) I love the feeling I got from looking at it as if the cows had been milked the eggs collected the horses fed and now it was time to sit down with a cup tea and watch the world wake up. I want to move there. Do you know which picture I am talking about? Where is that? I would frame that one to look at when I needed to feel peaceful. You know this may sound weird, but I hope your parents are proud of you. I would be. Valerie

            Sent from my iPad

          • I haven’t sold my photos yet, but I wouldn’t mind. Yes, I know the photo. It was taken in Wisconsin at sunset, actually. In the field on the right were deer, eating corn out of the farmer’s field. It was quiet. I heard a few birds and nothing else. I remember that evening vividly; a buck broke out into the woods at the side of the road and we locked eyes for a long moment. Just as I reached for the camera, he turned and vanished.

            My mother is very proud of me. My dad died when I was twenty.

          • Valerie Hacking says:

            Ok I want the one of the creek, the farm and the sand crane 🙂 if or when you decide to sale DIBS first!

            It sucks losing your dad at such a young age. I lost my older brother when I was 19 he was 21. He addressed the suicide note to me…..I am still pissed off at him. Then five years later I lost my mom to cancer….she fought it for six years…it was brutal. She was able to stay home with us till the end so we were all there when she passed and I decided that’s how I want to go. In 2012 I lost my younger brother and in 2011 I lost my father…….so now it’s just my younger sister and I. Been a shitty couple of years. Bleah…….sorry how depressing is this comment!? Valerie I think I’ll go read Numbers now.

            Sent from my iPad

          • Email me about the photos, Valerie. We can discuss it further then.

            You have had some terrible losses. So sorry. *hug*

          • Valerie Hacking says:

            Seriously? Does saying I WANT them, again constitute a discussion? How would we go about this? Price… Valerie

            Sent from my iPad

          • We would discuss exactly that. 🙂

          • Valerie Hacking says:

            Theo, Just finished “Numbers” I am so slow today I am half way through the story before it clicks numbers duh! So how come “you’re straight wasn’t number one? Your short reads are like a kamikaze strike, you blow through then you are gone before the reader realizes they are hooked into the story then the story is done:(

            Actually the whole numbers idea….what a great way to have ” verbal foreplay”. I love your shorts but I still like The UA best! Valerie

            Sent from my iPad

          • I love that story. Every single time I read it, I LOL, not kidding. Yes, it’s short, but that makes it all the sweeter. 🙂 Numbers continues to be one of my favorites.

            The UA, however, was written after I’d read one too many badly written anal sex scenes. Interesting, isn’t it? Where inspiration comes from? 🙂

          • Valerie Hacking says:

            See numbers was funny…it made me laugh but it was still sweet……well maybe not “sweet”.Now UA made me laugh the whole way thru…..and I can’t tell you how inspired I was by the story,her side! I have a friend I want to read UA because for years if you said anal sex to her she would literally gag (although that seemed like the wrong response) and she would claim ” I will never never ever have anal sex! Ever! ” So of course I had to bring it up frequently just for her reaction then she discovered that she was into bdsm, was a masochist, found a Dom, fell in love, and that’s one of the things he really fond of sooooo……:) Valerie Sent from my iPad

          • Heh. People’s sexual desires and needs, I think, are fluid throughout life. At some times, you don’t like this, at others you LOVE IT. The trick is to maintain an open mind and try stuff.

          • Valerie Hacking says:

            Exactly that’s why I want to approach from her direction…….in the past I would never ever never have ever thought about trying it, however I would probably totally ruin the moment when I couldn’t stop laughing….strap ons on women just strike me as wrong! The guy would have to have a great sense of humor and a lot patience. I agree with how fluid needs and desires can be over time. Thank god…..I would hate to be stuck in my twenties. Valerie

            Sent from my iPad

          • Valerie Hacking says:

            Did you get my email regarding photos? Valerie

            Sent from my iPad

          • I did. I’m still considering the best way to do this and what to charge you. Heh. I’ll reply soon.

          • Valerie Hacking says:

            Okay. Valerie

            Sent from my iPad

          • Valerie says:

            This is really weirder then I like… the heck did my full name get here? I didn’t change anything… least not on purpose 😦 not a real big deal just weird….I don’t care what anyone including IT says about computers they ARE intelligent sneaky aliens in hiding while they work at takeing over our world…..sorry seriously LOL not crazy snicker. In California we make sure to wear our aluminum hats all the time so “they” (she says in a whisper )can’t hear us….they can’t read so texting,emailing, and blogging are safe. OMG I need to go to bed……when I get tired I get umm weird.

          • I suggest contact WordPress, if you can find a way to do that (everyone seems to hide their contact information these days) and tell them what happened. Be very clear. Your full name should NOT appear unless you want it to to.

          • Valerie Hacking says:

            It seems to be back to just my first name but I also noticed on one comment I made my name was changed to juno which is my part of my email address. Good thing I am not famous…. Valerie

            Sent from my iPad

  7. Sal says:

    Mr. Fenraven! I finished the precog series . . . again, I could not put it down. Having just parted ways with Gray and Cooper, may I share my emotional reactions? For me, it is my emotional attachment to characters or the style of an author that keeps me coming back for more. You made a rather improbable situation (high adventure on the astral plane) completely plausible through your down to earth description of Gray’s gifts and their application. I like there was no hint of “new age” goop, yet a rich fantasy world was capably built and developed for the story line and characters to develop within. I am now quite attached to Gray, Cooper, Wendy, and Lily. I want to learn more about them, see how Cooper grows, how he and Gray create Graham’s Garden, “watch” Wendy thrive and apply her green thumb. You, Mr. Fenraven, very skillfully created this world and breathed life into your characters. You are a gifted storyteller, a skilled novelist. I recently read your partner’s latest, which I also found extremely well done. I mention this here only because I find it remarkable that your gifts, while quite different, are well-matched . . . balanced in their uniqueness. I will add a version of what I’m writing here on the Amazon ratings. Thank you for a highly enjoyable read! If you ever find yourself drawn to tell more of Gray’s and Cooper’s story, I will be exceedingly grateful.

    • Thanks, Sal, for a wonderful comment! It does my writer’s heart good to hear such things, I hope you realize that. And thanks for reviewing Precog on Amazon; people do pay attention to such things.

      The gang will be back at a later time. I’m already turning things over in my head for their return.

      Thanks again!

      • Valerie Hacking says:

        Got another comment from Sal on my email……I like the way he writes……he gets a little wordy, hmmmm like me. Maybe he and I should write to each other 🙂 Valerie

        Sent from my iPad

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