March Madness Continues

While painting in the new apartment has been completed, nothing else has. I know work is scheduled, and this weekend, floors and hopefully kitchen cabinets will be tackled and completed. That would leave the bathroom, which is probably the worst of it.

I have not done any more packing, being hip-deep in a challenging new edit and trying to deal with the fallout from the parking lot incident. The good news here is the other driver’s insurance company coughed up a check for the estimate and told me if more was needed, let her know. They also offered to cover the cost of a rental while the work is being done. That’s a big load off!

All the address changes I made and then unmade last month have been remade again this week. I love it when companies make it possible to change your address online. They all should offer this choice. Saves a lot of time. 

It’s too soon to say what the weather will be like during the move, but so far, it’s encouraging. Temps in the low thirties, sunny or partly sunny skies and only a chance of snow flurries in the next week. *fingers crossed* There is nothing worse than moving in a blizzard or a heavy rainfall. The latter is the worst, as mud gets tracked everywhere.

Last week, I read about a book called Wool by Hugh Howey. It’s one of those surprising indie hits we all wish would happen to us. Got picked up by Random House and bought by Hollywood. I like SF, so I picked up a copy. I wanted to know what made this book a standout.

I didn’t get it at first. I mean, the writing was pretty good (another round of edits would have made it better) and the story was engaging enough I kept on reading. Last night, I was about a third of the way through and realized I’d been completely captured by the tale. I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next!

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt that way reading a new book. In the m/m genre, you pretty much know what you’re going to get. They meet, they fuck, they fall in love, obstacles are placed in their way, and then they come together at the end. Sometimes, that’s exactly the right book to read.

But I love how something unexpected sets me on fire and forces me to read long into the night. Despite the superfluous ‘that’s and other minor editing faux pas, he’d written an engaging story full of interesting twists and turns.

I’ve read a lot of SF over the years, and while there’s nothing new under the sun, it’s how the writer tells the story that makes all the difference. Howey’s good at tale-spinning. I recommend you pick it up before Random House issues it at a much higher price.

I am hoping we see no more snow this season. But if we do, someone somewhere will create something fun with it.

mnhappyhour copy




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8 Responses to March Madness Continues

  1. A.M.B. says:

    I’m not a huge fan of SF, but I’m considering “Wool.” I’m also curious about what makes it so great. It’s interesting that the author sold the print-only rights to Simon & Schuster and not the ebook rights (at least that’s what I read at some point).

    Good luck with the move!

    • I missed that in the article I read. Good for him! Because you know Random would double or triple the ebook price. You can still get it for an affordable $5.99 at Amazon.

      The trick with SF is to ground it in reality so readers can relate. Howey did that well. He created some compelling characters, who are all too human, and placed them in a different world.

      World-building is fun. I’m doing that for my next book, which is not traditional m/m romance. It follows no formula, it may not have an HEA (haven’t decided yet), and it’s a terrific challenge. I’m ready to take another step in my growth as a writer.

  2. Lindsaysf says:

    Holy Sh…..! Used copies of Wool on Amazon are now listed at $500!!! I guess that’s one way to take it off the market before reissuing it!

  3. diannegray says:

    Wool sounds pretty cool – I’m adding to my TBR list 😉

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