I Am So Mad! + Chance to Get 2 Free Books

Pirating sucks! I’ve lost money to these people, too. They don’t realize they are stealing, but that’s what it is, pure and simple. So if you like gay historical romance, help an author out. Read it, review it.

Jenna Rose Ellis

I searched Google as always for reviews of The Lord’s Lover, not knowing what I was about to find.

I knew I should’ve stayed in bed.

My book’s on 2 pirate sites!!!

___-damn pirates!

And I didn’t even earn enough to pay for my cover and editor’s fees. Or the time I spent all those months slaving over the story. 😦 Makes me so mad and frustrated and angry as hell!

What the hell for did I give up nights and weekends? So that I can earn some extra money to provide for my daughter’s schooling. And if I entertain people with a good story at the same time, I’m happy. I certainly didn’t expect to be ripped off!

So, if you bought my book and liked it, help me by writing a reviewon Amazon. Good, bad, I don’t care. A review, any review, would be good.


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