The Weekend from Hell: Move Update

Although it briefly sprinkled Friday, the deluge held off until late that night. The sun even broke through for a few hours that afternoon while we were in the midst of transferring my worldly belongings from one domicile to the other.

My part of the move went first. Most of AJ’s stuff went into storage, and he moved his boxes over Saturday.

It took about four and a half hours, and at the end of that time, the new place was stacked high with boxes, the three closets were full of stuff, but the bed was up and the couch and TV in their proper places.ย 

I’d spent much of the time gawking at one of the movers, who was cute as hell. His name, believe it or not–and I asked!–was Billy Frisco. How’s that for a perfect character name? He said he was thinking about becoming an actor. With that name, I’d say he had a head start on it. He looked great in his skinny shirt and shorts.

Enough about Cute Moving Guy. On with the tale.

Because most of the stuff had been packed prior to the apartment change from 1000 square feet to 432, we decided to unpack slowly and go through everything, deciding what we had to keep and what could be thrown or given away. We got through most of the books by Saturday night. By Sunday, the still not functioning bathroom was serviceable (tub needs grouting, so faucet handles and spout are still off; we showered at the old place twice over the weekend).

I haven’t found the kitchen stuff yet. I suspect it’s at the back of one of the closets. We’re getting tired of eating out or off paper plates, so finding the dishes is a priority today. Also, the owner will be here to grout the tile and try to figure out what’s wrong with the toilet, which isn’t flushing properly.

Moving into an “apartment with character” often brings with it problems you haven’t foreseen.

Was it hard to throw stuff away? Hell no! Because everything that went back out the door opened up more floor space. A lot of it, I hadn’t remembered I had; if I hadn’t used it in the last year, it went.

I admit it. The first night I was here, I hated the place. The second night wasn’t much better. Last night saw a slight improvement in mood. I assume things will continue to get better in my eyes as we wade through the cardboard jungle. By next weekend, I may even be able to say I like the place.


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18 Responses to The Weekend from Hell: Move Update

  1. Allison says:

    I thought about you guys off and on all weekend, wondering how it was going. Is Suki doing okay? Our pups actually adjusted fairly quickly which surprised us since neither are good with change.

    That is a fantastic name, sounds like something from a detective story from the 40’s or something (well that’s what it sounds like to me anyhow)!

    Good luck with the adjustment to the new place and the unpacking, the never ending unpacking. ;0)

    • Oh, it’ll end, because we can’t stand sidestepping boxes every time we move anywhere.

      I took some pics of the chaos, but the desktop isn’t set up yet. Maybe Wednesday, I can post them.

      Right now, the kitchen radiator is driving me nuts; it’s whistling and hissing loudly and giving me a headache. I hope this can be fixed.

  2. AJ Rose says:

    Good thing I’m not the jealous type, the way you were ogling Cute Mover Guy.

  3. Allison says:

    Getting used the noises at a new place is always interesting. We have radiant heat but it’s pipes running throughout the house. The first time the water ran through the pipes I thought we had a massive leak, it still freaks me out sometimes. Hope they can fix that, it does sound irritating.

    • Yeah, it’s damn irritating. I’ve already done some research online. It’s probably the air vent that’s malfunctioning. I’ll point this out to the boss when he shows up later today. Hissing I wouldn’t mind so much but the whistling is cutting a path through my brain.

  4. AJ? Did you oggle cute mover guy too? Carrying heavy things for hours on end is hard, on a bad Uni day I have a full backpack and a small cabin-sized suitcase full of textbooks and papers! It’s hard going but at least you can justify eating crap for dinner ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Karen says:

    Ok so I’m a little slow, I’m sitting here still trying to figure out 432 sq ft of living space. Having done more than a few moves, all I can say is purge, purge, purge and at the end of it all you’ll discover that people have a tendancy to tote around a lot of useless junk that we think somehow enhances our lives but is really of no relavence, except the books…one can never have enough books. Thank the heavens for e-readers or I’d probably be sleeping on my back deck by now, lol. Good luck and hang in there when it’s all done you and AJ will snuggle up on your couch with your favorite drinks and laugh about the craziness that it moving and all it entailed.

    • Your image of the snuggling and laughing is exactly what we’re shooting for. In the meantime, there is crap on the couch so sitting there together is difficult. Mostly, when we’ve had it, we got to bed. ;/

      • Karen says:

        It’ll happen, in the meantime just keep your eyes on the prize so to speak and make sure the crap never makes it to the bed (there has to be a safehaven in the insanity).

  6. A.M.B. says:

    Moving is never fun. I hope the unpacking goes smoothly! I’ve been in my place for almost five years and there are still a few cardboard boxes full of forgotten items. I should probably trash it by now.

    • I’m going through every box as I unpack and my garbage pile is high. In fact, I’ve made two trips to the dumpster with the car, getting rid of stuff I never use.

      Today, I’m back to work, so unpacking will have to proceed more slowly now, as I have time to do it.

  7. diannegray says:

    I can see the same thing happening to me as well, Theo. I packed the boxes last October and I have no idea where anything is. (I love cute movie guys too!) ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Today, I shifted a few boxes around, making it look like I’d accomplished something.

      I hadn’t. I was buried in work of all kinds, most of which I didn’t get done. But even pushing a couple boxes into the corner made me feel better.

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