Climate Change Blues, Part Deux, and photos!

AJ and I are out in River Falls this week, housesitting for my boss (the one with property). It’s a terrific piece of land, and the house is awesome, but the weather continues to be crappy: gray, wet, cold.

I’ve managed to take a few pics but not nearly as many as I hoped. It’s just not the same without the sun. 😦

Lilac bushes. Always beautiful, always fragrant. I particularly like the dark purple on the right. One sees the lavender all the time. To the left, out of frame, were white lilacs. Remember, you can click on the photos to see them full-sized.

Lilacs 6.4.13 sm

This is a small enclosure found at the end of driveways that belong to parents with kids. They build them to protect the little monsters… uh, I mean, children… in the winter, when it can get deadly cold. Wind chills of -20 or worse are not uncommon and waiting for the bus can be a gruesome business.

Abaondoned 6.3.13 sm

Last but not least, one hell of a tree house, built by some very loving parents indeed. In the foreground are free-range chickens. This is a common sight in Wisconsin. Did you know? Chickens will return to their roost every evening at sundown if you train them first. Training them isn’t hard: just keep them locked up in their “house” for two weeks. Thereafter, they will always return unless eaten by something, and this happens more often than you think. Wild mink, weasel, hawks or owls (they will not share territory; it’s always one or the other), even loose dogs will decimate a flock in only a few nights. Mink are particularly nasty. They sink their fangs into the back of the chicken’s neck, suck some blood, then drop the carcass and move on to the next. I know someone who lost seventeen chickens in one night. Eventually, the mink was caught and killed (and turned into a local fur barn for money), but it had run through that chicken flock like Jack the Ripper on a bender.

Tree House 6.4.13 sm

Have a good weekend, everyone! See you Monday.


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11 Responses to Climate Change Blues, Part Deux, and photos!

  1. Allison says:

    Love this: “…but it had run through that chicken flock like Jack the Ripper on a bender.”

    It is pouring here and will continue to pour all day & through part of tomorrow. But it’s just rain not storms so not too bad; as long as it stops before Sunday. We are volunteering at Pride, trying to drag PA into the last century by getting signatures for an anti-discrimination bill that they’ve tried to pass a number of times already. It will be pretty unpleasant and probably not very productive if it’s raining like this. I’m so tired of seeing this big blob of anti-equality PA on maps when all the states around us are leading the way.

  2. Allison says:

    Oh & if you can keep your fingers crossed for me as well that would be great. This is way outside my comfort zone. I’m the person that smiles politely & waits for other people to speak so being all talky to people I don’t know? Yeah, I’m going to be a bit tied up in knots. At least the audience will be friendly!

    • Let me know how it goes. I’d like to hear.

      • Allison says:

        The short of it is that Pride was interesting and amazing and exhausting.

        A slightly longer version would be this: First of all, I am the embodiment of introverted, if you ever look over a personality test I tick off every single box under that category so this was definitely a push the boundaries experience for me. The first probably 15 people I approached I was completely breathless & my heart was in my throat. But after I mostly got over that it was actually pretty fun, we got to talk to a lot of really great people. A number of people thanked us for doing it which, while definitely not expected or necessary, was really nice to hear. We didn’t attend the parade but I kind of wish we had because when it finally made it to Penn’s Landing, where Pride took place, it was pretty outstanding. We collected well over 100 signatures & addresses (they estimated that they collected about 500 all together so I’m pretty happy with what we contributed) in the 4 hours we walked around the multilevel concrete area that makes up Penn’s Landing. I bet we walked over 5 miles, mostly up and down stairs, and because it was hot, humid, and sunny by the end we both just wanted to leave. Plus by then things were getting really crowded (they sold all 10,000 tickets) and my tolerance level for that is pretty low. We didn’t get to experience all that much, we didn’t watch any of the shows because they were, almost without fail, ear splittingly loud and trying to explain a Bill to end discrimination in that atmosphere doesn’t work very well. ;0/ Actually it was pretty loud in general but then what festival isn’t? There was this artist there that was amazing, he is a graffiti artist but what he was able to do with spray paint and some paper was just gorgeous. The only place I can find him is on Twitter at @Production13 apparently he’s a rapper that sells his art to support his music. I could probably skip his music but he was a very talented artist. The only disappointing thing was that the only people that I had trouble getting interested in signing the paperwork were young gay men, if someone would ignore me or refuse to sign they were inevitably young gay guys. I get it, when I was in my 20’s I didn’t want anything to do with politics but this is something that directly affects their lives, it was unfortunate. There was a very small religious group outside the grounds yelling their hate but the police actually moved them further away and they certainly weren’t going to win over anyone that attended so they were pretty irrelevant.

        All-in-all it was really wonderful. I hope that next year we can volunteer for something else because hopefully they will get this Bill passed and because it was a great experience.

      • Allison says:

        Yes, I’m sure they will, and I’m also sure they were there to party not to listen to people talking about politics! Glad to share the experience, I wish we’d taken some pictures but we didn’t manage a single one. Oh well, next year.

  3. A.M.B. says:

    I love lilacs! Our lilacs are gone now. I wish they lasted a bit longer. Have a great weekend!

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