April Showers Depress Me

Well, they do. It’s been raining here for days, and so the skies are gray, the temps are low, and I haven’t seen the sun in too long. Unfortunately, the rest of the week looks just as bad, and there’s even snow forecast on Tuesday night and Wednesday.

I didn’t get a lick of unpacking done this weekend. I was busy working, so this morning, I’m feeling tired and cranky and wanting to crawl back into bed for more sleep. (The weather is only contributing to that.)

But I have more work to do, and so I am persevering. However, I found a guest blog over at The Armchair Reader this morning that was interesting (and it quoted me talking about graphic sex in m/m). Hop on over and take a look. 

This topic comes up regularly: is graphic sex in m/m romance necessary? Statistics show it sells, but a lot of authors I’ve spoken with lately are tired of writing it and some have decided to stop altogether.

I think we can agree the genre is in flux. A year ago, all m/m books had writhing naked torsos on the covers. Have you noticed? Covers are changing. More often than not, the models are clothed, not writhing, and they even have heads. And sometimes, there are no models at all.

I like the change. I’ve hated those tacky m/m collage covers for ages, and I’m glad to see them going away, albeit slowly.

I’d also like to see the “romance” umbrella take its rightful place as a sub-genre under m/m and not be the entire genre. Does every book have to follow the romance formula, even if it’s SF, fantasy, historical, or something else?

I suspect a lot of readers are tired of the formula and want something else, something that will surprise them, something that doesn’t offer the traditional HEA or even HFN. I know several authors who are working on manuscripts that will break those rules, even obliterate them, and I say “more power to you!” Because I’m a reader that loves books with two male main characters but is getting thoroughly fed up with the standard romance story.

Give me something different! “Different” is engaging and mentally stimulating. “Different” doesn’t prompt me to stop reading a story halfway through because I can see the end coming a mile away.

In the end, if I can’t find what I want to read, I’ll have to write it.




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4 Responses to April Showers Depress Me

  1. Allison says:

    I saw that you were quoted there, how cool! Very interesting discussion too.

    For me the most important thing is the quality of the story. If the story is well-written I honestly don’t even notice whether the sex is present or not. Although I have to admit I do like HEAs, I’m not over that yet. ;0) However, I love all the different ways that authors take to get there!

    I would love to see more books that have 2 male protagonists where their relationship is secondary to the main story though.

  2. There’s nothing–nothing worse than a spring that’s dragging it’s feet.

    It’s funny you mention covers of sexy torsos. I have some tentacle smut coming out, and I had the option of the traditional cover, or something a little more artsy. Well, I got what I really wanted, and I hope it turns out well. Sneak peek:

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