CG Returns and AJ Crowing

When we last left CG (Cleavage Girl, for new readers), she was down with a bad cold. Which she ungraciously gave to me. However, do not despair! I fought it with my non-patented anti-cold treatment and managed to throw off most of it over the weekend. By Monday, I was back at work, snarky as ever.

On Tuesday, CG arrived late, as usual, sporting dark glasses and looking like a punk Jackie O who’d spent too much time in the tattoo parlors. She was wearing the see-through black bra under a barely-there black top. Breasts overflowed their confines. This was rivaled only by the impudent thrust of her over-large ass in skin-tight pants that looked more like leggings. I sort of remember that style fondly, but moving on….

She’d had the cold for more than a week and still she was coughing, hacking, and dragging around like someone who’d been smoking weed for days and hadn’t eaten. Hello, Raccoon Eyes! I always thought that was an expression, but no, they exist. I wasn’t worried. I’d already gotten her germs. There was nothing worse she could do to me. 

Wednesday, she showed up just before noon. This, after the Boss told her to come in early. Still had the migraine and yes, was wearing the owlish dark glasses. She also informed us she had period cramps. TMI, anyone? (No, I am not sticking pins in a voodoo doll; she’s just going through a rough patch.) Even sick as a dog, she offered plenty of attitude. Still coughing, still moaning, she was a wondrous sight to behold. I learned her mother, with whom she lives, is a health nut. A health nut that’s had the same nasty cold for the last couple of weeks.

I used to be a health nut. I gave it up for Lent, preferring to employ methods that actually work.

Okay, that was facetious. My immune system is pretty damn good. I don’t smoke, I drink wine all the damn time, and I never touch meat. Somehow, that works for me. ;/ By the way, my voice has acquired that sexy timber that colds often impart. I wish I could hang on to that! Otherwise, I feel fine.

Church Lady offered plenty of snide comments when CG wasn’t in hearing distance. Church Lady doesn’t respect CG. She thinks our tattooed lass shirks her work. Mostly, I tend to agree, but I do it silently.

In other news, my sweetie, AJ, hit #1 in the UK on Wednesday and the U.S. on Thursday. I’m so very proud of him! If you haven’t visited yet, stop by and say hello. I caution you, he may not be wearing pants.

The artwork is courtesy of Will Parkinson, who is number five on the list. Thanks, Will, and congrats!



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16 Responses to CG Returns and AJ Crowing

  1. Allison says:

    Thank you for clarifying CG again because I couldn’t remember what it stood for! When you mentioned it earlier this week at first I was thinking that it stood for Church Girl, LOL, and then I thought that couldn’t possibly be correct.

    • Church Lady was busy this week bragging about her grandkids to anyone who would listen. I’m sort of not into grandkids. I was bored.

      CG was still hacking today, but she sounded much better. I could tell her health had improved because she spent most of her time tapping on her damn phone instead of working. I did her work today.

  2. Karen says:

    Oh Theo, on behalf of women every where I’d like to apologize. There are actually those of us who know how to dress and can conduct ourselves in a professional manner when at our place of employment and some of us are even actually able to do the job that our employer has retained our services for. It doesn’t sound like CG is in that club, sorry 😦
    On the up side congrats to AJ on the success of his book, but I’m not sure I want to know why he might not have any pants on, I think we’ll just leave that as a mystery.
    By the way I’ve got my fingers crossed that you get a nice warm, beautiful sunny weekend in your part of the world, so here’s hoping & enjoy.

    • Sunday is predicted to be very nice. *fingers crossed*

      CG showed up in a tight tank top today, breasts spilling out almost down to the nipples. The pants were also really tight. Church Lady muttered, “One of these days, that girl is going to show up dressed properly for work.”

      I’m not holding my breath.

      • Karen says:

        No, it sounds like holding your breath could be fatal and that would be bad. Sorry to say I think Church Lady is being either very sarcastic or extremely optimistic (bordering on delusional).

        • The Church Lady is being sarcastic. She knows CG isn’t going to change, and the Boss doesn’t say a thing.

          Oh, wait! CG talked about her latest tattoo coloring today, and the Boss said it looked terrible. “Too dark.”

          There followed a conversation about the coloring, but I was working, and lost track of what they said.

  3. Karen says:

    You mean you were more concerned about doing the job you’re paid for than gossiping? Theo where are you priorities, really, tsk, tsk, tsk (shakes head and chuckles). Silly boy. It’s ok I worked once worked with a girl who had cats eyes tattooed at the top of her spine, it was freaky always felt like I was being watched.

  4. Karen says:

    Tell AJ you need consoling due to CG overexposure trauma, sorry, that’s my best solution to your dilemma. Enjoy your weekend you totally deserve it.

  5. fransiweinstein says:

    You work with Kim Kardashian? 🙂

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